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Zach Browman – Find Your Focus Home Study Course

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One of my hardest challenges to overcome was procrastination in my life. All throughout my teenage years I was unable to invest time and effort into something important and sacrifice short-term pleasure for the long-term reward I wanted but never could achieve. I was unable to have any productivity whatsoever, I played World of Warcraft all day and made not a single step to achieve my dreams. Later on in my life, in an endless pursuit of self-knowledge I managed to figure out why and saw myself as someone who completely withdrew his contributions to the world as a silent rebellion after living through a nightmarish childhood, watching the marriage of his parents crumble and enduring serious traumas.

Finally at the age of 21 I wrote my first novel, completely purging procrastination from my life. But the memory of that grand battle still lingers in my mind and I still remember and know that it is the most challenging part of self-development against which one needs to utilize every help available for a victorious battle.

The Find Your Focus system of Zach Browman will help you fight your own fight against procrastination with an effective and step by step system which has helped hundreds and hundreds to achieve a higher productivity and potential.


Contents [show] War against Entropy

The Find Your Focus system was created for disorganized people to help them gain a clear vision over their daily list of duties, and for those who lack internal motivation and as a result see their productivity plummet, rendering themselves unable to function in their workplace well. It helps students, entrepreneurs, employees and anyone in general with a to-do list who feels that the sands of time run out of his hand way too quickly to effectively utilize them.

The author Zach Browman has spent his last decade holding courses and lectures on the topic of self-development, and in his Find Your Focus system he shares his easy to understand guide on how to stop avoiding the duties and objectives you would like to do. The product is a webinar comprised of six modules and numerous additional documents that will help you end procrastination forever.

Module one is an introduction which outlines the basic objective of the Find Your Focus system. Additionally, Zach Browman also recounts how he fought his personal battle with procrastination and emerged victoriously. He tells how he used a method of separating his habit of not doing what he is supposed to do into two separate categories that has helped him to completely purge it out of his life.

The second module is the Why We Procrastinate module. In it he talks about the 4 basic psychological drives behind this destructive habit while sharing and asking other members of the audience to share the loss they had to endure because of their procrastination.

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In the last four modules, in Drive and Motion, Focus and Distraction, Indecision and Anxiety and Overwhelm he individually talks about the 4 causes of procrastination, offering practical advices to purge them out of our lives.

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In the first, he proposes a method of creating milestones rewards within your projects that will signal you that you are progressing and motivate you to move forward. In the second, he teaches how to maintain focus by identifying and removing the distractions around you. In the third module of the second section he teaches how to prioritize your tasks based on their importance and in the fourth, he talks about emotional barriers such as anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed and practical methods of getting rid of them.

As you can see, the Find Your Focus system is not based on theory but on actual, practical advice. Because it is an actual system, it is very easy to follow and implement it into the day to day life of the customer using worksheets and other tools to constantly keep an eye on your progress.

Working on Ending Your Habit of Not Working

If you are suffering from procrastination, let me share you what is happening with you at the moment. Drip by drip you are losing your only unique existence as the sands of time run out and you get closer to your death with every tick of the clock. Every wasted moment means a moment not used to inscribe your name into the list of those who will be remembered for generations long after they are dead, their presence and influence still lingering on, instead of being buried under a grave with a name that is to be forgotten in a couple of decades.

It means that you are prohibited from having any self-esteem or self-respect for that love and respect are our involuntary response to virtue and if you are not actively working on to become better and more, work on your dreams and fulfill the promises you made towards you, virtue is barred from you and there is no achievement to respect.

The Find Your Focus system of Zach Browman will fundamentally change your life. By learning how to become productive, you will experience an abundance of time and energy, constantly thinking of how best to allocate your newfound free hour to create some marvelous, insane new thing that will have a profound influence on the human condition for eons to come. You will experience something he calls a success momentum where every single achievement of yours, each success in your life will increase your confidence, which in turn leads to even more success, boosting your self-respect even more in an endless loop of self-development.


This is the power of productivity, and this is the power you will receive from Find Your Focus system. It is not just an interesting online course that will tell a thing or two about human psychology. It is a vault of knowledge that will forever change your life and compel you to a path of productivity, achievement of success. Quite seriously, this is the key for achieving the most ambitious and most daring dreams you ever had and gave up on it for that you believed that you will never make it anyways.

Yes you will. For $67 initial payment and $67 in a month, you will receive the tools with which you can become the successful, productive and highly respected person you ever wanted to become. You can unleash the potential which slumbers within everyone and combine the endless creativity of your mind with the newfound productivity of your hands to create the most stunning piece of art or the most revolutionary product which is going to have an effect on mankind forever and which will have your name praised eons after you die.

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