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Z-Health – I-Phase

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This course offers succinct explanations and solutions for the most common frustrations of many health and fitness professionals – helping to explain why the biomechanical approach so often FAILS to make long-lasting changes in pain, movement, posture, and performance, AND how to approach things differently.

As a neurocentric practitioner, it is clear that every exercise we perform targets the brain, and in modern neuroscience it is clear that to create long-lasting, positive change in brain structures there are certain training requirements: intensity, novelty and salience. In other words, low intensity, boring and “unimportant” exercise is NOT a good way to create positive brain changes.

In I-Phase, by combining neurologic assessments with our I-Phase movement template, you will learn how to build targeted “full spectrum” brain-changing exercise programs that are specific to the needs of your athletes. Because of this, layering visual and vestibular concepts with your prior coursework begins immediately.

Finally, another of the key components of I-Phase is an exploration of modern habit-change neurology. A basic tenet of Z-Health is that the #1 job of health and fitness professionals is behavior change, and modern neuroscience offers amazingly effective insights as to how this can be accomplished in a systematic way.


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