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Whiteboard Madness

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Why Should I Use These Whiteboard Elements?

Boost Your Sales & Conversions

Instantly you’ll notice a quick boost in conversions & sales after swiping these engaging hand-drawn graphics

Save A Ton Of Money On Video Guys

Forget about spending horrendous money on outsourcing the videos. Using this all-in-one video graphics pack is smart!

Create Videos Much Faster & Easier!

No more delays, waiting or endless revisions. Take a full control over your business!

Create Engaging, Attention-Sucking Stories

Animated, drawn graphics create an almost ‘hypnotic’ effect leaving lasting impression on your prospect. Giving you more authority in your niche, higher conversions & more sales!


Stories are one of the most powerful, yet often overlooked, ways to create real bonding, and trust with your prospects.

Big marketers know it and utilize to make their customers almost ‘beg’ to get their product.

How do they do it?

Creating A Character That Will Represent Your Potential Prospect Is A Secret Way To Create A Deep Connection With Your Viewer…

Almost Forcing Him To Say “Yes” To Whatever You Are Selling…

Is there any way to make your videos truly stand out from anyone else? How to get the attention from the distracted prospects?

That way your viewer can identify with your message and feel like you UNDERSTAND him or her. And with this understanding trust is being build – leading to “ka-ching”! More money in your pocket! Very POWERFUL!

Unfortunately, creating a compelling story using just words requires a pretty excellent copywriting skills…

or spending thousands of dollars on a decent copywriter…

But there is a shortcut!

Making A Whiteboard Video With Unique Graphics Elements Is One Of The Most Potent Ways To Tell An Attention-Grabbing Story

Unfortunately, Outsourcing Video Graphics Is Not Cheap…

…and can cost you $2-$4 for just one graphic element. With 50-100 graphics required to make any descent video, youâ’re looking at around $225.00. And it’s just graphics!

I decided to come up with a solution that will allow you to…

Build Your Very Own Whiteboard Video With Sky-Rocket Conversions Using Special, All-New ‘Story Building’ Graphics Elements… For Literally Pennies!

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