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Wendy Patton - Wealth Building Arsenal

Wendy Patton – Wealth Building Arsenal

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Wealth Building Arsenal

The best way to succeed with anything is to learn from others who have successfully done it – wouldn’t you agree? It is also important to have a proven system. Something that is proven and tried by many people, in many areas, and in many types of markets.
Wendy has developed a proven system with the Wealth Building Arsenal that will show you the way to financial freedom with lease options.

Consider this system to be your GPS to your financial future. It will show you the way whether you are a brand new part-time investor or an experienced full-time investor.

With your Wealth Building Arsenal you will get:

Buying on Lease Options Learn one of the most powerful strategies for accumulating investment property. Control pretty houses for little or no money out of your pocket! While other investors are walking away from deals in today’s softer market, you will learn to identify and lock up deals that will bring you tens of thousands of dollars profit with no money out of your pocket. In today’s market, this strategy is more powerful then ever before.
Retail Value $497. Get other products by Wendy Patton right now!
 Selling on Lease Options Many investors are looking to sell their homes, but the market is  soft. Others just want to maximize the profit potential of a real estate transaction. When you  use my ‘Selling on Options’ system you optimize your profit potential while paying no real  estate commission.
Retail Value $497.
 Working with Realtors While other real estate teachers might suggest you stay away from  Real Estate Agents, this module shows you how to profit from their relationship with sellers.  This is Wendy’s ‘Million Dollar system’. Wendy has made over a million dollars working with  Realtors and you can too. When Realtors are not selling their client’s home, they will be calling YOU. This course shows you how to have Realtors begging you to buy their listings.  Wendy’s office phone literally rings off the hook with potential deals without having to scratch and claw for opportunities as most investors do. You can have the same thing with this module.
Retail Value $497.Get Wendy Patton – Wealth Building Arsenal 

Through the Wealth Building Arsenal, you will learn:

  • How to tap into hidden sources of leads for lease options
  • How to analyze deals in less than 30 seconds
  • The magic words to say when talking to sellers to get the contract signed
  • How to easily gather a team of experts to help you succeed

The complete Wealth Building Arsenal, which shows you how to put $5,000 – $10,000 in your bank account in 29 days is only $1,097

Where else can you buy over 25 years of experience and a complete lease option system from the nation’s leading expert for under $1,200?

You DO realize you could pay for the course
with the first deal that you do, right?

Order today and earn the following bonuses:

    • Bonus #1:Two tickets to the Sandwich Lease Options  Cooperative Lease Options Boot Camp. These three-day in-depth training sessions will teach you, and your guest, how to implement all the strategies to build wealth using Sandwich and Cooperative Lease Options. These are “hands-on” workshops focused on building long-term wealth with options. These are your big money options strategies. Value: $
    • Bonus #2: Cooperative Lease Options Bonus Training: Webinar-based series specifically on Cooperative Lease Options—find out why this strategy can be so beneficial to your investing pipe line. This course is taught with myself and some of my very good friends.  Together, we share the secrets you can use with this strategy  to put quick cash into your bank account. Attendees Paid: $149
    • Bonus #3: One Year Action & Achievement Plan: A step by step detailed weekly Action Plan to show you how to make an additional $100,000 this year by committing ten hours or less per week. What would an extra $100,000 mean to you? Attendees Paid: $297
    • Bonus #4: Wendy’s Sandwich Lease Options E-Book. This book is a MUST for everyone interested in lease options and subject tos. It shows you how easy it is to find buyers and sellers to do Lease Options. Value: $24.95
    • Bonus #5: Special Report – Investing in Lease Options with your IRA: Imagine how much more you will earn if you do options in your IRA. If it is your Roth IRA or your children’s education IRA, it will grow tax free for life. Value: $149

Get Wendy Patton – Wealth Building Arsenal right now!




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