Wade Shalles – Legal Pain


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Wade Shalles – Legal Pain

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Off the market for over a decade, this MUST-HAVE instructional video set has been digitally remastered and updated with HOURS of new, never-before-seen footage from the original series.

In the original LEGAL PAIN videtape series, Coach Schalles created what would become the nations most popular (#1 bestseller) instruction video in the history of wrestling. Included in LEGAL PAIN, you will learn:

-The Reverse Headlock

-Clock Theory

-Reverse Ball and Chain Pinning

-The 3 Key Principles of Pinning

-The Head Wrap Half

-The Cement Mixer

-The Whizzer series

-Stepping over the Whizzer to Score

-Chicken Wings Aren’t for Chickens

-Front Chancery

-The Double Half Nelson


As an extra bonus, we have included a KILLER BONUS DVD, Applied Wrestling for Grappling and MMA featuring Wade’s thoughts and strategies for the current grappling and MMA scene! I wasn’t going to include this at all since LEGAL PAIN already has over 2 hours of new footage BUT since the primary market for this DVD is pinners (i.e., wrestlers) I wanted the stellar athletes in high school and collegiate wrestling programs a glimpse at the emerging sport of MMA.

Some of the topics covered:

-The trick to the Headlock Takeover

-Why you want to shift the opponents weight forward

-A jawbreaker submission from the bar arms

-The fine line between legal and illegal

-The Tree Theory

-Survival Theory

-How to use mechanical advantage while crossfacing

-How to double your weight instantly

-Another way to make a 300lb gorilla out of a 150lbs wrestler

-The Legal Pain bear hug

-Trapping the arms for MMA

-Ideas for dealing with the “guard”

-A novel front trachea choke

-How to take away their will to win

-The chin-twist-pick

-The head wrap half

-Leg ride submissions

-The spladle

-Why Loosey-Goosey Wins It

-How to optimize your wrestling strategy and game plan

-Unique head & arm submissions

-How to wring your opponent out like a dish-rag

-and A TON MORE!

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