W. J. Mencarow – The Paper Source Complete Package


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W. J. Mencarow – The Paper Source Complete Package

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The Complete Package is awesome! By far the best information I have found about the note industry.”
— Michael Jarrett, Camdenton, MO

“I have never seen any entity provide so much information for so little and I am very greatful for having been fortuitous enough to come across such a find!” — James Green, green**

From PAPER SOURCE President W. J. Mencarow:

In this complete package you will get training from people who measure their experience in the cash flow note business in decades, not months. I have personally hand-picked these teaching materials, assembling the best of everything we offer and cut the price drastically compared to ordering them individually.You’ll also get my study guide to the materials, telling you how to proceed in what order. I wish somebody offered all this when I was getting started! You’ll get:
* Make Money Trading Mortgages by Del Ashby
The best introductory book on cash flow note brokering.

* How To Get Started Profiting From Notes by W. J. Mencarow

* The Paper Source Registry Of Note Investors & Those Who Provide Products And Services To The Industry The most current edition of the reference standard of the industry, published annually since 1990. All the investors you’ll ever need and what they want to buy

.* Almost Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong With A Note (and how to prevent it!) by W. J. Mencarow

* The Paper Source’s Own Contracts, Worksheets, Checklists, Forms & Sample Letters
Every essential document you must have for your cash flow note business.

* 50 Contracts And Forms For Notes And Real Estate
Advanced documents when you need them.

* Lorelei’s Legal Lessons — The Essential Guide For Note Brokers by Lorelei Stevens, President of Wall Street Brokers

* Ca$h Now Seller Financing by Ken Gain

* One-year subscription to THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL.

Plus this incredible bonus —

That’s right! You´ll receive over 300 profit-centered articles, contracts, forms and sample letters, all written by the most successful note brokers and investors. You´ll get all the invaluable information in these categories:

* The Art of the Deal

* How To Find Notes

* Especially For Beginners

* Negotiation

* Wealth-Building Strategies

* Note Niches (cash flows other than real estate notes)

* Hot Issues!

(to see all you will get in this bonus
All the training materials in The Complete Package are hand-picked by PAPER SOURCE President W. J. Mencarow. Purchased separately they would cost over $500.00. Buy The Complete Package and they are yours for $199.95!
Why is it so inexpensive?

We don’t do costly infomercials, telemarketing, etc., and we don’t have fancy offices and a big staff, so we can charge much less. Plus, you get this huge savings because (except for THE PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL) all the materials come to you as a digital download. Save all the files to your hard disk and read or print them when you need them.

The Complete Packagehas everything you need to profit from notes as a broker or investor in cash flow notes. Whether you are just getting started or are a note veteran, you can’t afford to pass up The Complete Package. Order now and get started immediately! Get it today for only $199.95. Download information will be e-mailed to you. Depending upon Internet traffic, it may take several hours to reach you.

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