VoIP Hacking & Penetration Testing Training


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VoIP Hacking & Penetration Testing Training

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In any environment around the world communication is the key. Previously whole world uses telephone networks as the mode of communication but with the advent of VoIP (Voice over IP) the mode of communication around the world has been changed.

Because of the cost effectiveness of VoIP the organizations are the first one to switch towards it. Now small businesses and household users also switched to VoIP Networks because of its cost effectiveness and good quality,

A major security threat has been created for the growing number of VoIP users around the world day by day. Any organization big or small is using VoIP as the mode of communication. These threats forces the organizations to hire security experts who can find and fix vulnerability but unfortunately experts are not available in the market and few of them charge premium prices.

The objective of this training course is to fill the void by training and creating the experts to test the VoIP security and exploit it. This course will teach you to create/build a VoIP network from the scratch and enables you to perform different attacking vectors during penetration testing process.

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Community support will be provided for lifetime, our community is our house full of Infosec professionals and they are willing to help you. Be the part of a big network, we are growing day by day. Other details are mentioned in the course content.

Get  VoIP Hacking & Penetration Testing Training  on

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