Visitor Logic Pro


Visitor Logic Pro

Price: 197$
You Just Pay: 27$
Sale Page:


Visitor Logic Pro

Visitor Logic Pro

Price: 197$
You Just Pay: 27$
Sale Page:

In 10 Minutes Or Less…

You’ll Have Your Website Reacting To Your Visitors And Creating a DRASTIC INCREASE In Customer Engagement, Sales, And Revenue!

Visitor Logic Pro will INCREASE Your Sales by allowing you to Customize Your Messaging based on the Actions Your VISITORS take.

How Do We That?
Watch The Video To Learn More:

Visitor Logic Pro is designed to increase visitor engagement, time on site, and conversions by speaking directly to their wants and needs based on pages they visit or actions they take.

Watch the short Tutorial Video ====>

inside your WordPress Website with

Want to See it in Action?
Click on ANY of These Examples:

… And that’s just the START of what Visitor Logic Pro can do for you…

What else can you do with Visitor Logic Pro?

  • Display Promos or any content within a CERTAIN date range (Automated Real Date Scarcity)

  • Create Real Scarcity Based on Number of Visits for LIFE

  • Skyrocket conversions by changing your marketing message after a certain number of visits (if they haven’t bought isn’t it time to angle it differently?)

  • Create unique content for headlines, introductions, or niche based questions from a URL keyword for specific Promotions

  • Display unique content for members logged in vs. logged out

  • Display unique content For Active, Inactive, Expired Wishlist members and upsell those who are NOT in the next membership level

  • Use your CRM or Autoresponder to track their place in your funnel! If they’ve opted in it’s time to take them to your next product – NOT ask them to opt-in again!

  • Display specific content on specific pages, posts, categories, or author pages!

  • Optimize your Website to the FULLEST and See HUGE boosts to your search optimization with Logically optimized sidebars.

  • PLUS Track Your Visitors Across All Your Sites, Funnels, and Opt-ins to track Prospect movement through the funnel and display the correct content on your Money Site.

And so much more…

It even Works with your Favorite Autoresponders:


Is your Autoresponder not listed?  that’s ok,

Visitor Logic Pro will work with any Autoreponder by using our advanced cookie logic!

Create Logic Blocks within 10 Seconds.

(And Use Shortcodes to Never Need to TOUCH Code Again)


Simple Copy/Paste Shortcodes

Stack Logic to Show The PERFECT Message at the RIGHT Time Without Messing with Multiple Lines of Code or Logic

(Hide / Display Content with Ease!)

PLUS, Add Logic To Widgets Instantly

(Display Banners and Widgets at the PERFECT time)

OR use Our Widget Area to Stack Logic

(Simply Choose Which Logic goes WHERE)

STOP wasting your time, energy, and money on traffic that is slipping through your fingers by not optimizing your marketing message.

Get Started Today!


Don’t MISS this Limited Time Pricing!

(New Price Increases Coming Soon)

Single License
  • Single Site License
  • 1 Year License to Visitor Logic Pro
  • Guaranteed 1 FULL year of Support
  • New Plugin Additions Each Month
  • All New Feature Additions
  • Updates for New WordPress Versions
  • Full Support and Training Center
  • Live Support Ticket Desk
  • And So Much More!

Order My Copy Now!

5 Site License
  • 5 Site Access
  • 1 Year License to Visitor Logic Pro
  • Guaranteed 1 FULL year of Support
  • New Plugin Additions Each Month
  • All New Feature Additions
  • Updates for New WordPress Versions
  • Full Support and Training Center
  • Live Support Ticket Desk
  • And So Much More!

Order My Copy Now!

More than 70% of our revenues come from existing customers purchasing again. That means that most sales take place when customers are logged into our site. Yet last summer, after one of our plugins was massively modified by the creator, logged in customers could no longer see our sales pages. This cost us between $6,000 and $10,000 per month!

Thanks to Visitor Logic Pro, we’ve not only been able to recover that lost revenue, but to increase it even further! Having the ability to modify the offer based on both the WishList Membership Level and the content that visitor has shown an interest in is improving our overall conversions from existing traffic!

Thanks, Visitor Logic Pro, for providing us with a tool that helps us to customize the experience for every single visitor so that we can really provide each one with more of what they want and less of what they don’t want! I can only imagine the impact this will have on the lifetime value of each visitor a year from now!”

Gina Graves, DirectionsU

Considering I used to be known as the “WordPress Guy”, I understand wordpress better than most.  I’ve seen most plugins and know which ones work well and which ones don’t.  Visitor Logic Pro is the first I’ve seen in quite awhile that not only does something incredibly unique, it also changes the way we get to think about our blogs, sales pages, and websites in general.  There is nothing like this plugin and anyone that doesn’t use it will be losing out to those of us that do.

~ Sean Vosler, Increase Academy

David, just wanted to let you know that Visitor logic pro is one of the coolest softwares I have ever used!  It’s so awesome what I can do with my visitors now… really love how I can basically have so much custom content on my sales pages based upon what the what the visitors do on my site! Incredible.

~ Nishant Bhardwaj

Can confirm Visitor Logic Pro is the most innovative & completely NECESSARY WordPress plugin out there.

~ Devin Zander, Bring the Zander

I am excited to see you on the inside.
To your success,
David Abrams

P.S.  Listen up… and listen up good:

You’re here at my website today for a reason and that’s because you’re determined to:

Dramatically increase your sales numbers for your website while developing customers for life…


Deep down inside you sincerely want to be a leader in your marketplace which I totally support you on!

Here’s the deal though:

None of this can happen by burying your head in the sand…YOU GOTTA Take ACTION!

…And if you really want to take action and see dramatic success you must follow the success foot prints that others before you have left for you.

Just hoping for change isn’t enough!

It never has been an option, and it never will be and option, which leaves you with the following two scenarios…

Scenario A)

You can keep doing what you’re doing now, and consistently see the same old sales numbers/results you’re already getting and will continue to get day after day, month after month, and year after year (If you even stay in business that long) for the rest of your online career…


Scenario B)

You can follow the simple steps that successful Virtual Logic Pro customers like Devin Zander, Nishant Bhardwaj, Sean Vosler, and Jeff Cavalier did and be our next success story by making the smart decision to invest in Vistor Logic Pro today.



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