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Vinh Giang – STAGE Academy

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STAGE Academy

The ultimate course on public speaking and communication skills.

To the person reading this,
It’s Vinh here, I am writing this to you. As I sit here on my computer on a Sunday, while drinking my can of black coffee – it’s so bitter but I love the rush it gives me while I am trying to do something I am terrible at – writing website copy. I am trying to think about what to write in this introduction section to tell you more about what this course is about. And all I can think of is start by writing about why you are a great teacher and why this course is awesome. But a part of my brain is telling me, GROSS VINH. ERASE WHAT YOU WROTE AND START AGAIN. Welcome to the inside of my mind haha, I would delete all this but lets just keep it – I want to share with you the actuality of what it’s like creating a course like this.
Lets start here…
You are here because either a friend has told you about this or you potentially saw a video of mine somewhere online, and it must have peaked your interest in some way because you know that communication and presentation skills has been something you’ve had on your to do list. You know it’s something that has been holding you back in your professional and personal life. I know this feeling well..
Growing up in the Asian culture has been tough and awesome at the same time. There are pro’s and con’s to every cultural upbringing. One of the major con’s for me in the Asian culture is the lack of affection, communication and expressiveness within the family. Now, this isn’t the case for ALL Asian families but definitely true in my family. As a result of my environment, I ended up being a poor communicator, I lacked expression and affection as well. I simply didn’t know how. The skill of being able to communicate effectively and influentially isn’t something that’s taught. Not in High school, it’s not taught in University and it’s not taught in our professional careers. It’s a skill that we are left to our own accord. And what’s interesting is that even though we are never taught this skill, when we begin our professional lives – it’s a skill that we are expected to have.
I don’t blame my culture, I don’t blame my parents and I don’t blame the schooling system. Because the moment I blame someone else for my lack of ability, I take all control away from myself. In 2011 I took control, and I made the decision that this was it. I am no longer going to allow my poor communication skills to hold me back anymore, I knew I had value to give the world – but the world was blind to the value I had to offer..
And here’s the punch line to my story – the world wasn’t blind – I was invisible. Learning how to communicate effectively will help you become seen..
I started to take vocal classes to learn how to use my voice, I started to take theatre classes to learn how to use my body. I didn’t do these things because I wanted to become a singer or an actor – I did these things because once and for all, I wanted to learn how to use my instrument and connect with others and truly show the world the value I had to offer. This video you’re about to see was me in 2011, 1 year after I started my journey to improve my communication ability. I can only bare to show you 20 seconds of this
That was me 7 years ago. And that’s after 1 year of work. It’s crazy how tough of a journey it has been, trying to improve the way I communicate. It’s definitely not something that was innate – I had to build my foundations from the ground up. The way we speak is a behavior, and can behaviors be changed? Yes. Yes they can, I am proof. But I am not the only proof, in this course you will see many of my students transform into amazing communicators by making very minor changes, it’s incredible how the smallest piece of guidance can completely change the way you come across. Here’s an example..
Isn’t Brittany amazing? After she made that small change of slowing down her speech, it completely changes the way she comes across! This is what excites me as a teacher!! Improving the way we communicate isn’t about making crazy big changes, it’s about making many small little tweaks!! You will see many other videos like this in the course, and I hope it’ll inspire you to take action.
This online course is developed based on my 3 day Stage Workshop. I know many people who want to attend my class can’t because of geographical reasons, and that’s why I created an online version. Now, if you do the online course and after that feel inspired to make the trip to one of my workshops. I will ensure that my team and I will deduct the amount you paid for this online course from your workshop ticket.
Below you will see the course layout, it’s split up into 4 chapters. I am part magician so I’ve used the suits to label the chapters – you have no idea how satisfying it is for me that the course fits nicely into 4 chapters.

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