Vin Dicarlo – Pandora’s Box System (Complete)


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Vin Dicarlo – Pandora’s Box System (Complete)

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“How Amazed Would She Be If You Knew Her This Well: You’re walking down the street and see a beautiful woman walking towards you.

She’s gorgeous. You also notice she has a tattoo of a bird on her wrist, just beneath a very cute bracelet. She’s carrying an accounting textbook and it looks like she just walked away from what seemed to be very close friends – all other women.

What do you see?

Well, what most guys see is: “Sexy, popular, curvy chick with bracelet, tattoo and books. College student?”.but to a One Minute Mind Reader, this girl is a classic “Connoisseur”, or a Investor-Justifier-Realist (NJR, for short)(Don’t worry about the new terminology. It’s actually pretty simple once you see the 8 types of women video, next)

Connoisseur’s are extremely open minded, enjoy sexual flirting, and very laid back when it comes to sex. They love to TAKE CARE of their men and support their goals, and ALMOST NEVER date more than one guy at a time. They are loyal and great girlfriend material. But you have to GUIDE her and TEACH her how to support you from the very beginning. (We call this process ‘Shaping’)

How did I know all of this, just from a 10 second glance?

Vin Dicarlo – Pandora’s Box System Simple. I used One Minute Mind Reading:

* CLUE #1: She walked away from a group of ALL WOMAN friends – This means she most likely has the ‘Investor’ Time Line. This means that she prefers to surround herself with women, and focus her energy in “fixing” her man. In reality, I would get a little bit more information before reading this line for SURE, but I would be about 90% certain in this case.
* CLUE #2: She had a plainly visible tattoo – A dead giveaway that she’s got the ‘Justifier’ Sex Line, no doubt about it. Justifiers break society norms. take risks. and are VERY sexual. You MUST use sexual tension when you see the ‘Justifier’ Sex Line. and use sexual tension OFTEN. or else you risk being BORING
* CLUE #3: The Accounting Textbook – It’s a great sign that she’s got the ‘Realist’ Relationship Line. She’s choosing a career that is IMMEDIATELY PRACTICAL. This type of woman NEEDS to feel self-sufficient and if you ever tried to buy her dinner early on, she would definitely lose interest

.And from these 3 cues, you can tell almost everything in the world about her. It’s scary accurate, as well.

And if these clues aren’t enough, you could easily ask these three questions to find out what she likes, and what get’s her interest TURNED ON:

You could ask her these 3 questions:

1. What gives you the MOST fulfillment in life?
2. What ONE THING would you NEED to have if you were stuck on a desert island?
3. What emotions would you experience when you finally reach your most far-reaching goal?

The reason these 3 questions work is because in order for her to answer them, it requires her to feel the EXACT SAME emotion she would feel as if she was having PEAK EXPERIENCES.

And when she feels these with you, those same peak feelings and emotions get tied to YOU!

And using this simple trick, (and with a little bit of practice just to work it into normal conversation) you will have a solid chance at getting the girl. every time!

“You’re About To Possess An Unfair Advantage. The Only Question Now Is, How Will YOU Use It?

Once you become familiar with the 8 different types of women, and get some practice with One Minute Mind Reading, you’ll start seeing all kinds of cool ways to use your new super-powers.

After I taught these techniques to a couple of my close friends, they actually reported back and actually TAUGHT ME a couple new tricks they were able to do. For example, you’ll be able to:

* TURN ‘JUST A FRIEND’ INTO YOUR GIRLFRIEND: The important thing to realize that a romantic relationship is simply friendship PLUS sexual attraction. All you have to do, is use One Minute Mind Reading to figure out her exact type. And you’ll know exactly what you need to say to get her aroused next time you’re in person. Once that happens, she’ll be the one asking YOU to be in a relationship with her!

* GET YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND BACK, INSTANTLY: What most men don’t realize is that 97.3% of relationship difficulties stem from one major problem – USING THE WRONG STRATEGY FOR THE WOMAN’S TYPE. Men often behave in certain ways that are INCOMPATIBLE with a woman’s type. That’s usually when things start to go downhill. Once you Mind-Read her type, you’ll be able to rekindle the relationship, and reconnect with her on a much deeper level than ever.

* GET HER TURNED ON SO MUCH, SHE LOSES CONTROL: Some women get VERY TURNED ON by a man’s touch, while others don’t become aroused until he first builds significant levels of trust. Once you know a woman’s type, you will know exactly WHAT she responds to (making a bold move, or talking in a way that gets HER to make a move on YOU), and you will also know WHEN to make your move.

Get  Vin Dicarlo – Pandora’s Box System (Complete)  on

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