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The Ultimate ‘Dream Team’ of Chinese Chi Masters Are About To Teach You Their Most Powerful Secrets!


Dear Reader,

And I thought we’d seen it all!

Ian G here from NAP/UKFightLab, and we’ve just got back from China – once again!

So grab yourself some time now, and let me explain what has happened THIS time…

You see, I thought we’d seen it all – but we hadn’t – not until we met ‘the dream team’!

So if you want to learn some of the most outrageous ‘China’ secrets we’ve ever discovered – keep reading this important letter today…

A little background:

Here at NAP, you know that we now visit China and Asia often…simply because it’s the home of so many interesting and powerfully-effective martial arts.

Not only that – but it’s also ‘home’ to some of the World’s greatest martial arts masters and lineages…the kind of guys that you simply can’t find any place else, and who have the knowledge to do some extraordinary things…

Well, we’ve just recently returned from another China trip – and once again, what we ‘discovered’ was extraordinary!

You see, this time it wasn’t JUST about a ‘MASTER’.

No – it was about a GROUP of Masters!

To be precise – it was a group of four Chi Masters – a troupe we call the ‘Chinese Chi SuperStars’.

Keep reading this here today and I’ll explain everything…and will tell YOU how these guys can transform your martial arts, your Chi power and how they can turn your body into an ‘Iron Mountain’!

How it all started…

Through our growing, private contact base in China – we’d heard about a group of Masters in a certain part of China. We’d heard that these men could do extraordinary things…things that most people in the West would consider ‘impossible’!

I’m talking about being able to impale themselves on spikes whilst feeling no pain (and without sustaining even as much as a scratch mark)…I’m talking about being able to obliterate heavy bricks with their knuckles…I’m talking about guys who had fists and limbs that were virtually made of stainless steel (they are THAT strong).

What was their secret?

In short, these men had, basically, MASTERED the Art and Science of using Chi energy in the martial arts.

Intrigued? So were we.

So we grabbed a flight, grabbed the camera crew…and headed for the hills.

30 hours later…

Yes – 30 hours later! That’s how long the monstrous journey took us from the UK into one of the deepest parts of China.

But yes – we found them.

The Chinese Chi ‘SuperStars’…

Now, don’t get me wrong. These guys didn’t look particularly ‘mean’. There were no face tattoos, no steroid-induced biceps…and there was no ego-type bravado and back-slapping.

Far from it…

Instead, we found four rather softly-spoken gentlemen…rather short and small in stature. However these men were revered and respected up the Wazoo in this part of China…everyone knew of them, and their insane skills.

But as we went to greet them…

We realized there was a HUGE problem!

You see, none of them spoke a single word of English! Not one word! Not even an ‘Hello’ amongst the whole group!

No matter. We knew nothing would stand in our way of getting you these secrets…

So we quickly found and hired ourselves the best translator we could find. We were on our way again…

NEXT big problem: we’d heard they were the ‘real deal’, but we wanted to know for sure. I mean – if we were going to be ‘learning’ from them, we had to know for sure that these guys were the genuine article.

We wanted LIVE proof of their amazing Chi energy powers!

In short – we had to test out this ‘Chi Dream Team’.

So we asked, politely, for some demonstrations of what they could do….(and quite frankly, the skeptical side of us was expecting some sort of failure here – possibly an embarrassing one)…

A long, 10ft sharpened spear was brought out for us to see…

This was SERIOUS.

This was the kind of weapon you’d seen in an old-time martial arts WAR movie.

A HUGE thing.

Swing it about your head and you’d take out an entire family.

Naturally…we asked for proof of the sharpness. The spike was viciously slammed into a piece of wood, going through it like a knife through butter.

Sure enough, it was the real deal.

The spear was then bent and pushed against the throat area of two of the Masters – it was quite shocking to see.

NO effects. NO scratches. It was like they had steel throats.

We were intrigued, of course, but wanted more…

Next up some heavy bricks were brought forth, along with some glass bottles. All were quickly pulverized using the bony parts of the hand.

But what was brought out next disturbed us the most…

A large, heavy metal SPIKE was brought out. Surely not?

Yes, one of the Masters then ‘skewered’ himself in the abdomen area on the spike – and came away completely unscathed (disclaimer: we do NOT recommend trying any of these techniques yourself at home).

We’d seen enough…

We’d already heard through our contacts that these guys were the real deal. And with these demonstrations now complete, we knew they were the real deal.

We had to know their secrets…

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

We asked them to reveal everything – and they did…

Their complete training on how to go from scratch…to being a Chi Master who can bend reality.

I’m talking about being able to obliterate solid objects with your bare hands, to withstand pain that would make most other people faint, to even bending metal objects against your flesh. It’s all possible.

The Chinese Chi SuperStars are proof of that.

And they use specific training to be able to do this…

This is why I’ve sat down to write you this letter today.

Because we’ve got it all on DVD.

Now – you too can learn how to be a Chinese Chi Master…and you don’t even have to leave your front-room to do it!

Yes, the really great news is we got everything on film – their complete training from ‘A-Z’…

With the help of a translator and a martial-arts voice-over expert, we’ve now put everything together that we learned, discovered and filmed from our most recent China Trip…and it’s all ready here for you to learn from.

And here’s the really cool thing…

  • You can learn these skills no matter what age you are! Simply put, because the Chinese Chi SuperStars ‘system’ is based on ‘energy’, it doesn’t matter how old you are. In fact, the older you are the better it may work – as you can use it to re-invigorate the body too!
  • You can learn this no matter what you train in – whatever ‘art’ you do, you can still pick up this material and add and integrate it into what you’re already doing!
  • You can use this on the street – it is NOT just about ‘energy’. This is about USING that energy to wipe out bad guys as easily as you’d wipe a flea away from your brow on a hot summer’s day…

Broken down into two parts…

The Masters broke the training down into two parts.

Firstly, ‘hard’ training – that is, training the outer, external ‘physical’ body.

And secondly: the ‘soft’ or ‘internal’ training – which was focused on training that all-important, internal Chi energy.

Here’s a sample of what they covered on the first part of the training…

  • The five main energy points on the body. And the main one which you should be using (raise this to the sky and ‘collect’ energy? Apparently – yes!)
  • How to ‘accumulate’ energy in the dan-tien (the body’s energy centre) – this simple little ‘secret’ is something you’re unlikely to learn anyplace else.
  • How to develop the ‘bone marrow’…through this simple internal exercise – this can give you bones that are so strong, it’s like they’re made of high-grade stainless steel!
  • Why your Chi follows your thought; and why this simple insight is KEY to harnessing super-human like Chi!
  • Sleep and diet tips for generating better and greater Chi energy – based on decades of experience from the ‘Masters’ (and their students)
  • FIVE different stances you must start using to generate maximum Chi energy in minimum time…and why the ‘water on the head’ secret is so important with at least one of these stances!
  • A special eight-part ‘Shaolin-style’ routine that anyone can do that builds up internal Chi energy, whilst strengthening bone, muscle and ‘fortifying the body’ from the inside out

On the next part of the training we looked at Chinese Chi Meditiation and why it’s so important.

One of the ‘Masters’ started out by showing his three favourite postures he has used over the years for his meditation. He outlined exactly what to do and how to do it…where to put your hands, how to align your spine…what to do with your mouth…and more.

The result: once you start using these secrets, YOU will start generating more Chi energy than you know what to do with. You’ll feel it coursing through your meridians, surging into your body and making its way into every part of your being.

And you’ll be able to harness that energy too – for generating power, for generating ‘iron limbs’ that can withstand pain, and for striking too (and you do NOT want to be on the receiving end of a strike which is infused with Chi energy – but YOU will be the one delivering the blow!)

Next up…

Now, with the platform set for developing your internal Chi arts…the Masters then took us through how to develop your external Chi body conditioning…

You see, as good as the internal arts training is – you also need the external training.

This is how you train your hands and other ‘weapons’ to be as hard as rocks. And don’t worry. The Chinese Chi SuperStars have everything you need to do this…

One of the Masters here – Master Kung – had arms that were simply like steel.

Heck, you’ll even see me brutally STAMP on one of his hands at one point…to zero effect!

Here’s what they’re going to teach you here:

  • How to develop different parts of the hand – and why you should (each part can have a different effect when it comes to using this information on the STREET)
  • A simple training exercise anyone can do AT HOME to ensure your hand becomes as strong as a piece of stainless steel – SHARP stainless steel!
  • Specific stances to use and ‘secrets’ the Chinese masters use to ensure you get the best possible conditioning; you’re unlikely to hear these any place else
  • A simple LOTION you can use to improve circulation and to improve your conditioning
  • And lots more besides…

Follow these secrets…and you’ll have more power and ‘COLD STEEL’ in your hands than you know what to do with. I’m talking about near super-human like power here…which is ‘ready’ to be called on at any time, to blast down any street bully foolish enough to invade your space.

But, a word of warning here too: you must let the energy accumulate with these methods. Over time, the Chi will build in your body, allowing you to do things that previously you deemed ‘impossible’! But needless to say: do NOT attempt to ‘test’ yourself with sharp objects within the first few weeks of training this material.

Over time, your body becomes stronger. And when it does, it’s like having a forcefield around you when it comes to street attacks. Blows ‘bounce’ off, and you do things that previously you thought were impossible.

Not anymore!

Next up we moved onto Chinese Chi STRIKING…and Chinese Chi VITAL POINTS…

So you’ve got the internal training. You’ve got the external training. Now…it’s time to learn how these guys strike so viciously, so powerfully, so effectively – to drop street attackers where they stand.

And to learn WHERE to strike with Chi energy for the very best, most devastating effects!

You’ll discover hand positions to use (back of the hand, open hand, and so on) and how to strike using elbows and knees in a variety of scenarios – and with a variety of attacks – and exactly WHERE to hit for maximum impact.

That’s right.

Because this isn’t just about how to strike with Chi.

It’s also about WHERE to strike.

You know – when you combine the ability to strike with Chi, with the correct points to strike – then your opponents better WATCH OUT.

You’ll be dropping them like 1-2-3…

The Chinese Chi SuperStars will teach you not only how to STRIKE with Chi… but also the best points to ‘place’ the Chi…so your opponents can’t help but go down in a bloody, writhing mess of pain.

Imagine using these powerful points the Masters reveal… along with the Chi skills you’ve already learned. Now inject power with your toughened Chi strikes right INTO those points…it’s just devastating beyond belief!

You must be careful here.

Because once you’ve got the power from your Chi to a high level…IF you then start striking points with abandon, you’re going to do some really serious damage. So you MUST be careful with these striking techniques and Vital points here.

But there’s still more!

Now, as good as these ‘skills’ are to have…they are NOT complete if you can’t translate them over to the STREET.

So, for the next part of the training, we got the Chinese Chi SuperStars to apply all this material over to the street…where it counts.

So, we moved onto looking at applying these awesome Chi Secrets to the street…here’s a sample of what was covered on the next part of the training…

  • “Destroy the joints, destroy the person” – why you might NOT think ‘Chi’ has anything to do with joint destruction…but how and why to use it to stop ANY foe (even if completely high and drugged up to the eyeballs on all sorts!)
  • The THREE best points to stop a person in his tracks…direct from the Masters’ mouth
  • Multiple ways to strike the best vital points (throat, eyes and worse), leaving to total overwhelm and destruction of your opponent where he stands (combine it with Chi power and conditioning and it’s awful stuff)
  • How to paralyze an arm with a simple point the Master will gladly show you; and how to strike it to ensure the attacker simply cannot use his arm/s again…
  • Front AND back of neck strikes – hitting the two points at the same time! This will have serious consequences and is to be used with EXTREME caution!
  • A simple strike to cause a man to wet himself where he stands
  • And lots more…

Whether your attacker grabs you and you drop a Chi ‘Heavy Hand’ on him…or whether he comes at you with a haymaker…either way, the Masters will give you the ‘tools’ and techniques you need to turn the attacker into a bloody mess on the floor!

Complete set of material!

In total, you get a 6-DVDs in Chinese Chi SuperStars…and you’ll also get a full workbook that explains and illustrates the principles you’ll learn throughout the DVDs.

By the time you’re done with this training, it’s like you’ll have completed a Master’s Level PhD in Chi – from the World’s best, most authentic and ‘real’ teachers!

You’ll have everything you need…the best internal generation methods, the ‘hard’ skill training and conditioning, the best Chinese Chi striking methods, the best Vital Points to strike, AND the training on how to apply it all to the street.

And remember!

And do remember here: this isn’t about how big and strong you are.

The ‘Masters’ look like ordinary ‘small’ guys.

You’re harnessing your internal energy here…so it doesn’t matter how big, strong and athletic you are. None of that matters.

What does matter is that you have a willingness to learn. To train these techniques. To do what the Masters will show you…to transform your martial arts.

Alright, I think I’ve gone on long enough!

As a customer of ours, you’re the first to see this brand-new, just-published material. Now – it’s time to use it in your own life.

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