Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1


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Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1

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Day Trading is one of the hardest things to accomplish successfully. With that being said, there are a lot of psychological hurdles that day traders face on a daily basis.

War Room Psychology is a very intimate and exclusive look into REAL traders and the REAL mental hurdles that they are facing. These are REAL recordings of the coveted mentoring 1 on 1 sessions that members took part in. Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1

Listen and watch as Pat deconstructs the psychological barriers that sometimes keep traders from reaching their full potential. With unbreakable solid advice and more charting examples from one of the best traders in the world…it’s a WIN WIN. Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1

He takes a deep dive into the subliminal struggles his own members face and gives actionable steps on how to overcome their mental blocks…the same blocks that you may be facing too. Here’s just a sample of what Pat helps you get over…

  • Consistency will come…Learn how to overcome that monkey on your back
  • Cutting losers…this is a big problem a lot of traders face, now learn how to smash that bad habit Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1
  • How to go from paper trading to REAL money…learn the proper mindset to make that switch
  • How MM’s & smart money mess with your head…learn the mind games they play and now beat ’em at their own game.
  • How to beat mental exhaustion…trading can be hard on the head, now finally discover the way to relax and beat it.
  • How to stop destroying your confidence…these are golden simple tips that you’ve probably never even tried…and they work!
  • How to stop over trading…this can take down the biggest accounts, now have the mental toughness to be save more profits than ever before. Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1
  • Get yourself to just pull the trigger…no more living in hindsight, this strategy will make you nothing but money!
  • How to stop overthinking your trade…maybe you’ve left a lot of money on the table before…not anymore…see how simple a trade can be. Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1
  • Learn to use patience and wait for the trade…FOMO is real…now learn how to smash it for good and see the trade setting up that was always right in front of you.
  • The psychology of writing down your percentage gains and losers…so overlooked, but so powerful. Use this mental strategy to build amazing confidence.
  • You need to re-wire your brain…get “unbrainwashed” from all that bad information you learned in the past and finally discover the amazing potential right in front of you every day.

Don’t ever feel like you’re alone if you feel you are struggling in some areas of your day trading career. You will be amazed how many traders just like you are facing the same challenges. Tricktrades – War Room Psychology Vol. 1

What’s even more amazing is the no-nonsense approach and advice Pat gives in his reassuring delivery to each and every member.

The biggest part of a successful day trading career is the psychological aspect and this is the perfect remedy to help you overcome mental blocks and take your trading career to a whole new level!


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