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Tradingconceptsinc – Advanced Iron Condors

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Discover ​The ​Advanced ‘Iron Condor’ ​Trading ​Secret ​That ​Professionals ​Use ​To ​Ensure ​Consistent Profitability…

How to Protect Your Trades Against Breakouts
That Steal Your Profits!

The Iron Condor is a profitable trading strategy … but that’s not to say it doesn’t have challenges.

In fact, when you use the strategy like everyone else, problems can quickly escalate.

Let me explain…

As you know, the Iron Condor is a relatively simple strategy in concept. You place credit-spread positions above resistance and below support. That way the price has a range you can trade within until expiration.

But because the strategy is so simple to grasp, many traders jump in before they’re really prepared to manage the trade effectively.

They overlook the critical step that separates the struggling retail traders from the pros …

Risk management.

This ​​Is ​​The ​​Pros’ ​​Secret ​​For ​More ​Consistent Profitable ​Results ​Trading ‘Iron Condors’.

The truth is, the Iron Condor strategy is more complicated than most “experts” care to admit.

Just as in any sport, you need an offense. But to win consistently, a strong defense is just as important.

For example, it’s true Iron Condors are great for flat markets. However, these conditions also create a common trap.

How often have you placed an Iron Condor after watching a market trade within a range for a while – only to get run over on a breakout?

It happens.

After all, range contraction leads to range expansion.

But the problem isn’t the price breakout itself. It’s that you didn’t have a game plan in place ahead of time to account for the potential move.

This is like driving a car without brakes or steering – you can’t stop or avoid obstacles.

If you’ve fallen victim to this flat market trap, you’re definitely not alone. As I mentioned earlier, Iron Condors create problems for traders who “trade blind.”

The other major issue involves volatility. The “experts” claim high-implied volatility is good for Iron Condors.

But take a look at this …

Options ​Trading ​Success ​Involves ​More ​Than ​Just ​Putting ​On ​An ‘Iron Condor’ ​During ​Flat ​Markets or ​During ​High-​Implied ​Volatility ​Conditions.

You need a better ​EDGE … one I can show you.

And this is where defense enters the game.

After all, once you place an Iron Condor trade, you have credit in your account. So you need to protect this money – or at the very least, keep as much as possible.

Think of the short options you sold as a goal line in football. The market must score or move past that line to create a loss against your position.

And in the case of the Iron Condor, you must defend two goal lines – the call spreads to the upside and the put spread to the downside.

Most retail traders who use Iron Condors focus all their efforts on offense, without thinking through what happens if the trade doesn’t work out.

If you simple avoid this mistake, you’ll …

Enjoy ​A ​Level ​Of ​Success ​That ​Few ​People ​Who ​Trade ‘Iron Condors ​Ever ​Experience.

The truth is, anyone can protect themselves against trade breakouts.

I wish I could explain the entire process – right here and right now – in a simple letter. But it’s just not possible. (You’ll understand why shortly.)

That’s why I created an all-inclusive video training …

To show you step-by-step how to apply a comprehensive and dynamic risk management plan that allows you to neutralize risk on the fly.

What I can tell you now is that defending your trades requires a layered approach.

The first is general risk management. In this layer, you define how much you can risk on one trade.
The next layer is static risk management. You basically ask yourself, “What is the stop value at which I can remove one of my credit spreads and roll it out further in distance?”
Then top this foundation by determining how much dynamic risk you can tolerate. Also find out if you can add any hedge positions to neutralize your risk.
Next up is a dynamic risk management layer. You see, certain positions placed ahead of time can not only dynamically grow in value, but also help defend against a deep attack on your credit spread positions.
I call these your “sleep-at-night” positions.
You then conclude with active risk management. This final step involves evaluating the potential reward of staying in a position longer versus the potential risk of additional market movement, as well as when it’s time to close your position for maximum profits.

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