Trading Trainer – 6 Percent Protocol


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Trading Trainer – 6 Percent Protocol

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Is This The Laziest Way To Potentially
2x Your Portfolio This Year?

We serve up the targets every night on a silver platter. You simple do the final homework and pull the trigger the next morning – typically with less than 30 minutes of work per day.

If you can average returns of just 6% per month – every $1,000 in your portfolio becomes $2,012 in twelve months. It would potentially be $4,048 in two years.

After 5, it’s $32,987. And, after 10?

You’d be looking at $1,088,187!

On a $75,000 account – you’d potentially pull out $75,914 in income in a year. With results like that – your bills, debts and other financial problems would vanish.

All thanks to The 6% Protocol.

AND – If I could teach this system to inner city high school kids – with no experience, and no Internet access… I’m 100% Confident I can help you master it too.

Now – some trading “gurus’ might charge $5,000 or $10,000 or more for a complete, proven trading system like this. Not me. Because today, you’ll get ALL of this…

The 6% Protocol

The 6% Protocol Covered Call Screener Software

  • Get 2-6 Covered Call Opportunities In Your Inbox Every Day.
  • We tell you exactly which Stock / Call / Put to enter each position.
  • With one click – get all the research you need to “greenlight” your trade

Monthly 6% Protocol Trading Webinar

  • Hop on a live call with me EVERY month to get fresh strategy and advice.
  • You can ask ANY questions you have about the protocol OR the market
  • PLUS – you get ALL of the webinars I’ve hosted since 2010.

That’s 60 Training Events Included… For Free!

Our 6% Protocol Online Video Training + DVD

Intro Video: The 6% Protocol Online Tool Introduction

Video #1: A.J. Brown Researches a Covered Call

Video #2: A.J. Brown Executes a Covered Call

Video #3: A.J. Brown Reveals the Results of His Covered Call Strategy

Video #4: A.J. Brown Reveals How He Transformed a 4% ROI into a Double-Digit Return

Video #5: How A.J. Milked an Amazing 44% ROI Out of a Mediocre Trade

Video #6: How A.J. Has Pushed ROI on His Covered Call to More Than 50%

Video Q&A #1 A.J. Brown answers questions about The 6% Protocol and Covered Calls.

Video Q&A #2 A.J. Brown and Paulie Sabol answer questions about The 6% Protocol.

Case Study: How Paulie Sabol used The 6% Protocol to make up to 23% per month.

Get  Trading Trainer – 6 Percent Protocol on

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