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TopTradeTools – Trend Breakout Levels

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The TOP Trend Breakout Levels indicator is a trend based breakout strategy designed to analyze and display the highest high breakout level and lowest low breakout level for a defined look back period.  Trend breakout strategies have been popular with traders who have a longer-term focus in the markets.

Designed for Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Futures, FOREX, and Options trading.  TOP Trend Breakout Levels is a powerful tool that can be used for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and for strategic entry Trend Trading!  Effective on both intraday and end-of-day price charts including 5 minute charts, 60 minute charts, daily charts, weekly charts, and tick charts to name a few.

Breakout strategies have been one of the most time tested methods to trade market trends.  When breakout levels are effectively optimized, a breakout strategy can allow you to effectively enter into a strong trend and manage your position as the trend persists.  When strong trends present themselves in markets over time, they can represent the best opportunities to generate windfall profits!

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