Tommie Powers – InStream Traffic System


Price: $297 ==> You Just Pay $29.7
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Attn: Online Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & Affiliate Marketers…

“How to Exploit this Secret Source for High Converting, Laser Targeted, Low Competition TRAFFIC in Any Niche Market”


Tommie Powers - InStream Traffic System

Tommie Powers – InStream Traffic System

Price: $297 ==> You Just Pay $29.7
Sale Page:

Attn: Online Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners & Affiliate Marketers…

“How to Exploit this Secret Source for High Converting, Laser Targeted, Low Competition TRAFFIC in Any Niche Market”

The next screenshot you will see is from one of my coaching clients. When he came to me, he was doing decent numbers.

But within 1 Month using YouTube Ads, we took his sales from 5 thousand to 22 thousand dollars as you can see right here…


The InStream Traffic System is broken down into 7 crucial steps that I’ve painstakingly refined over the last 12 months.

  • 1

    You’ll learn how to create a killer video designed to get you high converting, targeting clicks you can send anywhere you want.

I show you not only how to create these videos fast, but get the right video style for your business model.

These videos are super simple and anyone can create them. You’ll discover why my best converting video ads are no longer than 30-45 seconds, and the exact formula for these tiny little videos.

Most people will never know the secret sauce I’ve figured out because they haven’t tested with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on Youtube ads like I have.

So no matter what you’re selling, this strategy will work for you.

As a matter of fact, I give you the exact script writing template we give our clients for creating the perfect video.

Basically, I’m taking all the guesswork out of it for you.

  • 2

    I’ll show you how to craft landing pages where you will send you prospects and how to get extremely high conversions, like we do day in and day out.

I even give you examples and plenty of resources on how to get pages created fast and easy so that they are not an obstacle to getting your campaign going as quickly as possible.

  • 3

    I’ll show you how to hijack any video you want, even if it’s your competition.

It’s called video ad placements and it may be the single most underutilized technique that can deliver huge wins in the shortest amount of time.

This strategy is extremely powerful and it’s designed for people who want extremely targeted traffic that deliver fast results. Hardly anyone is taking advantage of this simple, yet deadly effective technique that delivers traffic 3 times more likely to convert.

And to top it off, I have a secret software tool I use to automate this process to save you valuable time trying to find the best video placements. More on the software in a moment.

  • 4

    You’ll learn my secret sauce that enables me to find what I call “low hanging fruit keywords” that deliver extremely cheap video views because hardly anyone is bidding on these hidden gems.

Most people treat YouTube keyword research like they are attempting to rank a website on the first page of Google.

That’s a huge mistake.

The strategy I show you takes advantage of how keywords are used within the YouTube ecosystem for surfacing relevant videos to their users.

I also show you a little known free tool I’m almost 100% certain you’ve never heard of that will do most of the heavy lifting for you as well so you can snatch these little hidden profit centers within minutes.

  • 5

    You’ll learn how to implement a simple, yet highly important part of this system – Conversion Tracking.

Conversion tracking can make or break your campaign.

I’ll show you how to set it up properly and put it in place quickly without being a programmer or tech head.

  • 6

    The A to Z system for setting up your video ad campaign, even if it’s your first time.

You’ll look over my shoulders and see exactly how to set up a campaign.

If you miss any of these steps, you can kiss high converting, targeted traffic goodbye.

In this over the shoulder training, I leave no stones unturned. As a matter of fact, what I show you is exactly what we use to teach our team in order for them to implement campaigns for our big money clients.

I look at lots of campaigns when potential clients want to hire my team, and 80% of the campaigns I audit are not setup properly.

This is why I get paid a minimum of $5k to do it for them because I know what produces results fast and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you.

  • 7

    You’ll learn the secret to being able to spend millions on traffic. It’s called optimization.

I’ve developed a step-by-step optimization process with this system of what to do and when to do it so there’s zero guesswork involved.

My optimization formula regularly produces results within a matter of days after launching a brand new campaign.

You’ll get a PDF you can download and I recommend you print this out and file it under extremely important.

This part of the system is priceless because once you know how to optimize, you can buy more traffic and grow your business faster.

How much is it worth to you to be able to profitably grow your business at lightning speed?


What Students, Clients, & Colleagues Have To Say…

“I was Profitable DAY 1 & generating leads for as little as 12 cents!”


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