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Tom Hunt – Virtual Assistant Mastery

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Tom Hunt – Virtual Assistant Mastery

Module #1 – Introduction To Online Business Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants

The Inner Game Of Outsourcing: What I learnt from 5 years of building relationships with VA’s
Understand the global market forces that now allow us to build strong virtual teams
Why most entrepreneurs are not actually entrepreneurs
The Importance Of Systems: A McDonald’s Case Study

Module #2 – Understanding Exactly What To Outsource

What you NEVER let a new virtual assistant do in your business (before you have done this yourself)
You have to train your VA for 2 weeks before they start properly right? WRONG! Learn how you can get them started with adding value to your business on day 1
The ROI Generator – Step by step process to give VA task in spare time to guarantee ROI on salary
Not sure if you’ll have enough work for your VA? No worries: 101 “Outsourceable” Tasks: Never Have An Idle Assistant Again
The Task Delegator: Know EXACTLY Which Tasks You Should/Shouldn’t Be Doing

Module #3 – Hiring the Perfect Virtual Assistant

Are you tired of hiring VA’s only to realise two weeks later that they aren’t generating you an ROI? Learn the simple 5 step recruitment process we used to hire 83 awesome VA’s for over 30 businesses in 3 months
“The Truth Serum” question sequence taken from Fortune 500 company interviews that automatically distinguishes between A and B VA’s
How to identify the CV of an A VA from a B VA in 30 seconds flat (even if you have no recruitment experience)
Reference Checking Template – Copy and paste this email to the references of a VA to automatically extract the information you need to make your hiring decision

Module #4 – Ultimate Onboarding

The McDonald’s Method – How to indoctrinated and on board your VA in 2 hours flat (without you being present)
What NEVER to say to your VA in their first 2 weeks of work (Trust me, I’ve messed up here many times!)
The truth about VA productivity: how to set your VA up for success
Job Offer Letter Template – How to make your new VA feel special and part of something much greater than themselves
New Joiner Process Template – Layout of one of the most important processes in your business for you to swipe and deploy

Module #5 – Managing For Ultimate Productivity
How to develop your VA Manager into a VA Leader
The RIGHT and the WRONG way to give bonuses (And why cash is the last bonus type you should consider)
Understand the culture of Filipino VA featuring my VA manager: Zandro WARNING: Ignore the Filipino “13th Month” rule at your peril – Understand exactly what this rule means for your business and your team.
An exhaustive list of all Filipino Bank Holidays – Know when your team can and shouldn’t be working
Opening & Closing Shift Procedures – Keep your team on track each and everyday
Module #6 – Scaling Your Virtual Empire
How to know exactly when you need to expand your team (And what type of VA you need to hire)
How to create a magnetic “in person” team spirit; virtually
Why & how to set communication procedures (So you don’t get interrupted 24/7)
The most important virtual working tools that you cannot live without (If you want to build an efficient team)
Plus, how to train your VA manager for recruitment excellence to maintain (If not increase!) your VA quality
Organization Chart Template – Copy, paste and update with your team so everyone knows EXACTLY where they stand

Module #7 – Va Process Precision

Understand the importance of repeatable, documented processes in your business
Learn how to build the ultimate Working Procedure (and why this will mean that you don’t actually have to train anyone. ever. again)
Understand how to store and track all of your Working Procedures to enable streamlined processes
Working Procedure Template – Starting point for the documentation of all of your core processes
The Full Working Procedure for #1 New & Noteworthy Podcast, Twitter Growth, Customer Support, Link Building, Podcast Interview Getting, Blog Commenting
Working Procedure Tracking Master – A must have for any business system developing and streamlining multiple processes

Bonus Modules

Breakdown of my full personal productivity rituals that enables me to run 4 different online businesses, travel the world and maintain a thriving social and family life
The 5 simple productivity rules my virtual team live by (That mean I have to spend just 10 minutes per day per business reviewing progress and dealing with issues)
Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template
Goal Pyramid/Business Progress Tracker
Virtual Assistant Contract Template – IMPORTANT
Employee Satisfaction Survey

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