Todd Falcone – The Network Marketing Mastery Course


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Todd Falcone – The Network Marketing Mastery Course

Todd Falcone – The Network Marketing Mastery Course

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The Network Marketing Mastery Course is a virtually unedited live weekend event of explosive training with master prospecting coach and trainer Todd Falcone.

In this powerful training program, Todd delivers his message in his usual unbridled manner, holding absolutely nothing back. If you like someone who “tells it like it is”, then this training will have you glued to your seat as he takes you through a journey of personal and professional growth and development.

In this 17-CD series, Todd takes you through a sequential journey of growth and learning that will give you that added edge you’ve been looking for in your business.

You will learn about:

  • The History and Roots of Direct Selling
  • How to Analyze and Pick a CompanyHow to Set up the Ultimate Home Office
  • How to Create an Environment Conducive to Production
  • Developing the Mindset of a Champion
  • A Simple Formula for Guaranteed Success
  • Mental Reprogramming for Improved Performance
  • How to Maintain Motivation
  • Budgeting and Tax Planning
  • How to Get Exactly What you Want when Goal Setting
  • How to Get Rid of Phone Fear for Good
  • How to Read People
  • Building Rapport for Better Production
  • Warm Market Prospecting
  • Cold Market Prospecting
  • Recruiting Professionals
  • Maximizing Referrals
  • Results-oriented Copy Writing
  • Recruiting Talent
  • Story telling and Testimonials3-way Calling the “Right” Way
  • Overcoming any Objection
  • Follow up like a Pro
  • How to Close More Business Now
  • How to Build Explosive Volume
  • And much, much more.

This is just a small list of what Todd covers during this event that spanned over three very long days. This training is loaded with tips, strategies and ideas that will ensure your success as a distributor in the field in network marketing.

This training is ideal for anyone looking to master the art of building a successful and booming network marketing or direct sales business.

Here’s what some of the people who attended live had to say:

“I now have the tools and the belief in myself to succeed in network marketing and have a great time doing it.” – Olivia Hamilton-Montgomery

“This event over-delivered in every way! It was incredibly content rich and Todd absolutely rocks! He keeps it fun, yet absolutely informative.”- Barry and Kim Brooke

“What a blessing to meet such a humorous, genuinely caring and most of all honest and ‘real’ person. The information was priceless.” – Adrienne Karls

“Before attending Todd’s seminar I was unsure of exactly what to do to build a huge network marketing team. I lacked the confidence I needed to move forward. Since attending this seminar, I have absolute confidence in my abilities and the best part is…the possibilities are limitless.” – Jackie Archenbron

“Prior to attending Todd Falcone’s Network Marketing Mastery Event, I lacked direction, self-confidence, and the skills to be effective in my business. Todd shared a ton of information with humor and professionalism. Now I know what to do, how to do it, and I have the confidence to succeed.”– Dee Sunday

“Todd is electrifying, explosive and understandable in person and in his recordings. Not only motivational…he gets you fired up- with the best part simplifying each step to reach your goals, dreams and succeed.”– Rich Grannis

“Prior to attending Todd’s seminar I was at a plateau in my business and really struggling with what direction to go. Since plugging into Todd’s trainings and seminar I feel as though I can go home and take my business to the next level. And, the best part is I know I will be a better leader for my team by duplicating exactly what Todd teaches.” – Crissy Wallinga

“Prior to your event I had no idea how to find new prospects, let alone quality ones.Now my business is full of professionals and the best part is that my business is growing without having to touch every single person.”– Jaimie Werner“

This is a must do event for anyone who wants to be successful in network marketing or any other business for that matter!” – Novelett Carter

“The event was fantastic! Real information and strategies you can implement now to start generating results.” – Alan Underkofler

“Prior to attending Todd’s seminar, I felt like I was dragging my feet and wasting my time. Since attending, I have a refreshed and exciting attitude toward building my business. The best part is I now have the confidence and the fire in my belly to continue doing what I love! Thank you!” – Kristina Joachim

“Todd’s training will put money in your pocket! I joined the network marketing industry 15 months ago after a 20 year corporate career in financial services. I plugged into Todd’s training at the beginning of month three and by the end of that month I generated $21,000 in sales. Todd shows you how to get it done!” – Kim Beckley

“As a professional speaker, trainer and workshop leader with over 3500 presentations under my belt, I have heard or done it all. I have never met or heard anyone more competent, knowledgeable or motivating than Todd Falcone. Todd is #1. I am achieving unbelievable results directly attributable to Todd’s advice, counsel and influence.” – Patrick Cunningham

Todd Falcone has invested over 20 years of his life in the field as a network marketing distributor.

When you invest in yourself by picking up the Network Marketing Mastery Course, you are learning directly from someone who has had over two decades of successful field experience. When you are learning from Todd, you are learning from they eyes, ears and the hands-on experience of someone who has done exactly what you are doing today.

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