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TJS Elite v8 – All Markets

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More rows. Revised header. New Bar graph.

  • Added (3) additional rows to each section that had only (5).
    • Believe it or not, there was much more work to this than one would think, which is why I had to turn away user modification requests to do so. The time and labor alone would have cost many times the amount of the TJS purchase price.
  • The blue Color and Font selection are now standardized in this sheet to match all other sheets.
  • Instructional cells are grouped together at the top of the sheet.
  • Revised header borders for a cleaner appearance.
  • The old home menu button is replaced with a (real) Home Menu button. Other button & icon revisions.
  • New bar graph created, and centered in the top-header, which visually displays: Equity and P&L.
  • The (corresponding) Trade Sheets have been revised for better organization (optional sheets).
  • New Sheet!… If you are the proud owner of the “All-markets” version, you’ll be able to view the stats from each Analysis sheet header on the “Stats Dash” dashboard.
  • New Sheet!… for: Stocks, SpreadBet and CFD products, there is a new sheet called “Symbols Stats”, which will display your Strategy performance for all Symbols that you trade.

Broker / Accounts sheet ledger.

Unlike the “v7” (and older versions), you will no longer be linking the Accounts sheet to your Analysis sheet. The process is much more simplified now.

Although you’ll still want to enter your Broker/Account names, the ledger is totally optional now. If you decide to use it, you’ll have a handy transaction (drop-down) ledger menu, which can be easily modified.

You’ll still get the Analysis sheet stats that you are accustomed to:

  • Total # of trades, per Account
  • Total Frequency traded, per Account
  • Total Profit / Loss, per Account

Aesthetic changes only:

  • Subtle detail revisions to the appearance, which clearly separates each of the tabbed categories.
  • No more underlined links, leading to a cleaner look.
  • Standard fonts, as some systems did not correctly display the specialized fonts.
  • The Logo is now 3D, and the “TJS” insignia has been revised.
  • Account graph is larger and the bar colors have been given some distinction.

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