Tinsanity – The Ultimate Tinder Seduction


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Tinsanity – The Ultimate Tinder Seduction

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Imagine. In just 60 minutes from now you could be sitting on your couch, organizing incredible connections with eager Tinder girls. So follow your instincts and take action-click here to begin your risk-free opportunity to create amazing lifelong memories.

Note: the price of TINSANITY will go up $ 100 very soon because additional tools are currently being added. So don’t wait, if you hurry and buy now you will secure the discounted price and get the additional tools for free. Claim your discounted price today!

simple conversation techniques that will make you witty, funny, flirty, mysterious and confident in your Tinder conversations … even if you are not a natural product.
Have the power of the world’s #1 Dating App conversation tool, dating app Cheat, at your fingertips. It’s a cheat sheet full of the best Tinder conversation topics in the world that you can copy word for word.
We show you how you can get a girls phone number in less than 5 minutes, using only two power messages.
Find out the number 1 Tinder conversation topic for seduction (which hardly any guy is using!). And how can you use this theme to seduce more girls.
How to set expectations for what you are looking for (dates or connections) and how to move the conversation down that path so you can get what you want.
Figure out the specific emotions you need to evoke in your Tinder goal, and receive the tools so you can do it whenever you want.
Hear about James, the 28 year old boy who had everything in his favor, but simply could not get any success Tinder. and find out how after a few simple changes, their matches shot up.
How to carve conversations into successful outcomes (dates and connections) – you will be given the tools to create an exciting, exciting conversation whenever you want.
Find out what my most successful Tinder photo of all time is: the photo that gets a lot of positive reviews and why the photo makes it so easy to get a date (hint: it’s a photo you could easily replicate tonight!).
You will learn how to create an opener that will have girls interested in you from the beginning, an opener that will be better than 99% of the guys on Tinder. And if you can’t bother creating openers, that’s fine because you’ll get a huge list of proven successful openers in dating app cheats to choose from).
Specific techniques for transforming a failed conversation into a successful one, including the exact (and proven) lines you need to say to do this.
The best way to restart and relive old conversations.
Over 50 screenshots of conversations so you can see how easy it is to seduce.
Find out about the” shitty tests ” girls give you and why you’re probably failing them: you’ll get specific lines and techniques to avoid these.
The 13 biggest conversational mistakes you should avoid.
The successful method that makes girls want to go on a date with you (probably not what you expect). It’s incredibly simple – you don’t even have to ask for a date. We give you exact step-by-step methods and specific lines that you can copy.
the 8 biggest Tinder profile mistakes guys make – find out how these might be limiting their matches right now.
TINSANITY reveals “the MPM” – the incredibly simple and effective way to consistently get a phone number for girls.
You little tricks have made it easier for me to pick up with women out of Tinder.
– Travis from California.
Again, the TINSANITY system includes:
TINSANITY eBook: everything you need to know to excel on Tinder. ALL.
Dating app iPhone App Cheat: the worlds most complete dating app Conversation tool. * IOS only. Download from the App Store required.*
Dating app cheat eBook: all successful lines of dating app Cheat.
Okay, the sound is great. What else can you tell me about the TINSANITY system?
You will experience immediate success when you start implementing tinsanity routines and lines. These short-term results are excellent, although the long-term benefits are infinitely more powerful.

You’ll automatically know what to say on Tinder at every moment, you’ll radiate self-confidence by being truly yourself, and the girls adore you for it.

Here are some personal memories and experiences I have created from Tinder:

Flirty and intimate dinners that have lasted more than four hours
Lasting and satisfying relationships with amazing girls
A steamy Thursday night cooking-date where dessert (ice cream choc-chip) was served from each other’s bodies
A girl climaxing on my couch within an hour of our first conversation Tinder, who then went home, only to show up at my door 15 minutes later wanting to do it all over again because she enjoyed our conversation. I couldn’t do these things if I tried!
Those and many more lifelong memories are directly attributable to what I will share with you at TINSANITY. It is the system of proven tools and strategies that produce results: incredible memories and experiences that will accompany you throughout your life.

It may sound cheesy, but the things in TINSANITY didn’t just improve my dating life, it improved my life. And it can improve yours, too.

Get  Tinsanity – The Ultimate Tinder Seduction  on

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