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start with the main file “ts_setup” it should install to c:timingsolution or which ever folder you choose. Then just copy the other files to that same location and over-write the existing files when it asks.

   You are here. I bet that you have had enough experience with different charting tools and methods of Technical Analysis. You have tried Fibonacci levels, pitchforks and other. You have applied different indicators. Moreover, you know what it is really worth. That is the reason why you are still looking for a better tool.

   When you run Timing Solution software, you see immediately that it is totally different from other programs for technical/financial analysis. The most programs deal with PAST explanation of the price movement and HOPES that the FUTURE price movement repeats the patterns revealed and explained for the past. Timing Solution provides totally different approach. It is totally concentrated on the forecast of the FUTURE forecast. This only fact drastically changes the situation and explains why the systems that claim 80% accurate forecast do not work when you apply them for real trading. The accuracy of our models is less than usually advertised elsewhere. However, each percent is true, and we stand by it. See more …

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  • Study Room:
    • Class on “Searching and verifying Neural Network models (applied for retail breath index)” is here.
  • Modules developed:
  • Articles by Sergey Tarassov:
    • “Timing Solution Technology (TST)” is here.
    • “The common sense is first …” is here.
    • “Basic astronomical cycles for traders” is here.
    • “10% above Chaos: trading and trading tools” is here.
    • “Forecast July 15, 2013 – back into 1794 and astro sentiments” is here.
    • “TS Standard model – cycles in finance” is here.
  • Other authors:
    • “Earning Seasonal Tendencies” by Robert K. is here.
    • “Music Notes as Dynamic Time using Equidistant Lines”  by Robert Rundle is here.


  • Study Room:
    • Class on “Creating quantum indicators and verifying indicators” is here.
    • Class on  “Forecast – first three steps (with updated sample forecasts)” is here.
  • Articles by Sergey Tarassov:
    • “Customized cycles – Presidential cycle, Chinese Annual cycle, Jewish Annual cycle etc.” is here.
    • “Quantum model: ideas versus digits” is here.
    • “Moon model” is here.
    • “Annual cycle in July-August: “August drop”” is here.
  • Other authors:
    • “Gold COT studies” by Alexander Mirolubov is here.
    • “Some interesting facts about recent gold COT”  by Alexander Mirolubov is here.
    • “VIX Tendencies at Option Expiration” by Robert K.l is here.
    • “Using Easy Cycles Module to Create Hurst Cycles” by James Ranum is here.


  • Project “Naked Truth” Click here for details. 
  • Modules developed:
  • Study Room:
    • Class on “Precise charting” is here. 
    • Forecast  “DJIA, August, 5 2011 – It looks like the correction is coming down the road” is here.
  • Articles by Sergey Tarassov:
    • “Cyclical analysis in essence in 33 pictures” is here. 
    • “Cyclic analysis in finance – science and art” is here.
    •  “Beware of “good” systems II – Walk Forward Analysis” is here.
    • “Astro based trading systems” is here.
    • “Hierarchic Cycles in astro trading” is here.  
    • “Sunspot activity and stock market” is here. 
    • “Trading Signals in Timing Solution – fast introduction” is here.
    • “Fading Cycles” is here.  
    • “Stock market metrics” is here.
  • Other authors:
    • “Stop-loss” by Alexander Mirolubov is here.
    • “Dancing in a multidimensional universe” by Alexander Mirolubov is here. 
    • “Economy demystified” by Alexander Mirolubov is here.
    • “Layer Your Analysis to Improve your Forecasts” by Juan Cruz is here. 


  •  Terra Incognita Project, Module #1: Trading Strategy Constructor ” Click here for details. 
  • Modules developed:
  • Articles by Sergey Tarassov:
    • “Bigger Games -the peculiarities of financial statistic” is here.
    • “Back Testing versus Optimization” is here.
    • “Astronomical scales as a key to understanding the price chart” is here.
    • “Quantum Astro Trading” is here. 
    • “Trend following system – “Lost Paradise”” is here.
    •  “Beware of “good systems” is here.
    •  “Beware of overfitting (Knowledge versus Information)” is here. 
    • “Quantum Trading” is here.
    • “Economical cycles in dynamics” is here.  
    • “Can we forecast a stock market?” is here.
    • “Astro based models for Intraday – Parallax and Aberration” is here. 
  • Other authors:
    • “FTSE – 2D research” by Peter Palaskas is here. 
    • “VECO research – Strategies” by Alon Avramson  is here.
    • “GannLine Oversimplified Trading” by Pier Gottardello  is here.
    • “Trading the Eclipse” by Pier Gottardello  is here.
    • “One persons way of Trading a Market” by Randy Cole is here.
    • “Analysis of Robert Gordon’s trades, from the book Tunnel Thru The Air” by Peter Palaskas is here. 


  • A stand alone program, “Timing Solution Pattern Recognition” is developed. Click here for details.  
  • Modules developed:
  • Study Room:
    •  Forecast  “November 18 – Cyclic analyzis” is here.
    • Dow Jones May, 2009 – Intermarket analysis is here. 
    • DIJA April 2009 – Forecast is here. 
  • Articles by Sergey Tarassov:
    •  “Cycles apology” is here.
    • “The Tidal Force” is here. 
    • “GIGO versus Back Testing” is here.
    •  “Stock Market Time-Space Universe” is here. 
    • “September 11, 2009 – DJIA analysis” is here. 
    • “Smart charting tools in Timing Solution” is here.
    • “Dow Jones Long term forecast in context of 200 years of its history” is here. 
    • “Planets movement in Price-Time Universe” is here.
    • “Patterned Cycles (Fast Annual, Decennial, Seasonal-Weekly, Weekly-Diurnal cycles)” is here. 
    •  “Mars synodic cycle – Cosmic “stress test” is here. 
    • “Memory of Cosmos – finding Astro similarities” is here. 
    • “Next day forecast – anti-trend forecast systems” is here.
    • “Wild risks, wild randomness” is here.  
  • Other authors:
    • “Gann’s Wheat Call of September 1909” by Peter Palaskas is here. 



  • Study Room: Timing Solution Classes are updated. See here the details.
  • Modules developed:
  • Articles by Sergey Tarassov:
    • “Waxing/Waning – Optimistic/Pessimistic indicator” is here.  
    • “Timing Solution in 100 minutes” is  here.  
    • “Astro Indicators” is  here.
    • “Dow Jones Industrial, July 2007 – case study” is here.
    • “Wheat – case study” (together with Bill Meridian) is here.
    • “Planetary Time in action” is here.
    • “Insidiousness of “good” indicators” is here.
  • Other authors:
    • “Entering DayTrade Swings” by Yuri Shramenko is here.

      2005 -2006January 2005: Timing Solution software was created (the very first version)

  • Timing Solution modules were developed.
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