Tim Burd – London Mastermind 2018 Replay


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Tim Burd – London Mastermind 2018 Replay

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This is a replay that was for an advanced Facebook Ads workshop Live Stream October 14-16 in London, England! It’s focused on anything you run on Facebook or Instagram! From E-commerce to Lead Gen, Info Products, Subscription services and more! These three days feature Tim Burd, Depesh Mandalia, Oliver Kenyon, Andy Haskins and Vito Glazers!

This package comes with 3 full days of replays.

Who is it for?

High level entrepreneurs with an established online business & ready for growth

People with at least some experience of Facebook ads, ready to apply the learnings during the Mastermind

Entrepreneurs ready to implement proven strategies and tactics that work in 2018 on your or your client’s business

Entrepreneurs wanting to scale to 7 & 8 figures through traffic, testing, conversions and scaling

This Mastermind is NOT a passive note-taking session. You’re being coached and mentored by the top marketers and Facebook ads entrepreneurs in the world – make it count by taking action!

Whether you’re spending $1K or over $1M per month in Facebook ads spend, we have the Facebook ads marketers that have been there and done that. You’ll learn the exact route to step up your profit and revenue.

You will walk away with the exact blueprint to bootstrap your business for success in Q4.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Hot Seats– Share your biggest challenges and opportunities with the group and gain support on resolving them during the Mastermind with everyone’s support
  • Facebook Fundamentals – whether you’re new or experienced with FB ads, this is the 2018 update you’ve been missing including account setup and hacks to ensure your business remains operational
  • Insights Simplified – If you don’t like data then you’ll struggle with Facebook ads. But it can be easy when you know how to use Facebook’s data to make quick efficient decisions to improve performance
  • Deep Audiences – Find out how to nail your target market research whether you’re after niche or broad audiences to support your business growth and swipe a huge list of audiences every campaign should be using
  • Creative Mastery – Deep insights on getting the best out of the creative formats on offer plus when and how to use them to build the right campaign for you
  • Graduation Framework – Learn how to test efficiently to uncover winning audiences, creatives and offers (products or promotions) fast to maximise your scaling opportunities
  •  Funnel Optimisation – Implement the tools and strategies to improve your funnel conversion rate, from first impression and click, through to adding to cart and purchasing and work your AOV harder.
  • Optimisation & Scaling Slow & Fast – Use the same techniques we use to keep profits high and build up to getting ready for scaling. Learn and implement a range of scaling techniques, getting your mindset right, how to troubleshoot issues and deal with Facebook’s unstable auctions
  • Automation, When & Why – Breakdown of how, when and why you can use automation and build your automation rules
  • Analysis & Action – Review account results, apply optimisations and identify when you’re ready to scale
  • Post-purchase Experience – The real winners focus on Lifetime value. Learn how you can use Facebook ads to support profitability after the first purchase
  • Operational Team & Process Building – If you’re looking to scale up then this insights from an 8-figure Ecom store will give you a benchmark to look for in future
  • Analysis & Action – Review account results, apply optimisations and troubleshoot to understand how to steer your account when things don’t go to plan

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