The Power Of Forex – Beginner Level with System


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The Power Of Forex – Beginner Level with System

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Changing one currency for another and generating a great profit! Hmm… wouldn’t that be something! Two trillion dollar a day market … yes, trillion! It’s the Foreign Currency Exchange Market – FOREX. Thanks to the explosion of the Internet this highly lucrative market has become accessible to everyday people and individual traders; people like you and me who, until now, had been shut out by the multi-national banks and brokerages. FOREX is a highly liquid cash market open for trading 24 hours a day. It is the hottest, most promising pathway to the creation of new wealth to come along since the inception of global markets…. and you can start down that path today, from the comfort of your own home …. or anywhere in the world where there’s an Internet connection. Join thousands of others who are already amassing personal fortunes in this limitless marketplace. The Power of Forex is the most powerful currency-trading program ever developed. Move from practice to profit and master the secrets of currency trading in one week or less! Allow yourself to capitalize instantly with our proprietary hi-impact video production, The Power of Forex, an exclusive 8-part, “how-to” online video workshop.

Course Objectives
Understanding the World of Forex
Understanding the Dynamics of Fluctuating Currency Rates
Learning Forex Terminology
Opening & Accessing Demo Accounts
Opening & Accessing Real Money Accounts
Understanding Technical Charts
Entering and Exiting Trades
Implementing Stops
Employing Advanced Trading Concepts
Psychology of Successful Currency Traders
Module 1: Introduction to the Power of Forex
Module 2: How it all works
Module 3: Why the Market moves (Market Dynamics) & Factors Effecting Currency Rates
Module 4: Choosing the Currency to trade
Module 4: Chossing the Currency to trade(B)
Module 5: Getting Your Demo/Live Account
Module 6: Your Trading Strategy
Module 7: The System: Putting it all together. Systems & Indicators
Module 9: Psychology of a Successful Forex Trader

Get The Power Of Forex – Beginner Level with System  on

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