The CPA Coffeeshop Method


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The CPA Coffeeshop Method

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Today I am reviewing “The CPA Coffee Shop Method” by Fred Barton.  First, a quick review of what CPA is in case you are not familiar.  CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” which means you get paid when someone completes a specified action.  The action could be several things such as:  giving their email, completing a demographic form, completing a survey, downloading an app or game, making a purchase, etc.  CPA marketing can be very effective and lucrative, but it all comes down to being able to send enough traffic to an offer and get that traffic to convert so the desired action is taken and you get paid.

There are LOTS of CPA training courses out there, so what makes this one different?  This course claims to show you the exact method he uses to leverage free traffic into daily commissions.  Is that possible?  It can be possible, but be aware that it will take work and daily efforts on your part.  This is not an “autopilot push button get rich quick “system because that does not exist.

Like most training courses (and this is a video training course, but the PDF book is also included), you will need to implement the system to see results.  If you tend to buy one shiny object, then move onto the next shiny object that catches your eye, then you should probably pass on this.  But if you take the time to learn the material and consistently implement it, then you should see results.

Get The CPA Coffeeshop Method  on

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