The coaching tools company – RENEW YOU, LOVE YOUR LIFE! COACH PROGRAM


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The coaching tools company – RENEW YOU, LOVE YOUR LIFE! COACH PROGRAM

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1. Brighten up Your Life! Coaching Exercise

Use any time in a coaching relationship for a quick life satisfaction and happiness tune-up.

  • Clear visual of how happy your client is with their life right now
  • Identify action for each area & pick one to action in the next week
  • Has second page of questions for your client to complete and go deeper
  • Fabulous all-round tool with many follow-on applications
  • Great to use with your prospects and new clients, and can also use to track clients’ progress!
  • 2. Coaching Goals Worksheet

    Stay on track! Essential for every coaching client – get clear on what your clients want to get out of coaching with you!

    • Helpful starting point outlining what client wants from the coaching relationship
    • Stay on track during coaching sessions
    • Great basis for measuring achievements, tracking progress and checking in with clients
    • 3. Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet!

      What’s frustrating your clients? What do they really, really want right now? Raise your client’s awareness and take action – FAST.

      • Help your clients take stock of their current situation
      • Identify 3 key learnings and an action for each
      • Great check-in tool and excellent homework or journaling prompts
      • 4. What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise

        Possibly our favourite coaching exercise! Help your clients realize that joy is on their doorstep – and often costs nothing…

        • Help your clients find more happiness – where they are
        • Create a more joyous and genuine self-connection
        • A deceptively powerful coaching exercise to get people closer to their true needs
        • Powerful homework and as a group exercise in seminars and workshops
        • 5. Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise

          Discover what’s zapping your clients energy with this easy self-care worksheet.

          • A key self-care tool
          • Help clients identify energy drains and begin to resolve them
          • Free up energy for clients to achieve their goals
          • 6. Letting Go Exercise

            Help clients lighten their load and move forward by letting go of energy drains and mind-clogs.

            • Raise awareness about the impact of not letting go of issues
            • Explore concept of ‘secondary gain’ – what clients gain by holding on
            • Useful tool to start discussion on forgiveness
            • Uses a story to illustrate the learning
            • 7. Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise!

              One of our favourite exercises! The powerful tool helps clients spend more time with people who energise them – and find ways to break free from draining or toxic relationships.

              • Tune-up who your clients are spending their precious time with
              • See the real impact of different relationships on your clients
              • Action column to detox from energy vampires and identify next steps
              • 8. Daily Success Habits Exercise

                This life coaching exercise helps your clients identify 5 new success habits – a simple personal framework around which the day’s activities fall into place.

                • Help your client identify habits to take them to the next level in their lives
                • Look at current stressors and priorities and customise habits to suit your client
                • For more energy, better relationships / health / time management or something else…
                • 9. Identify Your Spark Team!

                  Discover the ‘Spark Team’ that has your client’s back! Inspire clients to invest in supportive, energizing relationships.

                  • Fun coaching exercise to create a ‘Spark Team’ for your clients
                  • Identify people who inspire, support and encourage your clients
                  • Highlights the power of positive relationships
                  • Great energy boost!
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Set 3 Month Vision Coaching Worksheet

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                  10. 3 Month Vision Worksheet

                  What do your clients want from life over the next 3 months? A fantastic starting point to identify meaningful short-term goals.

                  • Help your client create and shape a vision for the next 3 months
                  • Use to drive out and set goals
                  • Visualize what clients want to achieve in key areas of their lives
                  • Excellent homework, workshop and in-session tool
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Coaching Program Goal-Setting Worksheet for Next 3 Months

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                  11. Next 3 Months Goal-Setting Worksheet

                  Quarterly goal-setting worksheet! How would your clients like their lives to be in 3 months time? Also identifies obstacles, actions to get started for each goal and more!

                  • Set clear, achievable 3 monthly goals with your clients!
                  • Great to identify next steps towards Annual Goals
                  • Get clients clear on obstacles, how important each goal is & why!
                  • Also great when starting – or wrapping up – with your clients
                  • Choose 3 actions to get started on each goal
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

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                  12. Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form

                  An invaluable tool to discover how your client is REALLY doing and how you can better help them.

                  • Clarify what support your clients need for the upcoming month
                  • Help clients evaluate what they most value in their coaching experience
                  • Get feedback to improve your effectiveness as a coach
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Renew You Love Your Life Coaching Program Highlights Worksheet

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                  13. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – Highlights Sheet

                  Neatly summarise key learnings and set the way forward for your clients at the end of the Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program.

                  • Highlight your clients’ learnings from the Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program
                  • Helps clients commit to their actions steps – and themselves
                  • Designed to be cut out and put up somewhere obvious as a reminder
                  • Space for your logo and contact details
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Renew You Poster for Coaching Program

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                  14. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – Printable POSTER

                  Attractive poster to put up at work, your local coffee shop, gym, wherever your clients hangout!

                  • Spread the word about your coaching with this attention-grabbing poster!
                  • Engaging copy and image to help you stand out
                  • Microsoft Word so you can easily add your contact details and logo
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Renew You Coaching Program Social Media Graphics x 5

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                  15. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – Social Media GRAPHICS 1 to 5.jpg

                  5 eye-catching graphics for you to share on social media and promote your coaching program!

                  • Attractive series of graphics for use on any social platform
                  • Vibrant images promote interest in your Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program
                  • Can optionally be branded with your logo
                  • Mix and match these graphics with the social media posts to keep your marketing fresh!
                  • Filetype: .jpg
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Renew You Coaching Program Quotes x 13

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                  16. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – QUOTE Graphics for Weeks 1-13.jpg

                  13 inspirational quotes (one for each week) to send to your clients and help keep them committed and focused.

                  • Send to your clients for inspiration and motivation – one for each week of the coaching program.
                  • Quotes align with the relevant weekly topics!
                  • Colourful easy to read inspiring quotes maintain connection with your clients between sessions
                  • Can optionally be branded with your logo and/or used outside the coaching program!
                  • Filetype: .jpg
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  Marketing Copy Sheet for Coaching Program

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                  17. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – Marketing COPY

                  Ready to use marketing copy – the words you need for a blog post or email to your prospects and clients!

                  • Ready to go inspirational article, blog post or email to promote the program!
                  • Copy designed to attract and inspire participants to sign-up and coach with you
                  • Ideal length – short, sweet and easy to read at under 500 words
                  • Microsoft Word so you can easily tailor to your needs and unique voice
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)

                  Quotes Text Sheet for Coaching Program

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                  18. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – QUOTES Text

                  Get the quote text for each of the 13 quote images.

                  • A simple cut and paste if you’d like to include the inspirational quotes separately, or in plain text emails
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)

                  Sample Social Posts Sheet for Coaching Program

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                  19. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – Sample Social Media POSTS

                  3 sets of ready to use sample social media posts – including call to action “tweets”!

                  • No more agonising over what to say on Facebook, Twitter etc!
                  • 15 ready to use posts for you to use alongside your social media graphics, designed specially to engage interest in this program!
                  • In Microsoft Word so you can tweak the text to suit your style or niche!
                  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
                  • Brandable: Yes

                  One Page Checklist for Coaching Program

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                  20. Renew You Love Your Life Coaching Program – ONE PAGE Checklist.pdf

                  Easy one page checklist for the coaching program so you can stay on track!

                  • Overview snapshot of program and timeline
                  • Month-by-month checklist helps you stay on track
                  • Use one checklist per client so you know what each client has and hasn’t completed
                  • Filetype: .pdf

                  Coaching Program User Guide Image

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                  21. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – USER GUIDE.pdf

                  Your session by session user guide for each of the 13 sessions. Includes program contents, overview and how the program works.

                  • Session guides include session overview, coaching points, tips, suggested coaching questions, homework, review process and more!
                  • Get started fast with the coaching program essence overview and how to use the program sections.
                  • Includes how to wrap-up program with client and coaching “offer” suggestions to help your client continue coaching with you.
                  • Filetype: .pdf

                  Coaching Program Tool Inventory Image

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                  22. Renew YOU! Coaching Program – TOOL INVENTORY.pdf

                  Your detailed guide and tips on how to use each of the 14 tools in this coaching program.

                  • Detailed steps on how to use each tool with great tips!
                  • Includes coaching questions, and more information so you can use the tools outside this program
                  • Filetype: .pdf

                  Also Included:

                  We have added the relevant free resources, so you have everything you need.

                  Wrap-up Session Questions Coaching Form Page 1

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                  1. Wrap-up Session Questions

                  Make your final session with your clients memorable with these 11 wrap-up questions. A great way to demonstrate the value of coaching and concretize your work together!

                  • Summarise and highlight your client’s learnings from coaching
                  • Identify achievements during the coaching period
                  • Look deeply at how clients now see life and themselves
                  • Great homework or use in session as a powerful wrap-up


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