Superhuman OS Training – Ken Wilber




Superhuman OS Training – Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber – Superhuman OS Training
Cost: $497 ==> You Just Pay $35
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Superhuman OS Training – Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber – Superhuman OS Training
Cost: $497 ==> You Just Pay $35
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Install a Revolutionary New Operating System for Your Mind
to Illuminate the Full Spectrum of Your Human Potential,
and Become the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

Experience a Life Changing LIVE and INTERACTIVE 10 Week Online Training With The Renowned Author, Teacher and Philosopher Ken Wilber (PLUS a World Class Roster of Guest Faculty) to Install The World’s Most Advanced Human Operating System and Activate Your Unique Greatness…

You are hitting a natural tipping point in adult human development.

You are on this page because you are hitting a major tipping point in your own evolution. This tipping point is where you move from what the renowned developmental psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow called “esteem needs” to “self-actualization needs.”

Your boredom with life, your frustration with the day-in day-out grind of it all, your pure nagging dissatisfaction with life as it is, are proof positive that you are ready to begin the process of self-actualization.

You are ready to stop playing small. To stop being just another cog in the machine. You are ready to actualize your greatest potentials. And invest the time, energy, work, and resources to become the best possible version of yourself.

You are ready to become your greatest self

You are ready to leap into a new relationship with your life, one that may feel ‘superhuman’ when compared to how you feel right now.

And this isn’t just some inspirational concept. In fact, developmental researchers from around the globe are proving that there is a new type of evolution happening within humanity.

A small percentage of the world (approximately 5%) is breaking through to a new stage of human evolution. When you reach this new “self actualization” stage (and the stages that exist beyond it), you experience a substantial increase in efficiency, effectiveness, and capabilities far beyond that of the average person.

This is why this new level of development is referred to by some as ‘superhuman’, and you are standing at the front door to this new way of living, this new way of being.

Your journey is about to begin

You are standing at the precipice of a monumental leap in meaning.

This is your radioactive spider bite. This is your call to embark on the most heroic journey of your life.

Right now is the moment you begin the process of becoming your “superhuman” self.

This is why your current frustration is actually the best news you could hope for. Because you are about to gain the ultimate competitive advantage in nearly every dimension of your life.

And only one obstacle still remains for you, which is easy to overcome after you acknowledge it…

You can’t achieve your potentials if you don’t know what they are.

So long as your numerous potentials remain hidden from you – you can never fully actualize them.

You cannot practice, grow, change, transform, or become, what you do not even know exists.

This is the first major barrier to the unfolding of your highest human capacities. You can only grow into the edges of what you currently know… and then you stop. Without a specific way to see the complete blueprint of what is possible for your life, and the overall terrain of who you can be, you remain stuck and blocked off from the higher dimensions of true greatness.

In order to become the greatest version of yourself, you must step onto a pathway of practice, growth, and change. But you cannot take the first step if you don’t even know what is possible for yourself.

unless you illuminate the full spectrum of your potentials…
they will remain unavailable to you.

There is, however, an easy way to change this. All you need is a comprehensive method to illuminate all of your potentials and understand exactly where you are in your current process of development.

You need a complete human diagnostic system, that dynamically reveals potentials in real time, all the time.

Once you know where you truly are in the spectrum of development, you can then use the tools, practices, and technologies to cultivate your dormant abilities, transform your weaknesses, and leverage your strengths in order to become the greatest possible version of yourself.

When you have this very specific, proven method you can shatter the mold you’ve been stuck in, illuminate the full array of potentials that you have, and rewrite life in the ways that are most important to you.

The solution, therefore, is to illuminate your own potentials and shine the light of awareness on what is actually possible for your life.

How do you do this? By upgrading your human operating system.

What, you ask, is a human operating system?

As you probably know, our brains are a complex array of neural networks. These neural networks evolve over time, they are changeable, and they define the way we think and what we believe is possible for our lives.

This is how our brains work, and it is the hardware of our potential. Every single thing that is possible for our lives is supported by the capacities of our extraordinary human brain.

Yet, this hardware is practically nothing without the software. And the software changes the entire way that your brain is structured and what’s possible for you.

Let’s take a look at some examples of mental software that you use every day:

Clock universe

The Alphabet – 26 symbols – this mental software gives you the ability to translate written language into sounds and meaning
Numbers – 10 root numbers – this mental software gives you the ability you to count, quantify, and perform mathematical equations
Calendars and clocks – hours, minutes, months, years – this mental software gives you the ability to translate symbols into a sense of time so that you can schedule and plan your life
Cardinal directions – North, South, East, West – this mental software gives you the ability you to navigate the physical world without getting lost

Each of these are examples of mental software, and we use them each and every day without giving them so much as a second thought.

We never have to consciously think about these, because they are mental models that are psychoactive. That means they fundamentally change the way your mind works, and even the way your brain is structured. You don’t ever need to think about these mental programs again, or try remember them.

Once mental software is installed, using it is effortless.

What You’ll Learn in this 10 Week Live and Interactive Training:

In this 10-week live and interactive online training, Ken will skillfully guide you through the fundamental installations and applications of the Superhuman OS that you’ll need to illuminate the full spectrum of your potential and cultivate the greatest possible version of yourself.

Each training session will build powerfully upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete understanding of the tools, information and practices you’ll need to begin to live your true greatness in daily life.

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