Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun – Stock Trading Success System 14 DVD


Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun – Stock Trading Success System 14 DVD

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Steve Nison & Ken Calhoun – Stock Trading Success System 14 DVD1



Steve and Ken’s most comprehensive trading system was captured during two entire LIVE market sessions, so you can see how to use the top candle chart and western technical breakouts illustrated with realtime markets.


Designed for traders with some background in candle charts already, this advanced 14-DVD “Stock Trading Success System” is ideal for active stock swing and intraday traders who want to potentially take their trading to the next level.


This takes you to the upper level of knowledge with a special focus on the real world practical application of trading tactics taught in the Traders’ Secrets 7-DVD system.


In this 14 DVD set, to solidify what you learned Steve’s has dozens of “what would you do here” charts and, for the first time on video, shows how he does real time market analysis. Ken reveals how to find the best trade set ups within seconds of the opening, using time and sales for tape reading entries and exits ….


Fast-paced and energetic, this step-by-step trading system features our unique immersive “Triple Cam” trading technology, in which both actual traders and Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun’s tactics are explained in crystal-clear video that you’ll be learning from.


Here, in more specific detail, is what this sensational new system reveals:



How to quickly spot pivots and exit signals with our “You Make The Call” live trading floor action throughout the workshop (practicing this critical skill under the watchful eyes of Steve and Ken, literally dozens of thrilling times throughout the event, can help you see how experienced entry and exit timing skills work using realtime chart examples)



How to see time & sales “tape reading” breakouts in the shortest time possible…while you see how tape reading works in live markets. Plus, you’ll learn what can take traders lots of hard work to discover (you’ll capture all the shortcut trading secrets we revealed), delivered in this one stunningly powerful active traders’ event.



How an advanced proprietary 2-monitor trading setup can potentially help you improve your timing for each trade (wall street traders hate it when we uncover these wickedly-professional “tool tactics”… you’re going to love it once you see how this simple setup can help you see even more of the signals we like to use to spot entries and exits).



How to use simple “trading gameplan” signals before the market opens (like the QQQQs’ 2-day range stretch) to instantly prepare for every kind of market open (imagine the new-found confidence you’ll enjoy once you know exactly what kind of “bias” you should have at the 9:30 bell, and how to trade it).



How to instantly see whether or not your should be trading during a specific time interval or not — all designed to help you gain this new skill at once…this “go/no-go” decision skill is critical to seeing how we spot our trading entries and exits.



How to enter trades entries (and manage risk, with stops) using all the dozens of specific, live interactive real-life charts and trading opportunities that will unfold before your eyes during each of the 2 trading days in our “live trading floor” at the event…. now yours on 12 amazing DVDs.


You’ll get a fast, power-packed dose of specifically how to trade each day — and learn exactly how to trade ALL of these trading setups, once you put these live-market techniques and skills to work as you learn exactly how our combined trading approach works.


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