Spiritual Evolution Through the Enneagram – Helen Palmer Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb


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Spiritual Evolution Through the Enneagram – Helen Palmer Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb

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What if you could tap into pure presence, feel more connected to your intuition AND open your heart and mind to receive all that is here for you and within YOU to share with the world?

What would happen if you could observe with compassion — instead of resisting or fixing — the patterns and early wounds that cause you and others suffering?

And what if these very patterns within you are thepath to your divine wisdom, truly loving relationships and a deeper, richer reality?

Those who’ve studied the deeper Enneagram can attest to its extraordinary capacity to offer emotional and spiritual growth. And when this growth is grounded in experiential practices that allow you to embody what you discover about yourself, your transformations endure.

Whether you’re a new or a seasoned seeker, in this new, 9-step journey with three of the world’s leading teachers, you’ll experience the original, living purpose of the Enneagram: a path for self-actualization and awakening.

Cultivating Whole-Being Presence: The Secret to Real Transformation

Experiencing groundedness in your mind, body and heart and awakening to something much more essential, is one purpose of Enneagram. It is also the secret to enduring change.

You can know a lot about your personality type, have great awarenesses about your patterns and the other types’ and yet, the ego’s negative habits persist.

That’s because the Enneagram is not about “typing” yourself or others…

Instead, the Enneagram illuminates what makes you tick — the unique energies and fixations as well as the gifts and ways the ego “co-opts” your attempts to change.

And with these deeper awarenesses, you need experiential practices that help you fully integrate what you learn into your body, mind and heart.

This experiential approach to the Enneagram, which includes self-inquiry, breath practices, meditations, shadow work, movement, writing, journaling and dream work is an important aspect of lasting change.

The deeper Enneagram you’ll explore in this virtual training is ultimately a journey from delusion to awakening, from the fixations in your mind and the wounds in your heart, to presence and your intuitive guidance.

Liberated from the bondage of mental and emotional patterns and habitual ways of relating to yourself, others and the world — you begin to live and love, from your true essence.

This creates massive positive shifts in your relationships, your ability to receive abundance, and the work you do in the worldProfound and enduring shifts.

All of this is possible when you learn how to develop an inner witness and with compassion, observe the ways you may habitually operate, based on your instinctual drives and the ego.

In this new virtual training with Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb, leading teachers of the “deeper” Enneagram, you’ll experience:

  • A time-tested map for wholeness, more loving relationships and fulfilling work in the world
  • Self-compassion around the challenging patterns of your basic Enneagram type, and how to cultivate your “inner witness”
  • A felt sense of the different qualities of presence associated with your heart, head and body known as the “3 Centers”
  • An understanding of the 9 intuitive styles and biases of the 9 Enneagram types
  • Insights and practices for contacting YOUR intuitive guidance, to help you heal relationships, manifest your gifts and receive more abundance
  • Innovative practices that help you liberate and embody your emotional, intellectual and somatic intelligence
  • The ways your relationship to your human instincts can sabotage OR serve your self-care practices, relationships and spiritual evolution
  • The most transformational teachings of the Enneagram known as the Virtues and the Holy Ideas, and how you can embody these deeper mind and heart qualities for true enlightenment

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Modules

This 9-part virtual course is suitable for both beginners and experienced students of the Enneagram. Because of the universal truths about human nature that it reveals, the Enneagram can be of tremendous help to anyone seeking authentic psychological growth and spiritual development.

In its original sense, the Enneagram is so much more than determining one’s “number.” Yet it’s not a spiritual path unto itself. When combined with real practice and method, however, the Enneagram is a very powerful and reliable guide to who you truly are beyond the patterns of your personality.

This virtual training brings together three highly experienced teachers who’ve made it their life’s work to explore different practices, modes of consciousness and methods of development. Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb will share their knowledge of how to work with your type as well as processes and practices they’ve found useful and effective.

Each teaching, discussion and training session will build harmoniously upon the next and features at least one of the three faculty.

Module 1: Deep Transformation, Wellbeing, & Spiritual AwakeningDiscovering the Power, Insight & Compassion of the Enneagram  With Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer and Jessica Dibb


The nine types are doorways to deeper aspects of the self. While many systems provide instruction for the inner journey, the specificity of the insights provided by the Enneagram allow you to customize a program of inner work.

The three essential aspects of this inner work using the Enneagram are cultivation of presence, cultivation of inner guidance, and cultivation of consistent experiential practices.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The original sense and meaning of the Enneagram work
  • The fundamentals of basic presence — what it is and is not
  • The relationship between deeper presence and your egoic patterns
  • The necessity of observing your type pattern in real time
  • Recognizing inner guidance — what it is and is not
  • Core practices for spiritual growth and your daily life
  • Beliefs and assumptions you may have about “inner work”

Module 2: Enduring Transformation, Awakening & Embodiment 

The Role of Presence & Somatic, Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence With Jessica Dibb


One of the primary reasons we can have personal realizations or spiritual experiences that then don’t seem to integrate into life is because we have many patterns of contracting against life force and leaving presence.

If we’re not present, everything is a mirage, a pseudo-experience, or even a delusion. Supposed breakthroughs are actually unembodied trances. The Enneagram describes brilliantly the precise qualities of presence for each type, helping us recognize the ways we’ve contracted from the life force.

Each Enneagram type is primarily associated with one of the 3 Centers (body, heart and head). When we have a felt sense of being here, we contact somatic intelligence. When we sense that it’s okay for us to feel what we feel, and let our hearts experience what they experience, we contact emotional intelligence.

And when we experience cognitive intelligence and awareness through our “true mind,” it enhances our inner guidance and our sense of new possibilities.

And when all 3 Centers are awake and working coherently, we are at our most whole. Alone, each of the 3 Centers can give us access to wisdom, love and presence. In balance and combined, the 3 Centers create an unshakable presence.

In this module, you’ll explore how:

  • The body center (somatic intelligence) is comprised of millions of sensations, which light up our neural pathways — informing, energizing and nourishing our perceptions of reality and our capacities
  • The heart center (emotional intelligence) connects us with a greater intimacy with life and others and a field of relatedness to all things
  • The head center (cognitive awareness) is our capacity to see, perceive and recognize reality clearly, rather than through delusion — opening to our “true mind” and inner guidance
  • How you can awaken, build and express your gifts by doing inner work with the instinctual drives
  • The awakened self-preservation instinct — the path from the drive to survive to the commitments to self-care and caring for the planet
  • Blind spots and inertia of the self-preservation instinct
  • The awakened sexual instinct — the path from the drive to merge and assimilate to developing unimpeded attunement and dedication to what really matters and what generates emergence
  • Blind spots and resistance of the sexual instinct
  • The awakened social instinct — the path from the drive to be protected and belong to the developing stewardship and responsiveness to ALL
  • Blind spots and distortions of the social instinct

Module 3: Presence With Your Heart Center Dissolving Suffering & Developing the Virtues With Russ Hudson


In its original presentation, the Enneagram was not primarily a system of type — more precisely, it did not say that type was a person’s identity. Rather, the type aspect of the Enneagram teachings came from the Desert Fathers of Egypt — the first Christian contemplatives — as a means to look at the forms of suffering that distracted monks from their prayer and meditation.

These teachings were a study of how we lose sight of the Divine. Yet, they also look at how human suffering is transformed by presence and grace into what came to be called the Virtues — the qualities of the awakened heart.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The specific relationship between the heart’s suffering and qualities of presence and grace
  • How working with each Enneagram point is a study of a particular state of “heart presence”
  • The alchemy of restored presence as the process that begins to turn the heart towards its true source — its “Beloved”
  • Each of the 9 points’ specific journey of the heart
  • The “alchemical gold” of inner work — the results of cultivating our true inner life
  • How the Virtues reflect the qualities of a real teacher — the signs of someone who has actually been on the authentic journey of awakening
  • The 9 Virtues as doorways to another kind of human community — the alternative to fear as an organizing principle

Module 4: Presence With Your Head Center Penetrating Delusions & Awakening to the Holy Ideas With Russ Hudson


You are more than your patterns. When you learn to be present with your head center, a peaceful spaciousness opens up, giving you more freedom from which you can actually shift more behaviors. The inner chatter boxes and dull states of consciousness can awaken the bright, beautiful qualities of direct knowing.

These qualities are referred to as the Holy Ideas, nine perspectives or vantage points of nondual awareness or of the Higher Intellectual Center, George Gurdjieff’s term for the Illumined Mind. The Holy Ideas aren’t to be strived for; nor is their a finish line in this process.

Yet, as you bring more presence to the habitual patterns of your thoughts and perceptions, alternative views of reality can empower you to open to a much broader range of understanding and response, softening rigid ego patterns, without rejecting them.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The Holy Ideas — what they are and what they are not
  • How these deeper states of consciousness or nondual awareness relate to your usual mind and mental patterns, described in Enneagram teachings as the Fixation
  • Insights and practices to help you transform chatter and dullness, to an ability to truly think, be internally quiet and know directly and spontaneously
  • The Holy Idea of each of the 9 points
  • The Law of Three which you discern ordinary knowing from growing awareness of the deeper qualities of Mind

Module 5: Innovative Practices for Awakening, Liberating & Actualizing the Types’ Gifts and True Nature With Jessica Dibb


Making Changes That Last: Part 1

A whole person is one who has walked with God and wrestled with the devil. — Jung

Many seekers, therapists and spiritual teachers acknowledge frustration about having realizations, followed by seemingly uncontrollable unconscious ego fixations and patterns co-opting the breakthroughs.

Additionally, many people feel unable to sustain true presence and deep, relaxed creative flow in very difficult life situations or when relating or working with others. Every type has different patterns for avoiding presence, withdrawing from full embodiment, and even coopting our gifts and breakthroughs to fuel our defensive behaviors and compensation strategies.

These challenges can be transformed by using the Enneagram to create multidimensional depth practices that help you awaken, heal and transform.

Experiential processes support your capacity for sustained presence and innovative collaboration. When you only understand something conceptually, it doesn’t transform the heart of your existence.

In this module and later, and later in the eighth module, you’ll build upon recognitions that come from the Enneagram and turn them into embodied truth, love and grace in your life.

For this to occur, specific experiential practices will bring your attention to all three major centers — body, heart and head — and to all nine types with their corresponding contractions and gifts.

Through inner inquiry, breath practices, meditations, shadow work, movement, writing, self-expression, poetry, journaling, dream work and more, you’ll use the Enneagram as a tool for addressing and transcending the central challenges on your path of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to catalyze cognitive, emotional and physiological shifts to ensure that moments of expanded awareness and transformation lead to lasting change
  • The dynamism of each point’s contractions and evolution (the arrows on the Enneagram diagram)
  • Ways to unmask shadows with compassion and precision
  • Nuances of seemingly intractable patterns
  • The full spectrum of qualities associated with being “awake”
  • How each type interrupts habitual and unconscious patterns that inhibit knowing their fully awakened gifts
  • New, dynamic practices for embodying and sharing your gifts

Module 6: Cultivating the Inner Witness Psychological Breakthroughs for Spiritual Openings With Helen Palmer


It may seem natural to recognize the patterns of your mind and to hear the self-reports of people who see the world differently. Yet, the simple turn of attention that self-reflection requires marks a new stage in your evolving consciousness.

In the language of tradition, self-reflection joins two different levels of consciousness: the subjective level of the brain’s conditioned neural pathways, and the “pure consciousness” of an inner witness.

From the viewpoint of awakening, you can learn to observe your own type structure, recognizing your reactions as they arise and before they fully engage. These capacities of the mind initiate the next stages of development. This process highlights the process of engagement between the biased knowing of our cognitive/emotional/sensate structure… and the intuitive wisdom of an inner witness that reflects reality as it actually is.

During this in-depth session, you’ll discover:

  • How to relax inner passions that drive outer behavior — and witness somatic contractions that signal type distress
  • An understanding of cognitive “neuro markers” — such as doubt (type 6), judgement (type 1) and flattery (type 2)
  • That only YOU can transform your automatic patterns

Module 7: Contacting Your Inner Guidance Intuition & Type Biases and Capacities With Helen Palmer


In order for our lives to have meaning and to matter we need to be able to discern what the Buddhists call our Dharma. What is the path for each individual’s soul, and how can we be awake to what our soul is being called to do?

Everyone wants to have a life of love, meaning and of purpose, so inner guidance and intuition is the inherent capacity to follow the unfolding of the true life force and its desirable manifestations in each moment. We also need to develop this capacity in order to support the collective — its potential as the human species and its capacity to evolve spiritually.

In this module you’ll explore:

  • Why 3-centered guidance is critical, and how to develop it
  • The way each type skews intuition
  • The gift of intuition of each type

Module 8: Innovative Practices for Awakening, Liberating & Actualizing the Types’ Gifts and True Nature With Jessica Dibb


Making Changes That Last: Part 2

A whole person is one who has walked with God and wrestled with the devil. — Jung

A conceptual understanding of the type structures doesn’t transform the heart of your existence. In this module, Part 2 of “Making Changes That Last,” you’ll continue learning experiential practices to focus your attention on the 3 Centers of body, heart and head — and on all nine types’ corresponding contractions and gifts.

You’ll learn to listen to, understand and work with all points of view from a place of compassion, presence and curiosity. This will not only lead to greater personal wholeness; it will expand your skills as a healer or leader of positive change.

In this module, you’ll experience:

  • Way to catalyze cognitive, emotional and physiological shifts to ensure that moments of expanded awareness and personal transformation lead to lasting change
  • The dynamism of each point’s contractions and evolution (the arrows on the Enneagram diagram)
  • Ununmasking shadows with compassion and precision
  • The nuances of seemingly intractable patterns
  • Opening to the full spectrum of qualities associated with being “awake”
  • How each type interrupts habitual and unconscious patterns that keep us from knowing the fully awakened gift that each of us has to contribute
  • New and dynamic experiential practices for embodying and sharing your gifts

Module 9: Embodying Your Awakening & Spiritual Evolution in Every Moment
Dialogue and Q&A  With Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer and Jessica Dibb


By the final module, you’ll be deeply and consistently engaged in three-centered awareness and practices that unmask your blind spots, open up multidimensional awareness and differentiations and nuances of growth, and support your transformation and awakening.

You have started to create internal structures and terrain that make you more available to embodying love, wisdom and presence in every moment. Living with the implications of this is a journey of profound change.

All three teachers come together in this culminating module to open you more fully to integration, and engage in a lively Q&A session with you and other participants.

We’ll explore, practice and dialogue together about:

  • Themes of integration
  • Challenges of integration
  • Ongoing practices
  • Personal stories of change and challenges

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Nine 90-minute Recorded Class Sessions

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with three “depth” teachers of the Enneagram — from the comfort of your own home. Each class session guides you to learn the specific skills and abilities to evolve beyond simple personality categorizations to see the Enneagram as a blueprint for transforming your life.

Nine PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions

In addition to the high-quality MP3 audios, you�™ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools and answering questions to accelerate your learning.

The Spiritual Evolution Through the Enneagram Bonus Collection

  • Developing Authentic Intuition: Tales of Type & Center Confusion and Contribution
    Audio Dialogue With Jessica Dibb and Helen Palmer
  • 9 Types Meditation
    Audio Meditation With Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb
  • The Enneagram Global Summit 2016 (Valued at $247.00)
    Full Package of Downloadable MP3s for All Sessions

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Spiritual Evolution Through the Enneagram Virtual Training

We feel honored Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer AND Jessica Dibb have chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online training. Three teachers of the Enneagram coming from different major schools will unite to explore a deeper understanding of the Enneagram. This is a rare opportunity to learn from “depth” teachers of the Enneagram, whose powerful insights and pioneering work are helping us to effectively bridge the highest spiritual octave of our being and the most practical day-to-day realities.

Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars), you’ll be able to benefit from these incredible teachings and exercises from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

If you’re serious about evolving your understanding of yourself, your personality and even your soul, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and our world to take this one-of-a-kind training.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.

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