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Spence - Four Week Academy

Spence – Four Week Academy

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Everything you need to succeed. Create and sell a profitable business solution using WordPress…

No Clients, No Revenue?…No Problem!

No Clients?

You are surrounded by prospects every day. You will learn where they are and how to turn them into paying clients.

No Experience?

Your most valuable attribute is your lack of expertise! You will learn why, and how to market yourself effectively.

No Budget?

You will achieve your goal of selling a profitable solution with virtually no out-of-pocket expense other than time.


Learn While You Earn From Your Very First Day

You will be earning income from day one of the Four Week Academy with free and powerful WordPress tools.

Build an Immediate Recurring Revenue Stream

Rather than one-time sales, you’ll create recurring revenue streams that work 24/7, even while you sleep.

Generate Paying Customers From Existing Relationships

Most of your best customers are people you already know. They will literally be begging you to sell them paid solutions.


Four Week Academy

You will acquire the ability to successfully create and build a profitable WordPress Solution.

Mastermind Hangouts

Every week you will learn advanced skills and new sales and marketings strategies for growing your business.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

You’ll never be alone or left without the answers you need from other successful entrepreneurs you trust.

Private Slack Group

Share your success and knowledge or seek the advice of your peers. Join our “Global” family at

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Everything you need to know has been bundled into logical and easily consumed video and written lessons.

On Demand Personal Support

If you have a question about your training, and we are awake, we will answer it directly online. Try us!

Week 1 – The Only Tools You’ll Ever Need

OBJECTIVE – Learn the tools you need to create your working solution

You’ve Been Doing It Wrong

The secret to success in business is no different than dating. Learn how to change perception and close the sale.

Learn While You Earn

All WordPress users need the same combination of tools and services you can sell them today for a tidy profit.

Careful What You Wish For…

Avoid the mistakes of other successful people by planning your destination and lifestyle from the outset.

Week 2 – Solving Pain Is Your Specialty

OBJECTIVE – Formulate and build your personal brand and a working solution

Create Your Brand

Swim upstream by leveraging your inexperience into a powerful billboard that attracts new paying clients.

Focus on a Niche

Be the biggest and best fish in the smallest tank. Create solutions for a very particular type of client.

Clients Are Waiting For You

You will find clients waiting for your help when you look outside of typical freelance job boards.

Week 3 – Market And Sell Like A Pro

OBJECTIVE – Profitably market and sell your completed product or service

Elevate Your Skills

You are not trying to become a coder or developer. You will instead become a “specialist” at one unique skillset.

Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are made not born. Learn to see profitable pain points you can solve with a calculated risk.

Act Like A Salesperson

Learn to match a prospect’s need with what you actually have to sell. Let them tell you what they want to buy.

Market Like A Pro

Learn how to develop and validate a Strategic Hypothesis with real customers by way of a live conversation.

Price To Sell

Learn what people value most about your product or service and use this information to establish your optimum price.

Week 4- Productize & Expand Your Brand

OBJECTIVE – Expand your business potential by automating your process

Productize Your Solution

Learn how to convert your manual service into a solution that can sell automatically while you sleep.

Upsells Double Your Revenue

Learn to generate more profit from fewer customers while increasing customer satisfaction for everyone.

Get Paid Before You Start

Learn how to receive payment for every solution before you deliver while rewarding your best customers.

Buyers vs Tire-Kickers?

Avoid wasting any time on tire-kickers by learning to filter out buyers and focusing 100% upon them instead.

Expand Your Brand

Learn to build a memorable brand that allows you to expand into new areas as technology advances in the future.


Powerful and profitable solutions that you can start selling today!

How To Sell Cloud Based Web Hosting

Learn how to generate recurring revenue from dozens of clients each month with just a few button clicks.

Sell Video Membership Sites

Learn to create powerful video membership site solutions for customers across many popular niches.

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