Simplertrading – Micro-Futures Formula (Basic Package)


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Simplertrading – Micro-Futures Formula (Basic Package)

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Basic Package / $397

Micro-Futures Formula Class + VSense Indicator + VSense Training Session

Indicator Installation Session: Thursday, October 8th from 3:30pm – 4:30pm Central
Strategy Class: Saturday, October 10th from 12pm – 4pm Central

If you want to take full advantage of the profit potential the stock index futures offer but haven’t found the right strategy, this class is for you. The stock indexes are where the action is this year, however, the volatility has kept many traders on the sidelines. This breakthrough allows traders to discover the power of futures with a ‘micro’ amount of risk.

Once you master the formula you can add contracts or bump up to the E-mini contracts to enhance your leveraged profit potential.

For the first time, Jack is revealing his Micro-Futures Formula along with his new VSense Real-Time Volume Indicator. This intuitive, yet powerful tool identifies exactly when a move has the right amount of volume for Jack’s setups. It makes it quick and easy to find potentially profitable price ‘outliers’ that meet Jack’s strict criteria.

The Micro-Futures Formula rules offer an edge because it makes it possible to spot when emotional traders have fallen into the market’s trap and gotten in at the extremes. All Jack has to do is identify where these low-risk reversals are likely to occur and jump in.

During Saturday’s class, you’ll see exactly how this works with in-depth case studies drawn from Jack’s own real-money trades. You’ll see how he grew a modest $8k account into $40k within a few weeks using options and Micro Futures to trade the same repeating pattern.

This class is designed for traders of all skill levels and it’s especially well-suited for beginner futures traders. Plus, you’ll get Jack’s exact chart setup and his new VSense Indicator.

If you choose the Pro package you also get live-trading and with the Elite Package, you get John Carter’s popular 10X Bars indicator, too.

Because Jack wants you to be ready to go quickly and easily, you also get these two awesome bonuses…

Bonus #1

VSense Real-Time Volume Indicator

The VSense is Jack’s proprietary tool that reads live volume on any time frame. It measures volume in real-time relative to its average so you can determine instantaneously when a move is poised to explode with greater than average volume.

As each new bar starts, you can read volume in your current or higher time frame if you wish. In the bonus training session, you’ll get a deep dive into exactly what this powerful and intuitive tool can do.

Bonus #2

VSense Indicator training Session

Getting your new VSense Indicator setup and ready to go is quick and easy because you’ll get a step-by-step tutorial on the Thursday before the class.

New to trading? That’s okay. By the end of this special training, you’ll know exactly what you need to know to start trading the VSense right away.

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