Simpler Trading – Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022


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Simpler Trading – Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022

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John Carter reveals his method for his 946% annual return YTD

If you’re looking for a way to make a living from trading while also building wealth, this strategy can show you how. Weekly Wires uses a combination of weekly options trades to yield consistent income and account growth.

Now you can learn when to go for big directional gains, when to trade for income, and when to execute a combination of both. Weekly Wires is a powerful strategy to minimize risk and maximize consistent gains.

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John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, originated this strategy to help him plan for 2.5% gains weekly so he could double his account each year.

With this simple formula, John is able to wire out weekly income like this…

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And know when to go for big directional gains like this…

image (8) (2)

If you’re struggling with keeping your gains, or growing your account, the good news is that Weekly Wires is the foundation for a steady income to trade for a living.

Low-risk options strategy designed to double accounts with only minutes each week

This training is designed to help you stack the odds in your favor on every trade.

Weekly Wires is designed to bring in over 120% returns with low-risk option income setups.

Here are highlights of what you’ll discover:


The nightmare lesson from early in John’s career that wiped out his account, but taught him how to finally be consistently profitable (and why he wires out 2.5% of his account EVERY week)


The strategies used to grow an account by six figures, or more, each year (including live account proof, because you deserve to know these extraordinary gains are real)


The weekly option income stats tool that projects the ACTUAL price range for days (Why this is far more powerful than just using the Expected Move)


How to combine the Expected Move with projected ACTUAL Bi-Weekly targets to get a crushing advantage over even the biggest Wall Street funds


The low risk “120% Annual Return” trading plan John uses to wire out consistent returns (and how you can follow this simple strategy, even if you work full time)

If you want to crank out consistent returns annually, Weekly Wires is the training and strategy to get it done.


Weekly Wires Strategy Class (Value $997)

HOMEWORK: The Squeeze System (Value $197)

HOMEWORK: Options 101 (Value $497)

BONUS: Stops & Targets Spreadsheet (Value $97)

BONUS: Vig Spreadsheet (Value $97)

BONUS: Weekly Wires TOS Scans (Value $97)

Weekly Price Statistics Indicator (Value $297)

Two Week Statistics Indicator (Value $297)

Recorded Live Trading
(Value $997)

Options Gold Monthly
(Value $247)



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