Simpler Trading – QuantPivots Tool 2022


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Simpler Trading – QuantPivots Tool 2022

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Exploiting Wall Street’s “blind spot” to crush precise targets

From now on there really are just TWO kinds of traders. There are traders who understand the levels where the machines turn the market… and then there are traders who don’t.

Why are these levels so important? Knowing these levels is the difference between having an edge and being at a massive disadvantage. That’s something this 7-figure Texas trader learned quick, resulting in a dramatic change to approach.

Every trade gets validated by these “A.I. levels.” Why? Because trading against these machines is futile. That’s why veteran trader, John Carter, discovered that trading WITH the machines is an absolute joy.

For instance, that’s how this $271K Gold trade was caught…

While using the QuantPivots Indicator, precise levels are indicated where to expect A.I. computer trading robots to step in. Even better, he’s used them on every symbol and timeframe.

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How A.I. “Algo Bots” become responsible for market action

Simpler Trading’s Founder, John Carter, uses QuantPivots to automatically identify these critical price levels on almost any chart or timeframe. Whether you intraday or swing trade or follow stocks, futures, Forex, ETFs, or even crypto, these levels are essential.


As you can see, it’s even possible to predict levels that may appear in the future too!

By understanding what triggers these A.I. algorithms with QuantPivots, it’s possible to trade WITH the “Algo Bots” instead of against them. There’s no other way to say it…

Traders who don’t have these levels are at the mercy of the “A.I. bots.”

In this step-by-step training, you’ll discover:


Why retail traders FINALLY have the edge in this market


The secret behind John’s $1.36 million intraday grand slam


Why you MUST trade differently now to win consistently


When moving averages will trick you into terrible trades


Case Study: How to time this massive Gold reversal

What’s Included:

QuantPivots Tool
(Value $397)

QuantPivots Scans
(Value Priceless)

Indicator Setup with Duncan Boggs
(Value Priceless)

Lifetime Updates and Live Tech Support
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