Simpler Options – John Carter – High Frequency Trading


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Simpler Options – John Carter – High Frequency Trading

Simpler Options – John Carter – High Frequency Trading

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Saturday, May 3rd from 2:00-6:00 Eastern Time



In this class John is going to share:

  • The candlestick patterns that no longer work. In fact,you should now do exactly the opposite of what the “text books” on candlestick trading tell you to do on these patterns.
  • Why everything you’ve been taught about placing stops is dead wrong and how you can avoid having them run by the HFTs. Never be stopped out again by a HFT who is picking off your stops.
  • List of stocks that are highly manipulated by HFTs and a list of stocks they can’t move nearly as much. Never let the HFTs catch you with your pants down again.
  • The time frames that completely eliminate a HFT’s influence and which time frames areyour absolute best friends against HFTs.
  • The specific markets the HFTs avoid like the plague andhow to filter out the “noise” created by HFTs.
  • How to anticipate the false breakouts created by High Frequency Trading and exploit HFTs at their own game.
  • The 3 chart patterns of high frequency traders you need to know and what chart patterns have become obsolete thanks to HFTs.
  • And much more…
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