Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit 3-Day Workshop


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Sean D'Souza - The Brain Audit 3-Day Workshop

Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit 3-Day Workshop

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Have you seen a customer back out of a deal at the very last minute?

(Have you seen your customer ready to sign up, and then mysteriously back away? Don’t you feel like tearing your hair out when customers do that?)

When a sale falls apart, it’s extremely frustrating!

And what’s frustrating is the fact that you don’t know at which point the sale fell apart. What you do know is that your product or service is really good for your customer. And that you’ve done everything to get them interested and ready to buy.

Yet despite being interested in what you’re selling, they shift, fidget—and then inexplicably walk away. And a ‘sure sale’ slips through your fingers forever! So what stops customers from buying? What stops them from moving ahead? What’s really going on in your customer’s brain?

And are you losing tons of business because you don’t know how the customer’s brain works?

Your customer’s brain is a lot like the ‘conveyor belt’ at the airport.

Have you ever waited for your bags at the airport? And would you leave the airport without taking all your bags off the conveyor belt? Even if there’s just one bag missing, you get tense. You’re not sure what to do.

Your customer’s brain is a lot like that conveyor belt.

If you don’t get those bags off the customer’s brain, the bags go round and round. Even one bag left behind can stop the sale from going through. But how are you going to take the bags off if you don’t even know what they look like?

Introducing The Brain Audit Kit

The Brain Audit Kit

The Brain Audit Kit
The Brain Audit Kit is a complete system that enables you to understand what’s going on inside the brain of your customer. It’s a system that is based on a deep understanding of how our mind works.It shows you the bags inside your customer’s brain. It gives you an understanding of how the brain responds to specific psychological triggers. And it speeds up the sales process, without the need to be pushy.


Being pushy is unnecessary…

That’s because pushiness creates an unnatural situation. The Brain Audit doesn’t teach you how to use mind tricks. It’s not a system of coercion. It doesn’t psyche the customer into buying against his or her will.

Instead it shows you how to attract the attention of a customer.

It shows you how to keep that attention. It shows you where the attention wavers. And it takes you through a series of steps that we all take on a day-to-day basis when buying products or services.

And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘iffiness’ factor out of your own marketing and communication.

So what’s the ‘iffiness’ factor?

On any given day, if you were to ask someone to critique your website, your presentation or your business cards, they’ll simply give you an opinion. And the opinion will vary from person to person. This variation leaves you confused.

You’re not really sure if your marketing message is working at 20%, 55% or not working at all. And you suspect that you could vastly improve your results, if you had a clear set of guidelines and benchmarks.

How do you know if your website message is working as well as it should? How can you know in advance that your presentation will wake up your audience? The Brain Audit gives you clear guidelines that enable you to see for yourself what’s missing and what’s working.

With The Brain Audit, you’re going to have consistent results 

The reason why you’ll get consistent results is because of three simple reasons:

Reason 1: The Brain Audit is built on a system. It’s not random.
Reason 2: It isn’t some magic trick. It follows the decision-making pattern that we use everyday.
Reason 3: You can spot the mistakes and fix them thereby improving attraction and conversion.

So what’s in The Brain Audit Kit? And how can it help you?

Here is just a tiny preview of what’s in The Brain Audit Kit.

How the Brain Goes Through Decision-Making: Do you often wonder what your customer is thinking? Don’t leave the thought process to chance and let that customer walk away. Your customers don’t want to walk away. They want to buy from you. So how does the brain make decisions? And what causes it to get confused?

Is the Brain a Conveyor Belt?: Does the brain actually process thoughts in a step-by-step manner? Would you believe it’s not random at all? The Brain Audit is a tool that allows you to understand the predictability of a buying sequence. The moment you understand how the ‘conveyor belt’ concept works, you’ll see that your brain follows this sequence no matter what product or service you’re buying.

The Hidden Trigger: This one factor will turn everything you’ve learned on its head. Readers have changed their business cards, their websites and their whole way of thinking once they learned the extreme power of this simple trigger. When you use this trigger, you activate the curiosity of the brain and get customers engaged. Customers start asking questions, and instead of shooing you away, invite you to tell them more.

The Futility of Solutions: Most of us believe that we should talk about benefits and solutions. And benefits and solutions work, but they fail miserably if they’re placed out of the sequence. So where do you place your benefits? And why?

Getting the Customer’s Attention: The core of getting attention is to flag a customer down. But how are you going to do that if you don’t even know what gets their attention in the first place? The Brain Audit not only shows you how to get their attention, but actually get a response. This response helps you go ahead with the sale.

Targeting and Testing: Easily the most important factor of marketing is targeting. But how do you target? How do you target when you’ve got multiple products and services? How do you target when you’ve got such a wide potential customer base? The Brain Audit shows you how. Ignore targeting and you get close to zero-response and polite smiles.

Case Studies: How to create a killer case study based on the brain. Here are several case studies that help you create a distinct marketing tool that you can use in any business you start up.

Uniqueness: You’ve probably heard about a USP several times before. How do you stop your brand from being a commodity? There’s a comprehensive wealth of information within The Brain Audit that shows you how to go about defining your uniqueness in a step-by-step manner.

Is the Customer Ready To Buy?: Customers give you a clear indication when they’re ready to buy. But we read the signals all wrong. Instead of anticipating and preparing for this moment, we make the mistake of getting defensive, and it drives the customer away. So what does the customer say? How do we know that the customer is ready? You’ll be amazed that you’ve never realised this obvious buying signal before.

Attracting Ideal Customers: It’s all very fine to attract customers, but how do you attract the customers you want? There’s a simple way to attract the non-pesky customers. There’s a simple way to attract customers from specific industries or locations. With this information you get the dream customers and the painful customers never show up at all.

The Risk Factor: One of the biggest reasons customers don’t buy is the inherent risk. The risk of making a mistake; the risk of looking like a fool; the risk of wasting time, money and resources. Even when a customer is ready to buy the risk becomes an almost insurmountable wall. How do you reduce this risk to zero? And how do you explore the obvious as well as the hidden risks and get them out of the way?

The Next Step: You can get all the information in the world, but if you can’t benchmark or audit it, the information becomes pretty useless. Think of The Brain Audit system as ‘brain analytics’. You can test and measure, but more importantly you can spot EXACTLY when you’re doing something wrong—and fix it all by yourself.

What you will learn in The Brain Audit

Why creating profiles is way more important than ‘target audience’ or ‘demographics’.

  • The fundamental mistake in creating profiles (almost everyone makes this silly mistake).
  • Why an incredible offer made in the wrong ‘language’ falls flat.
  • How the brain deals with change, and why this change needs to be flagged down instantly.
  • Why isolating the ‘problem’ is critical to creating urgency.

The secret of isolation: Without this you water down your marketing message.

  • When solutions and benefits get overused: How to avoid this trap.
  • The understanding of sequence. Why sequence is critical to how customers react.
  • How to outsmart the relentless competition (and they are relentless)!
  • Why you lose customers when you explain your ‘process’ too early.

The Evening News: Why it always gets your attention (and most advertising doesn’t).

  • How to create a brand uniqueness as well as a personal uniqueness.
  • How uniqueness creates higher sales (even at higher prices).
  • Three steps to make your business unique.
  • How ‘risk reversal’ prevents you from becoming a commodity.
  • The obvious risk vs. the hidden risk: Why the hidden risk is so critical to understand.

How ‘naming the guarantee’ creates a permanent memory in your customer’s brain.

  • What to do if your customers ask for their money back?
  • The mistake of spreading the risk across all products and services.
  • The importance of the Reverse Testimonial.
  • How to get non-sugary testimonials that are a mile-long in under 10 minutes.
  • The six core questions to get an outstanding testimonial (that works)!
  • The mistake with ‘getting testimonials’ vs. ‘constructing testimonials.’
  • The vital link between testimonials and objections (and why it’s overlooked all the time).


And of course, as you can imagine, there’s a lot more and it’s all packed into the pages of The Brain Audit in a systematic, structure manner that’s easy to implement.

What you get with The Brain Audit Kit

The Brain Audit—3 Day Live Workshop Recording (Audio MP3)
The Brain Audit ePub PDF Audio Audio Book And yes the main course of The Brain Audit Kit—The Brain Audit  3 day workshop itself.
All the recordings, well edited and in mp3 files ready for your computer of mp3 player/phone. Plus there are other goodies including some question and answer sessions on how Psychotactics does things differently.
Format: MP3
Big Bonuses

#1: The Brain Audit Ebook (with Brain Audit Premium Power Kit
The Brain Audit Kindle PDF Ebook Many ePubs or PDFs are tackily formatted and hard to read. You’ll get all the pleasure that you’d derive from a physical copy when reading this on your digital device. Even the cartoons are so well placed—but hey, you’ll notice all these little touches for yourself.
Format: PDF + ePub
# 2: The Entire Audio Book Downloads (MP3 Downloads) (with Brain Audit Premium Power Kit)
Brain Audit Audio If you’ve heard audio books before, you may have fallen asleep. That’s because they’re boring and monotonous. And there’s no mental break. They go on from one end to the other. Plus you can’t go to a specific audio section (like you can with a physical book).But then you haven’t seen how the audio book for The Brain Audit is constructed, have you? You’ll love the conversational tone; the little add-ons. And even the download page itself is a treat to look at and you can replicate it for your own web-based business.

And this audio works in all mp3 players and your computer, of course! Believe me, you’ve never seen audio constructed in a way that this audio has been constructed.Format: MP3 (And also available in M4v)

#4: The Triggers Audio + Transcript (worth $75) (with Brain Audit Premium Power Kit)
When you speak to a potential client, it’s easy to revert back to what you’ve always said. Here’s a short audio file (even if you’re not an audio fan) that shows you how to instantly get the attention of your customer whether it’s face to face, in a presentation or at a networking breakfast.
Format: MP3 + PDF

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