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School of Mastery – Monthly Mastermind

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How long and detailed are the Masterclasses?
The Masterclasses consist of 1-3 hours of step-by-step video training. Each class is accompanied by at least one tool or downloadable worksheet. Homework and action steps will also be issued monthly.
What if I’m already an Infinite Prosperity member?
All the Masterclasses are originally produced and exclusively designed for the Monthly Mastermind group. In the case of Finance month, although the Masterclass will be an original piece, please expect an overlap of the underlying concepts. With that said, The Mastermind content will come from the angle of positive sum income, which is a different beast to trading that will deliver a different trajectory of financial independence.
I’m a trader, will this benefit me?
For traders, the Masterclasses on Mindset, Time Management, Delegation, Efficiency, Goal Setting, Fear Resolution and Lifestyle Design will not only compliment your current business beautifully, but will bring balance and growth to other areas of your life as well.
What if I’m already starting a business or focussing on another course?
The Monthly Mastermind will perfectly compliment any business, program, course or personal development regime you are undertaking. The Mastermind will deliver powerful nuggets each month that will accelerate and magnify the results of your main project(s).
How will the Mastermind help me accelerate and magnify my results?

The Pareto principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. The Mastermind is like a monthly injection of high priority “20%” actions and exercises that cover the complete spectrum of personal development.

A small list of what you’ll learn:

✅ How to discover your life’s purpose
✅ How to align your daily actions to this purpose
✅ How to create a side-business that you love
✅ How to create highly profitable funnels in your business
✅ How to manage income and build wealth
✅ How and when you’ll achieve Financial Independence
✅ How to wisely structure your luxury lifestyle
✅ How to build an inspired life via delegation
✅ How to speak and sell to anyone online
✅ How to build a personal brand and loyal audience
✅ How to systematically dissolve any fear
✅ How to set goals and master plan your life
✅ How to acclimate through the class structure
✅ How to become a leader and shine

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