Sal Buscemi – Capital Formation Intensive 2019


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Sal Buscemi – Capital Formation Intensive 2019

Price: $1997

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Capital Formation Intensive 2019
March 28-29 In Las Vegas, Nevada

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Come Join Us March 28-29 For Our FIRST EVER Capital Formation Intensive In Beautiful And Sunny Las Vegas!

What Is Capital Formation Intensive?

Capital Formation Intensive is 2 Full Days of action-packed, “Wall Street style” training on capital formation, consulting, and other topics to launch you to the top of your commercial investing game. Imagine knowing our exact methods to pocket thousands of dollars in fees simply by using our weapons-grade systems and persuasive tactics to raise capital.

You’ll learn how to raise debt and syndicate equity like a seasoned pro—automatically, on demand and consistently.

You’ll bring in the big bucks by learning how to consult and share your expertise with investors who are less experienced than you.
(Hint: all your consulting clients will eventually invest with you because you will have showed them exactly WHY they should NOT invest in other people’s deals…)

How to source the best opportunities.
This is critical. You don’t always have to own the real estate, you just need to raise capital to co-invest into world class opportunities like office towers, industrial warehouses and flex space with long term corporate leases, and multifamily from people who purchased recently and maybe-kinda-sorta overpaid and are in a world of hurt.

And—best of all—you’ll be immersed in a group of like-minded investors and prominent investor LPs such as family offices who have years of wisdom and experience to offer to help improve you and your business and add capital to your deals.

You’ll be building relationships that could put you and your family into the .01% of this nation’s wealthiest.

See Sal, AJ, and Riley LIVE
And In Person

Not only will you be part of a closed group of no more than 60 (sixty) people—so each attendee can get the care and attention they deserve—but you’ll have direct access to me, AJ, and other members of The Commercial Investor team throughout the conference.

I’ll also be bringing in some prominent “friends” from my New York and Southern California circles… so they can talk to you more about the rich opportunities that they’re investing in today.

What You Will Discover

Initiate A Conversation With Your Investor
The elevator pitch that will raise eyebrows, and make you sound like a seasoned, veteran dealmaker. Your former co-workers will think you were brainwashed.

The “Roach Motel” Approach
How to smoothly get them to move their money into your control, so that you can call on it when you need to. On demand.

How To “Grease The Chute”, To Get Your Investors To Sign The Docs Quickly And Without Any Friction
This one tool saw our fund subscription rate increase by 47%!

How To Present Your Deal On 1 Page Using Our Templates
Less is more when you’re pitching a deal or fund.

Wear the Right Clothes
It takes 7 seconds for someone to make their first – and permanent – impression of you. Wear the right clothes to be highly-regarded and thought well of after you leave the party.

Nothing says middle management like wearing rubber soled shoes with laces.

Logos and Business Cards
Church and state. Do not mix your Realtor® or any other business with your new equity capital raising credentials.

No Money Down Wealth Creation Strategies
The legal structures we use. And the tips, tricks, and traps you must know.

Where The Best, Most Motivated Investors Are
Not where you think they are. And there are over 8 million of them in the United States alone.

How long after a first meeting should you pitch your deal or fund?
How to be firm, yet subtle. Instantly credible.

Where Does Your Investors’ Money Go?
Rarely understood concepts such as “capital structure” explained in very easily understood terms.

Audited Track Records
Do you need them? Do they really matter?

Management Fees
Should you charge any fees? If so, how much? Pros and cons. How to answer an investor who questions these fees.

Deal Incentives And Pay Days
Profit splits, who gets paid first. Clever tricks to use when first starting out to attract investors. Use these to suck all the oxygen out of the room and suffocate your competitors.

Asset Allocation

Deal Flow
How to source and qualify the best deal flow to ensure success
So you can build a verifiable track record in 3 months or less.

The legal structures to use when pooling investors into any syndication, joint venture or fund structure.

Clauses you must put into your operating agreements to ensure you – or more importantly – your investors – don’t get screwed.

Which type of accountants you should use. Never, ever do this yourself.

Fund Administration
Should you hire a fund administrator? Who are they? Or can you just use a “governance letter”. What are the pros and cons.


Get Involved in Deals
Network with investors who will share—behind closed doors—what deals you can get involved in today. So you can see where the best opportunities are.

Meet 2 of Our Family Offices
Meet and mingle with real family offices. Build relationships to put you and your family into that .01% of the nation’s wealthiest.

Work with The Commercial Investor
Learn from Sal, AJ, and Associate Riley in person. Meet Sal’s prominent “friends” who are flying in from NYC and SoCal to talk about their deals.


$2,000,000 in 2 months
See what we did to raise $1,000,000 in JUST ONE WEEK. Where else are you going to learn strategies like this?

Raise Debt, Equity, and Syndicate Capital
Do it like the pros—automatically. On demand. Consistently.

Launch Your Consulting and Investment Business
Leave with a full skeleton of your investment business, buttoned down tight. Get your consulting clients to love you by showing them why they should NOT invest in other people’s deals.

Expand Your Network
Raising capital to fund deals is easy with a good network. Posture yourself right to find deals and generate rock-solid investor interest.

What You’ll Get

  1. Our Big Book of Blueprints (Digital Version Only)…
    Everything you could possibly want and need is right here in this Big Book of Blueprints:
    • Asset arbitrage
    • Capital Formation
    • Note Structure
    • “Mezz vs. Pref”
    • Bulk REO and Non Performing
      Loan Trading Strategies
    • Non-Performing Notes
    • $30k in 30 Days
    • Commercial Deal Lifecycle
    • Hard Money Lending
    • Loan Underwriting
    • Building a Buyers List
    • JV Equity
    • Land Leases and Financing
    • Capital Structure
    • Syndication
    • PLUS 50 more!

  2. Full Skeleton of Your Consulting and Investment Business, Buttoned Down Tight
    Chances are you’re making things hard for yourself. Get out of it so you can launch your full consulting and investing business within 90 days.
  3. All Our Pre-Flight Checklists to Help You Put Together the Docs
    Don’t screw it up the first time around and lose face with your investors. It just isn’t pretty.
  4. Our Closely-Guarded Secret Persuasion Techniques we Use to Get Your Investors to Write the Check – FAST
    Use this system to avoid sounding awkward like a nervous novice… no longer feel pushy, salesy or sleazy. Secure the immediate respect of your colleagues.
  5. Look Under the Hood as we Show You Expert Systems to Attract Capital From Targeted, High Net Worth Investors
    Because systems work… and you can’t attain any goals without using a proven system. Skip any of these steps and you’re going to lose.
  6. The Same Templates We Used to Raise $2 Million for This Deal Here:
  7. Field Trip to One of Our Commercial (Non-Multifamily…) Developments!
    Meet the cogs in the machine that bring it all together. Observe, learn, and see what you can do to vastly amplify your business and influence.
  8. Free Support – AFTER The Event
    Get access to our exclusive community of like-minded deal makers and capital providers in The Investors Syndicate. Ask questions, Sal and his staff answer them personally. Your literal lifeline to solid answers for your burning questions.

    Immerse yourself in our community of elite, seasoned dealmakers to keep you focused once the ether from the event wears off. Every day for 2 whole months.

    Bonus: For The Next 17 Registrants ONLY

  9. $5 Million Dollar Proof of Funds (Value: $10,000)
    Jump start your own credibility and cut the line with this authority piece.
    Show your prospective investors you’re to be taken seriously and watch then dog-pile on top of the smart money. No credit checks, no income checks.
  10. What It’s Going To Cost

    This is going to be a great event – probably our best ever – and we want to make SURE that anyone who’s serious about building a name for themselves in this business is able to attend.

    So right now we’re offering our LAST FEW TICKETS for the extremely reasonable price of $1997 each. Plus, you’ll be able to bring your spouse or partner with you free of charge!

    This conference is well worth over $15,000 in value… plus all the money you’re going to make from implementing the treasure trove of tricks, tools, and expert methods we’ll be sharing with you at the event.

    So come join us this March and learn the secrets to raising debt, equity, and syndicating capital the Wall Street way. Let’s make this year REALLY count for you and your business.

    Can’t wait to see you this spring!

    Your pal,

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