Saida Desilets – Jade Egg Mastery Online Course


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Saida Desilets – Jade Egg Mastery Online Course

Saida Desilets – Jade Egg Mastery Online Course

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 Get Saida Desilets – Jade Egg Mastery Online Course right now!

Please Note: The Jade Egg Mastery LIVE course is now CLOSED. However, the regular, self-study Jade Egg Mastery course is available.

What Is the Jade Egg Mastery Course?

It’s An Exclusive 6 Week Course In Trusting Your Deepest Desires.

Let Me Ask You…

Do you find it difficult to surrender deeply to pleasure?

Are you curious, or possibly even confused, about how to effectively use a Jade egg?

Have you never truly felt your own orgasmic joy before?

Do you find that sex with a partner rarely results in orgasm for you?

Maybe you have tried fancy sex toys or even explored some sexual techniques with your partner, but still feel frustrated with your experience?

Or perhaps you already feel orgasmic, but just want to expand that into feeling Multi-Orgasmic?

You can change this!

IMAGINE delighting in your body while having let go of the need for your orgasm to look and feel a certain way.

IMAGINE discovering new nuances in your pleasure that you never thought existed before.

IMAGINE deepening your mastery with the illustrious Jade Egg.

IMAGINE feeling confident and creative sexually and enjoying all of your sexual experiences.

IMAGINE how amazing it feels to be orgasmically liberated and alive.

IMAGINE having a guided step-by-step program that allows you to naturally, gently, and delightfully explore and activate your orgasmic potential.

IMAGINE the delight in having an incredible community of women who are excited, dedicated, and revealed in what it takes to be a sexually and sensually integrated woman.

What is the Jade Egg Mastery Program exactly?

This program is based both on my book, “The Emergence of the Sensual Woman – Awakening Our Erotic Innocence,” and on my latest research and in-field work.

The core of this program is based on my tried & true Désilets Method of doing the Jade Egg Practices and provides in-depth Jade Egg training.

Details of the ENTIRE PROGRAM are listed below.

What’s Included In The Jade Egg Mastery LIVE Program:

  • 6 Cutting-Edge, Content Rich Modules

    • Each week you’ll receive a new module that can be viewed as often as you wish. This allows you to set your own learning pace and practice schedule. (Details on each module below.)
    • Includes step-by-step practices delivered through videos, audios, PDFs and more
    • All the materials are housed in a user-friendly membership site where you can watch the training online or download it to your own computer, iPad or iPhone
  • Access To Our Private Jade Egg Facebook Group

    • Stay connected 24/7
    • Share your questions, struggles, celebrations and musings
    • Get support, get inspired and stay accountable to prioritizing your pleasure
  • Additional Perks Of The Program

    • Access to Saida’s latest and greatest research and information (You also get access to her high energy, succulence and joy, which is infectious!)
    • Coaching available through membership comments area
    • Extra practices not shared in the pre-recorded course
    • Opportunities to train in more advanced programs with Saida

The Themes For Each Of The 6 Weekly Modules Are…

Breaking the Myths of Orgasm


Uncovering the Myths of Orgasm


Warm-Up Your Feminine Body

Awakening Your Subtle Sensations Meditation

Awakening Your Erotic Field Meditation

Body Love Meditation

Integrating Your Psycho-Sexual Self


Creating Life Long Libido


Kidney Breathing

Kidney Rejuvenation

Our Psycho-Sexual Map

Accessing Your Erotic Intelligence


Conscious Choices Are Sexy


Igniting Our Pelvic Breath

Enlivening Our Ovaries

Beautifying Our Breasts

The 3 Secrets of Deep Pelvic Activation


Our Hidden Treasures – Pelvic Anatomy


Preparing Your Jade Egg

Preparing Your Body For Your Jade Egg

Essential Jade Egg Practices

Discovering Your Erotic Fingerprint


Discovering What Your Erotic Fingerprint Is

The Nerves That Make The Big ‘O’ Possible


Refining previous practices

Plus: Additional Jade Egg Practices

Amplifying Your Sensuality


How We Can Amplify Our Sensuality


Our Voice, Our Orgasm

Deeper Refinement of Previous Practices

Plus: Seated & Standing Jade Egg Practices

 Get Saida Desilets – Jade Egg Mastery Online Course


Bonus #1: The Top 20 Transformational Challenges Of Mastering The Jade Egg Guidebook (Valued @ $197)

This guidebook is taken directly out of our LIVE calls from 2016 where we tracked the 20 most difficult questions/challenges that women faced while deepening their practice with their Jade Egg and coming home to themselves. We’ve included all the insights and coaching offered by Dr. Saida so that you can have greater ease and understanding as you immerse yourself in these profound teachings.

Bonus #2: Cultivating Gourmet Relationship (Valued @ $147)

Discover how to translate all your solo practices into intimate relationship and passionate love-making. (3 Videos)

Bonus #3: Discovering Relaxed Arousal (Valued @ $147)

Learn how to dissolve tension around sexuality so you show up in a fully relaxed and fully aroused state at the same time. (This is the key to tapping into and living from your creative, erotic genius.) (2 Videos & 1 Audio)

Bonus #6: Lifetime Access To JEM (PRICELESS!)

The best way to make pleasure your lifestyle is to have lifetime access to the JEM program and community. With this bonus you’ll have access to all of our upgrades and additions, for the rest of your life! As well as being able to join all future LIVE calls & remain part of the JEM Facebook Group

 Get Saida Desilets – Jade Egg Mastery Online Course right now!

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