SaaS Contract Shop – Template Bundle 2023


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SaaS Contract Shop – Template Bundle 2023


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This bundle includes everything you need to protect yourself and cover your SaaS—Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy, a Cookie Policy, mutual NDA, Master Services Agreement & SOW, and an Independent Contractor Agreement.


In the bundle, you’ll get all the legal documents you need to Cover your SaaS:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement Template so you have all the features that clients need with instructions on how to customize it for the exact services you provide
  • Master Services Agreement & SOW Template so you can outline the deadlines, scope of work, and project expectations – a contract agreement and a project management tool
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (Mutual) Template so you can protect your ideas as you explore new projects and partnerships the smart way
  • SaaS Terms of Use Template so you can be sure the legal agreements between you (the service provider) and any person who wants to use your services are crystal clear
  • SaaS Cookie Policy Template so you can store personal information about your users or their behaviors on the site, using dedicated guidelines for how they’re managed
  • SaaS Privacy Policy Template so you can be transparent with your users about how you will use their data.



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