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Ryan Stewman - Real Estate Ads Academy

Ryan Stewman – Real Estate Ads Academy

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Real Estate Ads Academy is for Realtors and Loan Officers who want to leverage technology, and social media advertising to grow their business.  This program teaches organic marketing methods as well as, paid advertising strategies that will never stop working.  If you’re looking to generate warm leads from cold traffic, this is your program.

This program is also good for getting great ideas for anybody selling something online. Even down to the basics of creating a funnel.

Currently sold at a value of $497.

This course can be gotten through in a day. Divided into 3 parts not including the bonus material.

1. Automation
– Getting Started
– Aweber
– Lead Pages
– Aweber Follow Ups
– Aweber Follow-Up Campaigns

2. Marketing
– Whip Effect
– Social Media Syndicate
– How To Organically Advertise Via Group Posts

3. Advertising
– Divorce Ads
– Simple 3 Steps Formula for FB Ads
– Facebook Ads for Expireds
– Luxury Real Estate Ad
– Community Ad
– Results
– RE Community Ad results
– Retargeting
– Creating a Funnel

Bonus Material includes Ryan’s own selling methods not shared in Show Up and more ammunition for your prospecting.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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