Ryan Stevenson – JVZoo Affiliate Master Class


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Ryan Stevenson - JVZoo Affiliate Master Class

Ryan Stevenson – JVZoo Affiliate Master Class

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I’m Spilling My Most Valuable Marketing Secret Ever… How I Make up to $2,803.09 PER DAY as a JVZoo Affiliate From Part-Time Work!
Watch the first two-hour training lesson for free below to learn all about JVZoo affiliate marketing and why you should use my strategies…
Being a JVZoo Affiliate is Among the Fastest Ways to Begin Making a Reliable Income Online!

If you’re serious about making some real money online and growing a business that is both reliable and allows you to work when / how much you want… Read Every Word On This Page! You’ve probably heard about JVZoo affiliates making millions, but they are nearly always top-selling JVZoo vendors with huge customer lists often numbering 100,000 people or more! Yes, it is certainly possible to do that, but it simply isn’t realistic to have those expectations when you are first starting. However, it is very possible to make a comfortable full-time living as a JVZoo affiliate, even if you have zero experience getting started. I have a very modest list of about 6,000 people and only invest a small part of my weekly work time to JVZoo affiliate promotions because I run a number of other online businesses. I do NOT have any employees involved in the JVZoo affiliate marketing side of my business. I do NOT run frequent, massive product launches as a vendor to obtain huge email lists. In fact, I’ve actually built a decent portion of my lists using free traffic, but I can also build large lists quickly using paid advertising, if needed. Just over the past two years, I’ve had many weeks where I banked $4,000 – $8,000 and never devoted more than 10 hours of work for those weeks. Even on a bad week, I can easily make $1,000 by promoting a single product as a JVZoo affiliate. Here is a couple of these weeks.. if you notice the dates on these and other pics on this page, you’ll see that I’ve been banking big earnings weeks for years and am still doing it this year!

That’s almost pure profit too, because I have very low expenses with this business. One other thing that is really amazing about this type of business is that you earn instant cash straight to your Paypal account, so you can be broke in the morning and loaded with hundreds or even thousands of dollars by the evening, and you have instant access to use those funds too. Work When You Want, Anywhere In The World! What I love the most about being an affiliate marketer for JVZoo is that you can work exactly when you want and even from anywhere in the world. Your income is only limited by your ambition and how much you actually want to work. If you run a JVZoo affiliate marketing business full-time, you could actually do much better than me! One time, I went on a luxurious cruise to the Caribbean for a week and made over $3,000 from my laptop with very minimal work. I wanted to enjoy the vacation, but that 2 hours of work the whole week almost paid for my entire trip! Even though my vacation and earnings extended outside of these days, here is what I made the days I was actually ON THE CRUISE SHIP…

This should be really eye-opening for you because it is a clear indication that this type of business can succeed for practically anyone. You can spend a couple hours a week working as a JVZoo affiliate and still have earnings that put most full-time jobs to shame, so this is a perfect opportunity for anyone working a 9-to-5 job but wants to build an online business in their spare time so they can eventually quit. If you want to travel the world while you work on a laptop, you can certainly do that, as I’ve shown you above from my vacation earnings (honestly, who can say they MAKE money while they’re on vacation)! For those of you that want to devote full-time work as a JVZoo affiliate, it is very feasible to put my numbers to shame because I do NOT do this anywhere close to full-time. Learn JVZoo Affiliate Marketing The Right Way If you have struggled to build a profitable online business, you’re not alone. Thousands of people try and fail, but it isn’t their fault… they’re simply being taught the wrong strategy or spending years doing trial-and-error to figure it out on their own. Why be a JVZoo Affiliate? JVZoo is an affiliate network created by affiliates and it is the #1 place for digital products online, especially marketing products. Even if you are still learning marketing yourself, you would be surprised at how much you could help others that are just getting started. Your advice on what people should do as a marketer and even what they should avoid is absolutely priceless. This means that ANYONE can successfully promote products as a JVZoo affiliate because you don’t have to make your own products, you just recommend other products to your audience and you get to take home 50% or more of the selling price! The best part is that you do not have to provide ANY customer support for those sales, so your obligation is over once you have the cash in your Paypal account. Don’t want to promote marketing products? Not a problem.. the same tactics I use for JVZoo can also be used on affiliate networks like ClickBank, which has all kinds of non-marketing digital products (things like Health, Fitness, Personal Care, Self-Help, etc). Also, my JVZoo training will come with a standalone ClickBank lesson for those that do not want to promote marketing products. Today, I want to invite you to personally learn the right way from me. Introducing the JVZoo Affiliate Master Class I would like you to attend an online coaching series with me. These are NOT like other training classes that use slideshow presentations! I actually let you look ‘over my shoulder’ while I work in real-time to build real JVZoo affiliate promotion campaigns. In fact, to prove my strategy will work for someone that is brand new and just getting started, I’m going to build a brand new audience and email list during this series. I’ll then take this brand new audience and start promoting affiliate products with it to make fast cash before this series is even over. By joining the JVZoo Affiliate Master Class, you’ll get to watch it all unfold and learn exactly how to do the same! My current audience targets a very specific marketing niche, so I’m going to go after a completely different marketing niche to prove that my existing audience isn’t helping me at all.. This means that I will be building a new JVZoo affiliate marketing business from scratch right along side of you. Wait, There’s Still More… On top of the training classes, there is even more included with the JVZoo Affiliate Master Class to make sure you’ll be able to succeed. My strategy as a JVZoo affiliate involves three main parts – Lead Funnels, Bonus Pages and Email Promotions. The overall design of these three parts is very important because it controls your conversion rates and ultimately how much you can make. To make sure you’ll be able to reproduce my strategies in these three areas, I’m giving you page generators or templates for all of them. These are all based directly on my most successful JVZoo affiliate promotions, so you’ll be working with a proven approach. The generators are two WordPress plugins that I personally created exclusively for my coaching students. One of them lets you quickly generate Lead Funnels and the other lets you quickly generate Bonus Pages! For email promotions, you’re going to get a pile of templates from me that can be used in a wide variety of situations. All you’ll need to do is replace information in these templates and you’ll have emails ready to send out to your audience. Remember, these generators and templates are from my personal library of JVZoo affiliate promotions that I’ve done, and I’ve cherry-picked the best of them for you to use so you won’t have to take guesses at the right way to do it. One aspect of my strategy for building an email list / audience works best when it is used with a useful, custom-made bonus video. I’m going to teach you how to do this, but I also understand that some people have reservations against putting their voice on video. Video Coaching Classes There are a total of SIX video coaching lessons in the JVZoo Affiliate Master Class series, each one of them lasting approximately 2-3 hours (that’s at least 12-18 hours worth of personal coaching just in the videos). Take a look at what I will be teaching you in each JVZoo Affiliate Master Class: Class #1: Niche Focus Before you actually start learning how to promote products as a JVZoo affiliate, you need to choose a niche focus. I am NOT talking about choosing between marketing / non-marketing here.. If you’re going to promote marketing products, you need to have a specific marketing niche that you target to get the best results. I’m not only going to help you choose a niche, I’m going to let you know what is popular and easy to target so you can be confident that your choice with be successful. The following primary topics will be covered in this session:

  • Establishing a Clear Message for your Audience
  • Suggested Marketing Niches
  • Suggested Non-Marketing Niches
  • Niche Potential Research

Class #2: Lead Generation Funnels In the second class, you’re going to learn how to create lead generation funnels. This is the foundation of everything else you’ll do as a JVZoo affiliate because this is what you’ll use to build your audience that will buy the JVZoo products you’ll promote as an affiliate. As part of this class, you’ll receive an exclusive WordPress plugin that I have personally created just for the students of this series. This plugin will generate landing pages and entire lead generation funnels for you. Best of all, the funnels it creates are based on my best performing lead generation funnels, so you won’t have to worry about them converting traffic into leads. These funnels can not only be used to generate leads, but you can also use them to get immediate affiliate sales, so you can technically start making money as early as this second class! The following primary topics will be covered in this session:

  • Funnel Landing Pages
  • Attractive Bonus Offers
  • Funnel Thank You Pages
  • Funnel Pitch – Affiliate Offers and/or Loss Leaders
  • Tracking Your Funnel Results

Class #3: List / Audience Building The next thing you need to learn to be a successful JVZoo affiliate is how to build an audience, following and/or email list for your targeted niche. The basic idea here is to drive traffic to your lead generation funnels that you created in the previous class, but you can also build audiences directly on social networks, YouTube and even on your own website. Once you finish this class, you’ll be completely armed with everything you need to quickly begin building your own audience. You’ll use this audience in later lessons to drive free traffic on-demand to your JVZoo affiliate offers. The following primary topics will be covered in this session:

  • Email Newsletter Lists
  • 5 Excellent Free Funnel Traffic Sources
  • Paid Advertising Funnel Traffic (optional)
  • Understanding Drop-Off Rates For Long-Term Success

Class #4: Using JVZoo & Affiliate Networking Now that you have an audience, you can start seriously looking for JVZoo offers to promote as an affiliate. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by networking with other JVZoo affiliates and even the product creators to find out about new product launches BEFORE they happen. This can be huge for two reasons – you can get advance copies of the products before they launch AND you can even get some JVZoo vendors to help you build your audience extremely fast and free! This lesson will teach you how to get started with JVZoo as an affiliate, but it also covers extremely effective networking tactics that you should use to help you make the most out of JVZoo. While not part of this class, I will also be providing you with a standalone ClickBank training class in case you would prefer to use that affiliate network instead (mainly just for people that do not want to promote marketing products). The following primary topics will be covered in this session:

  • JVZoo Basics for Affiliates
  • How to Find Products to Promote
  • Requesting Affiliate Link Approval & My 100% Approval Rate Tactic
  • The Most Important JVZoo Affiliate Features You Should Use With Every Promo
  • Elite Networking Strategies With JVZoo Vendors & Affiliates That ANYONE Can Do

Class #5: Bonus Promotions Most JVZoo affiliates leave out this one crucial step. They still make money without it, but they could make 3-5 TIMES more with this strategy. This one change to my JVZoo affiliate promotion strategy multiplied my earnings per promotion so drastically that I hate doing affiliate promos without it now. In this lesson, you’re going to learn my complete strategy for creating affiliate promotion bonuses and bonus pages. With just a couple of hours of work, you can easily create a really effective bonus for your audience that will multiply your sales and even help you to build trust and loyalty with your audience. As part of this class, you’re going to receive my second exclusive WordPress plugin that is just for my students. This plugin will allow you to quickly create bonus offer pages on your WordPress site for your JVZoo affiliate promotions. The following primary topics will be covered in this session:

  • Easy Bonus Creation Tactics Your Audience Will Love
  • Bonuses You Do NOT Have To Create!
  • Bonus Offer Page Creation
  • Bonus Delivery Pages
  • Tracking Results For Bonuses / Affiliate Promos

Class #6: Email Promotion Campaigns The final thing you need to learn to be a really successful JVZoo affiliate is how to run an effective email campaign for any product you promote. This class will not only cover the basics of using email newsletter services like AWeber and GetResponse, it will also dive much deeper to ensure you’ll be able to craft campaigns that actually sell products. As part of this class, I’m going to teach you how I write email campaigns without the need for hiring an expensive copywriter. Even better, I’m going to give you a ton of email templates that are based on actual emails from my JVZoo affiliate campaigns that have been the most successful so you can re-use them for your promotions! The following primary topics will be covered in this session:

  • Email Newsletter Basics
  • Crafting Effective Email Campaigns
  • My Personal Affiliate Promotion Email Writing Tips
  • Mailing Frequency & Other Email Engagement Recommendations
  • Re-Using My Email Templates Package For Your Campaigns

After the six session JVZoo Affiliate Master Class, you should have an active audience and/or email newsletter and may already be earning from JVZoo affiliate sales. It is very feasible for this type of business to be making a decent monthly profit by the time you complete the work outlined in the training.

I have taught others using live coaching before. Numerous people from my last class offered comments – completely unsolicited…

“really worth the money” “Awesome… thank you! … honest” “Great training! Thank You!” “I like your work/experience very much – I appreciate it” “Thanks, learned many things again!” “Another great webinar, Ryan!” “Nice job today, Ryan! … Love the whole process! You shared some great little tips today” “Thanks Again!! Looking forward to next time…” “Thanks Ryan for another great webinar.”

You’re getting all of this by joining the JVZoo Affiliate Master Class:
  • 6 Video Coaching Sessions (approx. 2-3 hours each) *$1497 Value
  • 1 ClickBank Video Training Lesson (approx. 1 hour) – For Those That Don’t Want To Promote Marketing Products *$97 Value
  • Exclusive Lead Funnel Generator WordPress Plugin w/Unlimited Domain Usage (Copies Ryan’s Most Successful Funnels) *$297 Value
  • Exclusive Bonus Page Generator WordPress Plugin w/Unlimited Domain Usage (Copies Ryan’s Most Successful Bonus Pages) *$297 Value
  • Huge Bundle of Proven Email Templates For JVZoo Affiliate Promos (Copies Ryan’s Most Successful JVZoo Email Promos) *$497 Value


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