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Ryan Deiss – Mobile Local Fusion

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Discover what Google’s up to and how a hand full of “well informed” average folks are making MILLIONS in their own backyards, – by helping Google with this MAJOR

Getting Started:
-Why almost everything you’ve heard about local is wrong.
-How the marriage between local and mobile is CRUCIAL to local success.
-The 3 big reasons clients MUST use your services.

Module #1 Understanding The Local Landscape:

In this module we’ll cover…
-The 5 Mile rule.
-Why all other ad solutions are dead…
-Google’s BIG “Self-Serve” mistake that makes you money.
-Why local businesses can’t live without Google
-How competition is lower now for local companies
-The 5 minute $500 check trick
-Google maps are the new Yellow Pages
-Places SHIFT in organic
-What QR codes mean to local
-The local TRIAD

Module #2 Getting To The Top of Google Local:

In this module we’ll cover…
-How to create your Google dash board How to claim your clients pages on Google, -Yahoo & Bing
-Enhancing you listing with rich content
-How to PING your maps listing to your places page
-Using mobile coupons.
-How to get your own QR Code
-SEO with Citations & Directories
-Ninja Review Tricks and methods

Module #3 Going Mobile:
In this module we’ll cover…

-How people search via mobile
-How to dominate mobile search results
-How to create “instant” mobile landing pages
-Mobile list building secrets
-Customer autoresponders via SMS
-Mobile coupon marketing
-Creating QR codes for coupons
-Short code marketing methods for local
-Gathering stats from your Google dashboard
-Google advertising for mobile (TAGS)
-Adwords for mobile
-(Coming Soon) Google Boost
-Click to call secrets
-Beyond Google – the other networks
-Landing page builders
-Mobile apps creation for dummies
-Paid traffic for local mobile
-SMS opt-ins
-Other mobile Ninja tricks…

Module #4 How Your Clients Make Money:

In this module we’ll cover…
-Getting more clients for your customers
-How clients contact their customers in multiple ways
-Get your clients customers to visit more often
-How to increase how much money your customers spend
-How to get your clients customers to refer them
-Viral mobile social media tie-in
-Customer rewards for loyalty with mobile
-Filling up slow days with SMS
-Seasonal and Holiday promotion ideas
-Cashing in on mobile coupons
-Drawing in customers friends with 4 Square & Facebook
-Other services your clients need you can charge for

Module #5 Outsourcing The Work:

-How to NEVER do any tech work EVER
-The Philippines connection
-How to train outsourcers via video you don’t create
-How to find great out source workers
-My 5 best outsourcers from the Rolodex
-My personal outsource tests
-How much you should pay for what
-Why feedback is curtail
-Using Jing videos for all tasks
-How to pay outsourcers
-Complete accountability
-Project Management
-The $30 complete Google Local Outsource solution
-Legally importing reviews
-Plus, all my forms, contracts and agreements

Module #6 Getting Clients:

In this module we’ll cover…
-The postcard that ate Tampa
-What to say when they call
-The questionnaire is your #1 weapon
-Closing with Powerpoint
-The video approach
-Getting your first check
-The art of the take-back
-Commission salespeople & bird dogs
-Fun prospecting
-How to get more referrals than you can handle

Module #7 Managing Client Expectations:

In this module we’ll cover…
-Why expectations are the #1 reason people lose clients
-Doing a baseline competitive analysis
-How to charge based on ease or difficulty
-How to turn down clients you can’t help
-Under-promise and over deliver
-Creating KILLER client reports
-Gathering ROI baseline values
-Monitoring clients progress
-Fixing what’s broken and growing what’s not
-When to get clients testimonials
-How to get referrals from your clients
-How to FIRE a client
-Know clients to avoid

Module #8 Managing Your Business:

In this module we’ll cover…
-How to manage you time on a client by client basis
-Keeping organized records on each client
-Keeping clients checklists
-Simple project management
-Client billing templates
-Assigning jobs to outsourcers
-McDonalds your systems
-Auto-billing your customers
-Credit cards and Check Drafts
-Hiring, training and managing employees
-Bonuses and other compensation plans

Module #9 Crazy Opportunity in the Future:

In this module we’ll cover…
-Advanced QR codes
-Augmented reality
-Future of mobile payments
-M-Commerce payment apps
-What’s happening in Europe & Japan
-200,000,000 mobile coupon users by 2013
-Mobile ticketing
-Free internet
-Free Smart Phones

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