Ruslan Mescerjakov – Phenomenal Memory 2 (GMS) with extra stuff


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Ruslan Mescerjakov – Phenomenal Memory 2 (GMS) with extra stuff

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School of Phenomenal Memory is the first school of this kind. This is the only place in the world where you can get a real Phenomenal Memory. We don’t sell techniques or mnemonics! We TEACH! We don’t even have any time limits. We work with every single student until one gets the Phenomenal Memory. None of the memory products available right now are doing or even can do what we offer. Our School is about results and this is what makes it different.

People have spent a lot of money and time for numerous and popular memory products, but not a lot of people have got any practical result. Just as you can?t learn how to dance by reading a book you can?t get your memory improved by reading a book or by listening to a CD. Our students build a memorization skill by undergoing a specialized TRAINING, much like we were all trained to read and write. Our students completely control the process of memorizing. They see the memorized information similar to how they see files on a computer screen. They can manipulate, erase, edit, and create huge databases in which they are able to search through any and all the necessary elements. Can you describe what you did 4 days ago or 14 days ago? Our graduated students are able to recall any day by date, or by, for example: all Sundays for the last year. The recollection can be as deep as they want – even hourly. They can recall their dreams by any date. They can memorize entire books and learn new languages faster than you can imagine. They can memorize entire photo albums and view the pictures in their imagination at any time they want. They can change their behavior according to memorized material. Their ability to memorize is limited only by their will to memorize. Phenomenal Memory is more than a powerful tool ? it?s a new life style. After completing our course your ability to learn and memorize will never be the same. Your life will never be the same!

When I decided to get my memory and learning speed handled, I was not interested in some little fix or some minor improvement. I wanted to get a truly massive result, extremely fast so I could memorize any type of information, including Entire Books. Our brain has enormous potential so I knew it was possible.

After realizing that nothing like this ever existed on the planet and no one can teach me this – I have created my own Memory Training.

Ability to memorize entire books is something that is considered to be impossible in our society. But the truth is – anyone can do it, including you! And it does not matter how good or bad your memory is right now.

There are 3 things that you will need in order to memorize Whole Books:

1. Memorization System that is based on natural mechanisms of the Brain and Memory so it can work efficiently and on high processing speed. (Books can consist of many different types of information, so this system needs to support it all – new terms, words, languages, formulas, numbers, dates, illustrations, etc)

2. Developed Brain and Brain power so you can work with information fast and efficiently without getting overwhelmed and tired. We are talking about a completely new level of mental performance. Super strong attention, powerful visualization and fast thinking speed. Otherwise you will not be able to memorize complex materials and texts such as medical texts, law, physics, chemistry, etc.

3. Developed Memorization Skill that puts Memorization System and Developed Brain into work. (You can know how to play soccer in theory and you might have a good physical shape but actual Skill-set is still required in order to play soccer well. With the developed memorization skill you can control memorization process and decide if you want to save something into your head or not. No more hoping it will be memorized and no more losing and forgetting. I call it – Phenomenal Memory.)

It is all simple. If you want to boost your brain power, get in mental shape and get your own, personal Phenomenal Memory so you can memorize Entire books – you need to join Online Phenomenal Memory Training. Brain Power and Skills can be formed only through practical training. It’s like getting in shape at a gym.

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