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Robert Moss - Dreaming Your Soul into Life

Robert Moss – Dreaming Your Soul into Life

Price : $1297
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An extraordinary opportunity to access your higher spiritual capacities and channel your soul’s wisdom into a richer, deeper, more courageous life using advanced shamanic principles and the practices of
“Active Dreaming”

Open to sources of guidance, transformation and creativity beyond the reaches of your everyday mind and bring them into your daily life as you embrace the potential of your Dreamtime

As a conscious explorer, you have likely spent at least some time reflecting on your nighttime dreams – discussing scenes with friends, mulling over memories, or maybe even learning from a dream class or book – hoping to more deeply understand this illusive, yet fascinating, aspect of your existence.

It’s common knowledge that dreams offer a glimpse into your unconscious and that you can gain deeper insight into your feelings and thoughts as you understand a dream’s meaning. That is basic Psychology 101.

You’ve also probably heard stories from those who have learned to become fully self-aware within their dreams – lucidly engaging with nighttime realms to adventure through the universe, talk with higher guides, accelerate healing, or participate in any number of other exciting and creative explorations.

And this potential is absolutely possible for you, too – and it’s just one of the gifts that your Dreamtime can offer when you learn to access its full span of possibilities.

The fact is, your Dreamtime is one of the most powerful times for true soul work, healing and transformation.

You can learn to transcend your fears, integrate suppressed parts of yourself, even clear ancestral karma within your family. You can directly communicate with spirit and animal guides, deceased ancestors, and even parallel selves, as well as expand your understanding of what Robert Moss calls the “multiverse” – the multiple levels and dimensions of reality.

These understandings and practices go far beyond conventional dream analysis, so that you are becoming a co-creator of a new pattern of possibility for yourself. You are no longer passively waiting for some barely-remembered and often obscure signals from your unconscious, but instead embark on an adventure of soul-inquiry – which can rapidly accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

Not only that, but by creating a different relationship with your Dreamtime, you can begin to shift your relationship with your waking life, opening up the ability to read signs and synchronicities all around you for additional wisdom.

As you learn to do this, you become more receptive to the guidance from your soul (as well as those of other beings who wish to help you). You not only wake up in your dreams, but also begin to see your life as a tapestry of meaningful symbols, each teaching you how to advance the journey of your soul.

In this way, learning to become a truly active dreamer opens a portal within you to a deeper spiritual awakening, one that gives you access to new reservoirs of courage, wisdom and clarity for your daily life.

This kind of access to your soul’s wisdom is difficult to get in any other way, because the nature of the Dreamtime is that there is a suspension of your ego’s skeptical nature, giving you the ability to access a fuller range of consciousness.

During the Dreamtime, you are more spiritually open, and thus, more able to navigate beyond your five senses to higher realms of understanding.

This is especially true when you engage advanced dreaming practices, which are quite ancient and have been utilized around the world for literally thousands of years.

Hinduism and Buddhism have cultivated lucid dreaming and yoga nidra (“yogic sleep”) traditions to accelerate spiritual awakening. Shamans and spiritual adepts the world over have shown that your dreams can be experienced in deeper, more illuminating ways that open doors to other levels of reality.

In the last few decades, these practices have been validated by extensive laboratory tests, which have verified our ability to gain full lucidity and self-awareness in our Dreamtime.

However, understanding of this potential is not yet widespread in our culture, but it is your birthright and the doorway to more soulful, courageous living.

And you can choose to open that doorway permanently!

Your Choice to Dream Your Soul into Life

The key to conscious evolution is choice. When we see ourselves as passive victims of circumstances, we are not in a position of choice.

Too many of us feel as though we are merely passive recipients of our dreams – they just happen TO us – which can translate into feeling more like passive victims of life.

Active dreamers are choosers. They learn to recognize that, whatever situation they are in, they always have a choice.

They choose to stop running away from the monster in their dreams – who may turn out to be their own greatest power seeking them
– and turn around to confront it.

They choose not to buy into self-limiting beliefs or the limited models of reality suggested by others.

This ability to always be at choice can come from the discovery and practice of Active Dreaming. When you open to the wisdom bestowed upon you for free every night, as your psyche pours forth the mysterious images and landscapes of your dreams, you open the door to a life lived with more clarity, more passion and more authenticity.

You begin to live a soul-guided life, one in which there are so many more possibilities, because you’re seeing from a bigger perspective – your soul’s perspective.

Your soul knows – better than your ego-led waking mind – what you truly want, who you truly are and how you can best serve in the world (and in any given moment).

And, when you learn to turn to your dream images – those sparks of enlightenment from within (both pleasing and unsettling) – for guidance, you start to see your life unfolding in seemingly magical ways.

You discover that by paying attention to, and working with, your dream images, you actually gain insights that can help you heal, activate your creativity, and even help you to mend your relationships.

This exciting discovery helps you build trust in the practice of dream work and in yourself, as you see that allowing your dreams to guide you really does give you access to “inside” knowledge about yourself. And by learning to work with and follow your insights, you can live with greater awareness, make decisions that feel more true to your heart, and enter the flow of the day – and of the world around you – with more ease and confidence.

When you’ve come to trust this inner wisdom, gifted to you by your Dreamtime, and see that it is a reliable compass for your life, you then start to build your courage muscle.

You live with a knowing that you have this source of guidance within you – for your health, well-being, creative endeavours and everyday challenges – and the world and its challenges seem less daunting and overwhelming.

Life even begins to feel more fun, more adventuresome, and much bigger than the limited view the egoic, waking self has provided. You begin to live the big picture for your life – you’ve crossed the threshold into courageous living.

Bringing the Power of Dreaming into Your Life

So the question becomes: How do you go beyond a superficial relationship to your dreams, and tap the full power of what is possible? How can you access the gifts of healing, transformation and adventure that are available and bring them back to your life to live a more joyful, soul-guided existence?

For most of us, it is not possible to learn and access the full potential of our Dreamtime on our own.

A book can give a few practices to try, and a weekend intensive may open you to some insights that have a positive impact, but it’s in the long-term development of practices that advanced dreamwork really proves its worth on every level.

That is why we have created a 6-month virtual training with one of the most beloved and respected dreamwork pioneers and shamanic teachers on the planet, Robert Moss. Robert will be offering a powerful journey into the heart of his renowned Active Dreaming teachings, which provide a unique initiation into life-changing consciousness practices that span from cosmic understandings to specific personal healing practices.

Very exciting, yes?

The truth is that you can evolve your Dreamtime beyond the typical half-conscious experience, into a deeply sacred and transformational time of healing, discovery and adventure – while gaining important guidance from higher levels of reality, including your soul and other beings.

This 6-month program will be a miniature “dream university,” with highly experiential exercises, including meditation, drumming and many home practices. It will be an active private forum that will allow you to share stories, guidance and insights.

It will be a rollicking adventure to go beyond what you imagined was possible for you and your dream life!

What You’ll Learn in These 6 Months

During this 6-month transformational intensive, Robert will guide you through advanced techniques from the shamanic way of dreaming – tracking, time folding, shapeshifting, dream enactment, and more – which will enable you to become much more masterful in your Dreamtime.

Each teaching, contemplation and practice session will build upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to become a shaman of your own soul through Active Dreaming.

Note: If you have not experienced Robert’s Active Dreaming teachings before, you are welcome in this advanced training but we ask you to complete the foundational “Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole” 7-module program on your own as a prerequisite, which will be included in your registration and you can do before or in parallel with the Advanced.

Module 1: Raising & Feeding Your
Animal Spirits
(Recorded November 6)

First things first. When shamans go dreaming, they are often accompanied by spirit allies who appear in animal form. Developing a strong working connection with power animals will provide essential guidance and protection. This is one of the quickest ways to discern the natural path of your energy and raise your vitality. You may have met an animal guardian in a previous journey. Or, your animal spirits may be stalking you in dreams and, perhaps, in nature. Have you made a full connection? Are they with you when you need their guidance and protection? It is not enough to look up the meaning of an “animal totem” in a book.

In this foundational class in shamanic practice, you’ll learn how to:

  • Deepen and grow your connection with power animals
  • Discover the natural habits of your animal allies and their role in folklore
  • Call on power animals for healing, psychic protection and help in journeying
  • Feed and honor your animal spirits in everyday life

Module 2: Visiting the Cinema of Lost Dreams (Recorded November 20)

Even the most prolific dream recallers are missing important dreams – the ones that got away. Some of us have been in a protracted dream drought. In this magical class, we’ll travel together to a very special place, where you can screen some of the dreams that you have lost. You may be amazed by what you discover.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Simple and effective techniques to break a dream drought
  • How to help others open to their dreams
  • How to travel, in imagination, to a place where you can pick up the dream messages you’ve missed and screen the dream movies you have lost or forgotten
  • Develop special places in the Imaginal Realm (the realm of true imagination) that you can visit anytime in meditation or conscious dreaming

Module 3: Living by Synchronicity
(Recorded December 4)

The world speaks to us in the manner of a dream when we pay attention. When we experience meaningful coincidence, the universe gets personal. We feel we are receiving a secret handshake, or being pushed back. When we awaken to the play of synchronicity, we are ready to live as lucid dreamers 24/7, walking consciously in a forest of living symbols. We can now tap into the deeper logic of events and receive extraordinary counsel. Get ready for some fun!

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Play wonderful everyday games of putting your questions to the world and letting the world put its questions to you
  • Pay attention to sidewalk oracles, messages coming to you through little things you see and hear in everyday life
  • Treat every setback as an opportunity
  • Dance with the Trickster, who is your devil when you are set in your ways, but your ally when you are ready to adapt and improvise

Module 4: Dreaming Your Future & Creating a Better Future (Recorded December 11)

Every night, your dream self goes ahead of your waking self, scouting out challenges and opportunities that lie on the roads ahead. This is part of our human survival kit. Once you wake up to the fact that you dream events before they happen in regular life, you can graduate to the good stuff, which is changing your possible future for the better and becoming co-creator of your reality.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discern when your dreams are showing you future events
  • Develop personal markers so you don’t miss dream messages about the future
  • Take action to avoid unwanted future events you have dreamed about, and manifest happy outcomes
  • Dream your way consciously to your dream partner, your dream home, your dream job

Module 5: Dreaming with Spiritual Guides & Guardian Angels (Recorded December 18)

In dreams, our spiritual guides take the forms we are ready to perceive. As Plotinus said, “We behold what we are.” Amongst all the guides available to us, the most important is no stranger: It is the Higher Self, or if you prefer, the god/goddess we can talk to. We can have confidence that guidance and healing from our inner teachers are available to us at every stage of our life because, however unready we may be, they are always ready for us. “My opening and his entering were but a single moment,” are the haunting words of Meister Eckhart.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to use dream reentry to build relations with a guide who appeared in a dream
  • How to communicate with inner teachers in the “twilight zone” between sleep and waking
  • About the nature of angels, archetypes, gods and spirits
  • How to journey to spiritual teachers and develop spiritual discernment

Module 6: Dreaming with the Deceased (Recorded January 8)

The number one reason why people start telling others their dreams is that they dream of someone who has died and want to know if this is a real encounter and what should be done about it. Contact with the deceased is not weird or unnatural. We meet our departed, especially in dreams, for three main reasons: They are still around (which can be okay or not), they come visiting, and – especially in dreams – we travel to realms where the dead are alive and at home.

You’ll learn in this class that:

  • Healing and forgiveness are available beyond the apparent barrier of death
  • You can open a true conversation with a deceased person without need of a go-between
  • You can journey to a departed loved one or friend for timely and helpful communication and to learn first-hand about transitions to the “Other Side”
  • You can help a deceased person who is lost or confused or has unfinished business, for mutual healing and release

Module 7: Healing Through the Imagination (Recorded January 15)

The body believes in images. An image carries a physical charge: It sends electrical sparks through the body and it releases a stream of chemicals. Our best medical science confirms that the body does not seem to distinguish between a physical event and a strong thought or memory of an event. This means we have immense power to make ourselves strong and well, or sick and depressed, according to the thoughts and images we choose to give our attention.

In this cutting-edge class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harness the diagnostic power of dreams
  • Harvest personal imagery for healing from dreams
  • Journey to a place of healing in non-ordinary reality
  • Invoke healing from the sacred night

Module 8: Journeying Through the Energy Centers for Healing (Recorded January 22)

A self-scan of the energy centers is a wonderful tool for self-diagnosis. Journeying through the energy centers with the help of guided meditation and shamanic drumming, facilitates the deep shift in consciousness that is required for accurate self-diagnosis and takes us far beyond diagnosis into realms of healing and empowerment. The journey opens gateways for soul recovery and release from life blockages.

In a series of 7 short journeys, you’ll:

  • Create your personal energy chart and living “totem pole”
  • Connect more deeply with animal guardians, and discover where they want to live in your body and assist in healing and empowerment
  • Develop a personal set of vibrant, living symbols
  • Release your inner creator in spontaneous drawings from your journeys

Module 9: Tapping the Creative Power of Dreams (Recorded February 5)

The Inuit say that the spirits like “fresh words.” They want to be entertained. They are easily bored with humans who go on repeating old formulas and old ways. When we bring something fresh and new into the world, we entertain the spirits and delight our own creative genius, and our lives are infused with natural magic and confirmed by the play of synchronicity. To create is to bring something new into the world. Dreams and twilight states of consciousness have inspired great scientists, inventors, musicians, writers and liberators of human possibility throughout history.Here, you’ll discover:

  • Fresh and delightful ways to tap into your creative source
  • That your personal journal is a treasure box and a book of real magic
  • It’s easy to turn dreams into poems and stories, art and scripts
  • How you can travel to a Dream Library where you can gain inspiration on any subject and meet a master teacher in your chosen field

Module 10: Dreaming in the Multiverse (Recorded February 26)

“Anywhere is the center of the world,” said Black Elk, the Lakota holy man (though for him it was Harney Peak). The gates to the “Otherworld” open from wherever you are. A dream or personal image can be a portal to any of the “Many Worlds” of theoretical physics, and most certainly, to places of healing, initiation and adventure in other orders of reality, including those where the dead are alive and at home.

In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • Make shamanic journeys to other realities through the gateways of personal dreams
  • Journey to special places in non-ordinary reality for healing, guidance and adventure
  • Identify members of your soul family – personalities connected to you who are living in other places and times
  • Start your application process for becoming a conscious citizen of the multiverse

Module 11: Becoming a Dream Archaeologist (Recorded March 5)

Dream archaeology is a new discipline, pioneered by Robert Moss, that enables us to access the living past – to enter into direct communication with the keepers of ancestral wisdom and heal the collective and cultural soul loss that is a feature of our age. The practice of dream archeology involves reclaiming authentic knowledge of ancestral traditions, including those that may have been buried or suppressed in the course of history, through a combination of careful research and experiential journeying across time and between dimensions. The dream archeologist combines the skills of the shaman, the scholar and the detective.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How secrets of past times, of which the waking mind may know nothing or very little, come to us in dreams
  • How to make shamanic journeys to the ancestors for cultural soul recovery, reclaiming authentic traditions and spiritual practices
  • How to follow dream clues through focused research
  • Essential teachings on shamanic dream practices from indigenous peoples

Module 12: The Time is Always Now
(Recorded March 12)

When we wake up to the fact that the time is always now, we are ready to become conscious time travelers. We can learn to do more than simply visit the past and the future. We can seek to establish mental communication with personalities in the possible past and the possible future for mutual benefit. We can look in on our parallel selves – living parallel lives that we glimpse in dreams are entirely real, according to the Many Worlds theory in physics. We can seek to rise above the perspective of these personalities to that of a Self on a higher level, who can read the patterns of connection and help to re-weave them for the better.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How, through dreaming, you can discover that you are leading continuing lives in other worlds, confirming the Many Worlds hypothesis in physics
  • How you can travel to a parallel Self in a parallel universe for mutual benefit
  • How you can journey to past or future selves in other times and establish direct mental communication
  • How to access the “oversoul,” or Self, on a higher level, who is at the hub of a family of personalities living in different times, of which you are one

Module 13: Making Death Your Ally
(Recorded March 26)

The Plains Indians say the path of the soul after death is the same as the path of the soul in dreams. Dreaming and dreamwork are central to developing an art of dying that works for us today. To live well, we must practice death. We bring courage and clarity to life choices when we are aware that Death is always with us, and that we should be ready to meet it any day.

Come to this class ready to:

  • Meet your personal Death and review all your life issues with the clarity and courage that intimacy with Death can bring
  • Expand your personal geography of the afterlife
  • Learn to use powerful and original methods of dream exploration and “vision transfer” to help the dying
  • Explore the mysteries of death and rebirth

Module 14: Opening the Heart
(Recorded April 2)

The voice of the heart calls us to live from our deeper life purpose and manifest our best and bravest dreams. The heart center is where we find courage to face life’s challenges, move beyond self-limiting beliefs and take the creative leap that can fill our world with magic and healing. The heart center is also where we experience joy, and pain, most deeply. The voice of the heart is sometimes swamped by the noisy clutter of everyday life and the racket of other people who are forever trying to tell us who we are, and what we can and cannot do. We may try to silence that voice because we are scared of being hurt if we open to the truth of our strongest emotions.

In this powerful opening class to the ways of the heart, you’ll learn to:

  • Open to the knowing of the heart and hear its voice in our dreams
  • Gather “hummingbird medicine” to stay steady and heart-centered in the midst of constant motion, and strengthen the heart, both literally and metaphorically
  • Follow Dante on the journey to the Higher Self, by climbing the three great steps and knocking on the heart
  • Journey from the awakened heart to encounter the sacred guide the Sufis call so beautifully, “the soul of the soul” and “the Gabriel of my being”

Module 15: Waymaking: Finding and Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desires (Recorded April 9)

“Waymaking” is the Polynesian name for the kind of navigation that can get across 2,000 miles of open sea in an outrigger canoe without maps or instruments. When you have a vision of your destination, so strong in your mind and your senses that you can taste it, touch it and smell it, you are better than half-way there. We will let the awakened heart be our compass, directing us toward the fulfillment of our deepest desires. Be ready to go deep.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify what you truly want for your life, on every level – relationship, home, creative work, community
  • Grow a vision of what your life will be if you manifest your heart’s desires, a vision so strong and rich that it wants to take root in the world
  • Move decisively beyond inner blocks and self-limiting beliefs
  • Develop action plans, affirmations and talismans to manifest your vision

Module 16: Growing Your Poetic Health (Recorded April 16)

Living by synchronicity isn’t merely about getting messages. It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates in the world we inhabit, and how the world-behind-the-world reveals itself by fluttering the veils of our consensual reality. This is a path of natural magic, and when we follow it, we’ll find that we move beyond self-limiting beliefs into a world filled with juice and possibility.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • To pay attention to how life rhymes, or as the Chinese say, “there are things that like to happen together”
  • Why the observation of synchronicity is the key to understanding the weave of matter and mind at all levels of reality
  • Why the ancients were correct when they said that “a talent for resemblances” is a key to wisdom
  • How to consult the Library Angel and play lots of fun new games for reading the signs and symbols of everyday life

Module 17: Gifting a Dream to Someone Who Needs a Dream (Recorded April 23)

We can dream for others as well as ourselves and “transplant” healing and helpful images to them. The “Dream Transfer” technique is a powerful and innovative way of bringing a dream – a life dream, a healing image, perhaps a path to the next world – to someone in need of a dream (the depressed, the sick, the soul-gone, the dying). This process has proven to be deeply healing and rewarding in many situations. It is a method for helping those in our world who do not have a dream – a life dream or a dream of the night – to open their personal doorways to insight, healing and a deeper life.

In this class, which will be followed by a deep group practice, you’ll learn:

  • How to call on your power animals to help in healing for others
  • How to develop positive imagery for healing and empowerment you can offer to others
  • How to offer your visions in a way that avoids manipulation by inviting the intended beneficiary to receive only what they choose to take from you
  • How to become a “word doctor” who can help people to heal by telling better stories

Module 18: The Big Story Is
Hunting You
(Recorded April 30)

All of us are living a story. If we don’t know what it is, it is likely to be a little story, a limiting one, woven from past disappointments and stitched tight by the people who are forever telling us who we are and what we can and cannot accomplish. If we fail to define ourselves, we let ourselves be defined by others. When we are seized by the “Big Story,” we step beyond limiting definitions and beliefs. Great healing becomes available because we can now draw on the immense energy that is generated by the sense of serving a larger purpose. We gain courage and stamina to get through the ups and downs of everyday life, aware that we are acting in a deeper drama.

In our final class, you’ll:

  • Harvest the bigger and braver stories you have found or remembered in this course
  • Observe how we may be living on a mythic edge, as our personal stories intersect with the play of the archetypes
  • Recollect your life calling, and take decisive action to follow it
  • Celebrate your graduation day, and let your soul clap its hands and sing



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