Ray Arias – Creating A Trading Plan



Ray Arias – Creating A Trading Plan

Ray Arias – Creating A Trading Plan

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As a trader you are running a business. If you haven’t already, you’ll find that your biggest enemy comes from within. Most traders learned the necessary tools to understand price patterns, strategies and trade setups, but often are not able to make money even though they appear to be right in their analysis most of the time.

This is due to a whole series of psychological issues that traders encounter. Psychology in trading cannot be underestimated. However, realize that all traders’ psychology starts out flawed because of human nature. It can be corrected and flourish with a trading plan. A well-developed trading plan serves as both your trading guide and a way to evaluate your progress. Checking on your consistency in following your plan once created is the answer to success. After this online session you will understand why traders fail, how important it is to have a plan and exactly how to write one. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


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