Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Day SM


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Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Day SM

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This course will give you the exact step-by-step formula we used to close $30,000 of SMMA deals in the first 30 days of starting our Social Media Marketing Agency.
While we both had no prior experience…
Jovan is 21 and Quenten is 19…
They both barely graduated high school…
What is your excuse? It’s time to kill it.
Ethan closed 3 clients in just one day – that’s $4,500 after taking 30 Day SMMA!
I want you to close your eyes for just a second… take a moment and think about where you will be…
Never worrying about money ever again. No more living pay check to pay check – hoping you’ll have enough money. Build a six figure marketing agency just like the rest of our students. The best part about all of this…. it’s the reality that we are living RIGHT NOW and you will be too.
Living the laptop lifestyle! Having the ability to work from anywhere in the world – truly having location freedom. This will be possible after the course so you can go anywhere that YOU want.
Take care of your loved ones. Thats right… your mom, dad, siblings, friends, whoever! This is somethings that’s very close to our hearts and we are able to take care of them for one reason – our marketing agency.
Never work for someone ever again. You are your own boss. You don’t answer to ANYONE but yourself

What’s included?
Lifetime access to all 7 modules (Over 15 hours of lessons) | ($4,997 Value)
LIVE meeting footage of us closing over $30,000 worth of deals | ($1,997 Value)
Support + Feedback in our private Facebook group | ($997 Value)
Sales Scripts, Email Templates, Contracts + More | ($1,497 Value)
Direct access to Jovan and Quenten for as long as you need | (PRICELESS Value)

Total Value: $9,488 | Your Price: $997
Your Instructor
Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic
Let us introduce ourselves – Jovan is a 21 year old university dropout and Quenten is 19 years old and barely finished high school.
We fully committed into the online world over a year ago after we were both dead broke. That’s right, just over one year ago we both lived at home with our parents worrying about how we were going to make money. Lost and unsure what to do, we started a marketing agency. In our first month we profited over $10,000, moved into our apartment on the 47th floor of downtown Toronto, took a few trips to the U.K, U.S.A and throughout Canada AND this was all done through the power of what we teach in 30 Day SMMA
Haha I know what you’re thinking… who the hell are these two guys who didn’t even go to school.
Well let’s get into it!
Our marketing agency is based out of Toronto BUT we work with clients throughout the ENTIRE WORLD – that’s the power of running an online marketing agency!
We also do a few other cool things on the internet and we’ve created multiple online businesses
Our personal brand is a six-figure business
We’ve also started a SAAS company helping others make money off of LinkedIn
And also a few other secret projects.
We’re passionate about helping you do the same – create the lifestyle that you WANT & DESERVE! We’ve worked so hard, failed countless times, without any help. This is why we started Choose Pristine… there’s no more going back to our old way of live. We Choose Pristine and you will too

Class Curriculum
Thank You for Choosing Pristine (0:59)

Module I: Preliminary Work
Setting Up Your Domain (3:09)
Setting Up G-Suite for SMMA (9:27)
Setting Up Your Payment Processor (4:19)
Integrating Auto-Billing for Recurring Revenue (3:35)
Setting up Skype Numbers (4:11)
Building Case Studies (11:16)
Schedule/Meeting Setup + Syncing with Mobile Device (5:46)
Charging Tax (HST/VAT/ETC) (5:36)
Setting Up Your Website In 60 Minutes or Less (Template Included) (3:07)
Setting up Facebook Business Manager (6:01)
How to Request Facebook Access (1:22)
How to Stay Organized (2:41)
Why You Need a Business Plan by Henny Yeshanew (8:26)
Expectations, Proposals, and Terms of Agreement by Joshua Daniel George (8:02)
(.PDF) Our Contract Template
(.PDF) Client On-boarding Checklist

Module II: Ultimate Outreach
Running Your Business Virtually (#SkypeCloseGang) (4:02)
Outreach Psychology (3:23)
How To Approach Outreach I (5:23)
How To Approach Outreach II (3:55)
Setting Up Servers for 24/7 Automated Scraping (3:28)
Lead Scraping Software Tutorial (11:17)
Alternative Lead Scraping Software (5:55)
Buying Leads (2:40)
Simple Mobile App Setup To TRIPLE Your Cold Calling Success Rate (5:22)
Automated Email Outreach (26% Reply Rates) (9:14)
LinkedIn Outreach (Automated) (7:28)
Case Study Pixel Tracking Strategy (3:46)
Instagram Outreach (Automated) (11:35)
The Time-Zone Strategy (2:32)
Automated Voicemail Outreach (8:03)
Facebook Outreach Strategy I (Ad Review Strategy) (6:09)
Facebook Outreach Strategy II (Group Strategy) (9:09)
Facebook Outreach Strategy III (Fully Automated Strategy – No Ads Required) Part 1 (5:45)
Facebook Outreach Strategy III (Fully Automated Strategy – No Ads Required) Part 2 (8:49)
The Referral System Outreach by Joshua Daniel George (3:58)
Outreach via Screen Capture by Avi Grondin (15:42)
Upwork Outreach by Bradley Riley (13:22)

Module III: Sales Mastery & Close Footage
Psychology of Sales (5:14)
Goals With Sales (1:58)
The Sales Cycle (3:32)
The Five Rules of Sales (8:08)
Sales Tonality (4:57)
The 3 Things You Need (3:31)
Emotional Selling VS Logical Selling (4:39)
The 4 Types of Personas (6:49)
Objection Handling (3:48)
The Attention Grab Method (12:13)
Ruthlessness in Sales (3:43)
Pre-meeting Confidence (3:04)
(.PDF) Our Meeting Script/Structure
Close #1: E-Commerce Brand for $13,500 ($4500/month) LIVE
Close #2: Real Estate Agent for $7500 ($2500/month) LIVE
Close #3: Another Real Estate Agent for $7500 ($25oo/month) LIVE
Close #4: Spa Salon for $8000 ($2000/month) LIVE
Failed Close #1: Real Estate Agent
Analytical Breakdown of Close #1
Analytical Breakdown of Close #2
Analytical Breakdown of Close #3
Analytical Breakdown of Close #4
Skype Closing + iMSG Switch Strategy (4:25)
The Triple Yes Strategy (6:08)
The Price Drop & Silence Strategy (4:22)
The Babystep Payment Walkthrough (5:39)
Creative Followup Method I (3:20)
Creative Followup Method II (11:13)
Creative Followup Method III (5:39)
Intro To Sean’s Calls (Why They Were The BEST Cold Calls) (2:13)
Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 1 (LIVE) (4:35)
Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 2 (LIVE) (9:51)
Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 3 (LIVE) (6:42)
Cold Calls & Booking Meetings by Sean Bell PART 4 (LIVE) (7:48)
Enterprise Sales by Avi Grondin (2:52)

Module IV: Facebook Ads & Delivering Results
Introduction to Delivering Results (4:00)
Lead Generation – Two Types of Forms (intro) (1:32)
Landing Pages VS Facebook Native Lead Gen (6:18)
Part 0: Intro to Client Setup (1:08)
Part 1: Setting Up The CRM (3:35)
Part 2: Setting Up Profitable Facebook Ads & Lead Gen Forms (7:39)
Part 3: Integrating with Zapier (6:19)
Part 4: Back To The CRM (5:11)
Part 5: SMS Followups to SKYROCKET Your Converisons (11:09)
CRM Pricing Trick (2:40)
Scaling Facebook Adsets For Local Lead Gen (9:02)
Management Content Gathering Chrome Extension Hack (3:56)
Automating Social Media Management Posting (3:39)
Delivering Results on Instagram (Fully Automated) (3:04)
Successful Facebook Ad Examples

Module V: Scaling, Team Building & Outsourcing
Team Members VS Virtual Assisstants (5:47)
Employees VS Contractors (5:32)
Finding Superstars (6:27)
Scaling Too Fast (6:16)
Communicating & Password Keeping with Slack (3:42)
Asana for Virtual Assistants (6:50)
Cold Call Tracking Sheet (7:40)
Scaling & Networking by Henny (11:41)
Team Management by Henny (8:11)
Outsourcing by Bradley Riley (PART 1) (8:17)
Outsourcing by Bradley Riley (PART 2) (9:13)

Module VI: Surprise Bonus Module
How To Do an SMMA Business Partnership (7:00)
An Extremely Profitable SMMA Service NO-ONE Knows About (9:50)
The $27,000 Beer Close (7:04)
“The Counter” – A Sneaky Method of Outreach (6:40)
Handling A Client That Has Left You by Joshua Daniel George (8:49)
Scaling by Mastering Your Niche (7:01)
Structuring Your Bank Accounts by Avi Grondin (13:47)

Module VII: Unstoppable Scripts, Secure Contracts & More
Website Template – Setup in Less Than 60 Minutes
3-Month Contract Template
On-Boarding New Clients Checklist
Automated Email – Step-by-Step
Email Templates
Using A Scraper Software
How to Triple Your Cold Calls
Ultimate Cold Calling Scripts
Objection Handling (Cold Calls)
Ultimate Meeting Structure – Script
The Triple Yes Theory – Step-by-Step
The Payment Walkthrough
Successful Facebook Ad Examples
Cold Call Tracking Sheet (Your Army)
Employee VS Contractor (READ THIS!)
The Most Effective Outreach Approaches
The Five Sales Principles

This is Elezar a 30 Day SMMA student who closed a 3 month contract for $6,000 in 1 week after enrolling!
You’ve got two choices here…
You can either Choose Pristine and change your life today OR you could try to figure this out on your own
You could keep guessing, wasting your valuable time and money, just like we did.
You could steal our exact strategies on how we made $10,000 in 30 days and REPLICATE this for yourself
What sounds better to you?
Trying to make it happen, being a disappointment to your family or replicate our success TODAY.

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