Psychology of Trading Module


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Psychology of Trading Module

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If there is one certainty in trading it is this. The market will ‘mess with your mind’, and mess with your mind in ways you would not have even thought possible. In a nutshell this is what this module and the associated workbooks are all about. First to help you to understand why. In helping you to understand how and why you behave in the way you do, this then leads to the second part, which is in finding solutions and coping mechanisms. Part of the coping lies in the understanding, as with self knowledge comes self awareness.

This ability to step outside ourselves, and to look from the outside in, is the first stage in developing what I like to call, a trading persona. Each of us is different. Each of us is unique. Each one of us has to find the approach that suits us. This is the goal. To find our own trading template which then fits comfortably with our trading persona, and in doing so, gives us the greatest opportunity to achieve success.

This module includes six videos, six video podcasts and eight ebooks, and also includes the opportunity to take a detailed personality assessment which will provide you with an understanding of your personality traits and characteristics. The eight books cover an introduction to the psychology of trading, the principles of risk and uncertainty, prospect theory explained followed by an introduction to behavioural finance. Then comes all about you and trait theory, followed by managing the pressure of trading. The final three in the series then explain there are no secrets in trading, and developing your trading persona.

By the end of the module, you will have a detailed understanding of who you are, why you think and behave in the way you do, and most importantly how to tailor your trading approach to best match these characteristics and traits.Your trading approach will then be in tune with your traits and beliefs, and make trading a more comfortable,enjoyable and profitable journey as a result.

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