Pristine Capital – Advanced Management Strategies – Home Study



Pristine Capital - Advanced Management Strategies - Home Study

Pristine Capital – Advanced Management Strategies – Home Study

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All of the same, great instruction from the live course – from the comfort of your home or office!

Advanced Management Strategies (AMS) Home Study Course provides you with comprehensive self-paced training for learning how to manage any trade in a way that can bring new meaning to ‘maximizing your winners’ and ‘controlling your losers’. AMS can work for any time frame and anything from stocks, to futures, to forex.

Join master trader Paul Lange as he takes you through eight hours that can help you increase your profitability more than any single strategy. This is not about just one ‘strategy’; rather, it is about how to manage all of your strategies. How many times have you picked the stock with the big move, even found the right entry, only to get out so soon the trade only made a fraction of what it should?

‘Let winners run and cut losses short’ is cliché in trading, but how do you really do that? Has anyone really explained that paradox to you? It is possible to do, but few really know how.

During this presentation you will learn.

  • A simple method that can help your trading results.
  • Learn How you can really take MAXIMUM shares to a target.
  • Learn How you can really take MINIMUM shares to a stop.
  • Learn How you can use the whippiness caused by big traders and HFTs to your advantage.
  • Learn How you can make big money from smaller moves, money that you would not think is possible from the move that occurred.
  • Learn How you can manage risk properly to help you not lose more than the intended risk amount per trade.

All good traders eventually learn strategies to trade. The true masters learn how they can make money from the moves that they have. Focus on FEWER trades, and you may make MORE MONEY per trade.

Here are just some of the great benefits of Pristine’s Premier Home Study Course:

  • It is self paced – so it allows you to go slowly, repeat sections over and over, and pause for as long as you wish to research a section that may be harder for you to understand.
  • You receive 14 days of access which means you can review certain sections as often as you like.
  • The course is divided into 10 modules with a quiz after every module to make sure you understand the material before moving on.



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