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Price Action Manipulation Course – Piranha Profits
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Author: Alson Chew
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Learn the market and capture high-odd trade with materials of Price Action Manipulation Course
Market makers are large marketplace gamers who’ve the monetary muscle to fund sheer volumes of trades — even if there’s no geared up buyer or seller. In doing so, they literally “make the marketplace”. As middle-guys of all trades, market makers profit by falsifying deliver and demand. By shopping for and promoting excessive volumes of stocks, they’ve the strength to “print” candlesticks to create unexpected price hikes and plunges. There could be no bizarre phenomena in your daily trading activities in which you entered a great trade where everything met your trading rules, only to see an unexpected price U-turn flush out your stop-loss before reversing back-up and that is the aftermath of a market maker’s movement. The main takeaway here is that, you yourself can emerge as a marketplace maker as well and escape mediocrity in trading with the virtual course Price Action Manipulation™ Course from Piranha Profits
Price Action Manipulation™ Course from Piranha Profits is the first and only trading course withinside the international that teaches retail traders the way to decode price manipulation by market makers and take advantage of it. Developed with the aid of former proprietary trader Alson Chew, the proven PAM™ strategy has generated over USD 1 million in trading profits. Piranha Profits has designed their trading course Price Action Manipulation Course to be appropriate for both aspiring traders and seasoned traders because the course will offer you the professional’s advantage to navigate misleading market scenarios. Price Action Manipulation Course can have the main layout of 13 Complete Lessons, 8 Hours of Pre-Recorded Video Content, Downloadable course note, PAM™ Risk & Money Management Spreadsheet (Worth USD 100), PAM™️ Strategy Trade Screening Scripts (Worth USD 400) available for TOS and TC2000 platforms most effective.
Bibliography of Alson Chew

Alson Chew is a 7-figure trading mentor with the Piranha Profits™️ online trading school. As a former senior proprietary trader at an established boutique firm, Alson Chew listed a proprietary fund and achieved the firm’s top trader Award double in a row. Together with his acute market analysis, Alson Chew has achieved a total earnings of over USD 3 million trading the financial markets. With ten years of live trading expertise and research, Alson Chew gained insider insights into the market’s inner workings. Alson Chew eventually decoded the worth deception by market manufacturers and created his trademark value Price Action Manipulation™️ strategy.
known as a skilful and sincere trading mentor, Alson Chew has imparted his techniques to over 1,000 students in Singapore and Malaysia. As a financial educator, Alson Chew has shared the stage at regional wealth seminars with famed investment mentor Adam Khoo.

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