Paul R. Scheele and Win Wenger – Genius Code


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Paul R. Scheele and Win Wenger – Genius Code

Price: $199

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Crack your “Genius Code”
and genius is automatic!

Tune into those secret messages that your brain automatically sends you to boost your IQ, solve any problem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition.

The Genius Code Deluxe Course includes the eight audio sets, a 56-page course manual, Win Wenger’s mini-book Think Visually and the special Genius Code Paraliminal session of the Main Course, PLUS the brand new uniquely interactive 2-DVD Genius Code Live set . You also receive the Genius Code Accelerator’s 8 audio sets on Image Streaming, Accelerated Learning, Intuition, Problem Solving, and Lucid Dreaming, and the “30-Day High Think Tank Challenge” kit.

Contents of Genius Code Accelerator

Part One: Four sets of a TeleSeminar with Paul Scheele and Win Wenger connecting the processes of Genius Code with:

  1. Image Stream Connectivity
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Intuition
  4. Accelerated Learning

Part Two: Four sets of a special workshop conducted by Paul Scheele on Lucid Dreaming. In a lucid dream you are actually aware that you are dreaming, and you control the dream with the same ease that you control anything during your waking life.

Paul ties lucid dreaming into the processes of Genius Code so that a huge shift occurs through your sleeping and waking life to draw additional insights and knowledge from your subconscious.

Part Three: “High Think Tank 30-Day Challenge” to develop striking awarenesses bridging your subconscious and accelerate your results with Genius Code. Spend just two to three minutes a day for a month.

Prefer to pay in three easy installments? No problem!
Just follow the simple instructions during the checkout process.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Main Course:

    • Audio Set 1:
    • Audio Set 2:
      Image Streaming & Receiving Information from Your Inner Genius
    • Audio Set 3:
      Over-the-Wall & Interpreting Information
    • Audio Set 4:
      Interpreting Information & Activating Your Genius
    • Audio Set 5:
      PhotoReading, Direct Learning, & High Think Tank Exercises
    • Audio Set 6:
      Psi Hypothesis & Dreaming for Creative Problem Solving
    • Audio Set 7:
      Borrowed Genius & Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
    • Audio Set 8:
      Conclusion & Genius Code Paraliminal


  • Course Manual
  • Think Visually mini-book


Genius Code Live Video Sets

Video Set 1

  1. Discover Your Genius
  2. Tapping Your Image Stream
  3. Course Purpose
  4. Image Streaming Practice
  5. Image Streaming and Mind Mapping
  6. Image Streaming Exercise 1
  7. Blockers and Developers
  8. Image Streaming Exercise 2
  9. Debriefing, Bouncing, and Breathing
  10. Interpreting Information
  11. High Think Tank and Triangulation
  12. High Think Tank Exercise
  13. High Think Tank Debrief
  14. High Think Tank with Three Doors

Video Set 2

  1. Over-the-Wall
  2. Over-the-Wall Exercise
  3. Exercise Your Brain
  4. The Learning Process and Robo-Octopus
  5. Borrowed Genius
  6. Borrowed Genius Exercise
  7. Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
  8. Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder Exercise
  9. Choosing the Right Technique

Accelerator Course:

TeleSeminar Audio Sessions

  • Audio Set 1:
    Image Stream Connectivity
  • Audio Set 2:
    Problem Solving
  • Audio Set 3:
  • Audio Set 4:
    Accelerated Learning

Workshop Audio Sessions

  • Audio Sets 5-8:
    Lucid Dreaming

30-Day High Think Tank Challenge Kit

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