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Parkwoodcapitalllc – Personal Finance 101

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Personal Finance 101

Learn To Manage Your Own Finances

Learning to manage your own financial affairs is crucial to your long term security. Blindly leaving this to others can be a huge mistake. Don’t find yourself in the position of having to blindly follow your investment advisor’s advice because of a lack of understanding. Dr. Duke has developed a new coaching course that covers all of the essential topics for the individual investor to manage his or her own financial affairs. Here is a sampling of the topics:

What is a mutual fund? How should I select one? What should I look for in the prospectus? What expense ratio is reasonable?

What is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)? What are the advantages/disadvantages over a mutual fund?

Should I buy/sell individual stocks? Is this risky?

How should I develop my individual stock trading system with rules for buying, selling and managing the risk?

What about bonds? Treasury bonds? Corporate bonds?

What is a bond ladder? Can a retail trader build and manage a bond ladder?

What is an option? Is trading options dangerous?

How does the conservative investor use options to protect against a market crash?

How may I boost the dividend income from my stock portfolio?

How should I plan and manage my stock/bond portfolio?  What about diversification?

How may I build my financial plan?

This class series ends with a special bonus. Course attendees will schedule a private on-on-one session with Dr. Duke to answer your questions, critique your financial plan, and offer recommendations based on your situation and risk profile.

The Personal Finance 101 course, consisting of eight classes of 60-90 minutes each, will be offered Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm CT, beginning January 16th. Classes will be recorded and archived for the students.

Don’t miss this opportunity: Learn to manage your own finances. You could easily pay thousands of dollars and receive far less. But we are offering this course for the very reasonable price of $499. Check out the comments from our clients on this web site.

This is a special opportunity. This course will pay dividends for many years. Register today.

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